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Malcolm X

Malcolm X's Assassination after 40

Years [1965-2005]

Unraveling here is one of the perplexing mysteries of our time. I’ve understood the life, struggle, and death of Malcolm X on a higher plain at February 1996 when I was 12 (being 13 years old later on that year, so I was born in 1983). Today, I fathom tons of facts about Malcolm X. He was born in May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska named Malcolm Little. Louise Norton Little was his mother being a homemaker. His father was Earl Little, who promoted the Black Nationalist Movement of Marcus Garvey. Earl died and it is suspected that the white supremacist groups of the Black Legion were involved in his death. The reason is because Little’s stong preaching and civil rights activism. The Black Legion gave death threats to him. Little wanted black people to come to Africa similar to the sayings of Marcus Garvey. Louise went into a nervous breakdown and her 8 children were split into foster homes and orphanages. Malcolm was smart in his school work and was focused. He graduated from junior high at the top of his class, but his school teacher discouraged his goal of being a lawyer by saying that it was “no realistic goal for a n____.” He dropped out, worked odd jobs, traveled to Boston and NYC.
Malcolm was also embroiled in narcotics, prostitution, and gambling rings. His friend with him was Malcolm “Shorty” Jarvis. “Shorty” and Malcolm were arrested and convicted for burglary charges in 1946. Malcolm was sent to prison in Charleston, MA. By 1948, he learned of the racist cult of the Nation of Islam. The N.O.I. was invented by a salesman and Elijah Muhammad took it over later. This is the ironic thing. Wallace D. Fard, the salesman, invented the Nation of Islam and he was half Polynesian (Asian) and half-white plus a religious teacher. Fard told Elijah Poole, son of a Baptist minister in 1931 to dress like Arab Muslims from the Middle East (he actually used African clothing). Poole left Christianity and Fard gave him the name Karriem. Then, Fard tried to slander black Christians and said that Christianity was a white man’s religion and that black people need to embrace his vision of Islam when Muhammad owned slaves. The N.O.I. called Fard “Master” Fard Muhammad like in slavery times. Fard, again, was a half-white man forming the Nation of Islam with his lies about Christianity. The Nation of Islam’s doctrines include that black people are superior to all other people and white people are devils created by the scientist Yaccub in the island of Patmos. They also feel that after the end times, the black man will once again reign the Earth. They’re obviously wrong since no human ought to be degraded in dehumanization and all men are equal in the eyes of God. We ought to be no respecter of persons. From one blood, God created all mankind.

He left prison in 1952 and changed his name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X. “X” means the unknown in mathematics, so he wanted to forsake the surname Little, which was a slave name. With his great intelligence and articulateness, he expanded the membership of the N.O.I. across the country. Malcolm X was minister and a national spokesman. Newspaper columns, radio, and television was used by non-Sunni Muslims to give the N.O.I.’s message. The N.O.I. had 30,000 people in 1963 from 500 in 1952. The FBI soon infiltrated the Nation of Islam by monitoring. According to authors Louis Lomax and Karl Evanzz, John X. Ali was a FBI informant. In fact, according to Lomax, John X. Ali was an ex-FBI agent. That's a red flag right there. John X. Ali became the N.O.I.’s national security in early 1960. It’s a known historical fact that the FBI with its agents placed wiretaps, bugs, and camera surveillance to monitor the N.O.I. They followed Malcolm across the globe by the CIA. As time rent on, many members of the N.O.I. were jealous of Malcolm X because of his popularity, intelligence, and influence in America. As early as 1955, Malcolm X heard rumors of Elijah Muhammad’s adultery with young women. One mistress of Elijah personally told Malcolm of Elijah’s sin and Elijah’s children out of wedlock. Malcolm X was crushed and after JFK’s assassination he called it “a case of chickens coming home to roost.” This was a controversial comment and Malcolm X has to clarify that the violence in America caused his death and he wasn’t trying to personally disrespect the man at all.

With the N.O.I.’s racist view of white people, they could care less about JFK’s death. So, they exploited the tragedy and Malcolm’s comments to get rid of him permanently. The N.O.I. had jealousy of Malcolm X. By December 1963, he formed the Afro-American Unity-Muslim Mosque Inc. In fact, Malcolm X was among one of the first men who used the word Afro-American and African American. In February 1964, a friend of Malcolm warned him that he refused to bomb his car on orders of a mosque official from the N.O.I. Malcolm X said his famous “Ballot or Bullet" speech in 1964 as well. When he traveled to Mecca in April 19, 1964, he longer was a racist, but wanted equality for all men with a new, positive insight into race relations. Also, Malcolm X visited Saudi Arabian Prince Faisal, Nigeria, Libya, Morocco, and other places before his death. He came there to unite black people worldwide to advance justice for black people in America.

Malcolm X supported interracial marriage in a January interview at 1965 and talked of good white people in 1964-1965. In June 21, 1964, Malcolm X created the new group of the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Its purpose was to in his own words to do “whatever is necessary to bring the Negro struggle from the level of civil rights to the level of human rights.” He believed in Black Nationalism and self defense. Malcolm X adamantly oppose the neo-imperalism of the West, because it constricted the Third World from having the self-determination to develop their own nations. He reinforced the ideal that unity with whites, but first there must be black unity. Malcolm X said you can’t unify with no other groups unless the black people must be unified themselves. On a regular occasion, he received death threats, intimidation, monitoring, and even assault by 2 men. He was the first prominent man to oppose the Vietnam War in 1964. Also, he was the first man to expose the connection and collaboration between the Masonic KKK and the Masonic N.O.I. Malcolm rightfully said that the KKK and the N.O.I. had the “same paymasters.” See, Freemasons like Albert Pike, Forest (plus ex-Confederate soldiers and members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. The KKK’s rituals, ceremonies, and oaths originated form the Scottish occult Secret Society called the Horsemen or Horse Whispers. That's why some believe that the KKK has a Scottish relationship), and William Joseph Simmons in 1915 were all involved in creating the Ku Klux Klan.

In Eric Jon Phelps’ “Vatican Assassins,” a former N.O.I. member gave Eric documents detailing that Elijah Muhammad, Wallace Muhammad (Elijah’s son), and Louis Farrakhan are Prince Hall Freemasons. Prince Hall Freemasonry is a rite primarily for only black people. In fact in 1985, Tom Metzeger, who is the Grand Dragon of the California KKK gave the N.O.I. $100 in LA and Tom admitted that there is a KKK-NOI alliance. Malcolm X told of the KKK-N.O.I. conspiracy together in February 15, 1965. This was after his house was firebombed in February 14, 1965 at 2:46 am. Malcolm X was shot and murdered during an OAAU rally at the Aududon Ballroom at February 21, 1965 [3:10 pm.] by 3 men. They were Talmager Hayer, Norman 3X Bulter, and Thomas 15X Johnson. All men were members of the N.O.I. It’s a fact that the FBI and N.O.I. wanted Malcolm X neutralized and evidence points to their involvement in his death. For one, all of the killers are N.O.I. and the FBI infiltrated the N.O.I. for years prior to Malcolm X’s death. In the black ex-N.O.I. for years prior to Malcolm X’s death. In a secret letter between an ex-NOI member and Eric Jon Phelps, the ex-NOI member (Named “Ali”) admits to the FBI/NOI involvement in Malcolm X’s death. Again, an ex-black N.O.I. member sent a secret letter to Eric Jon Phelps, where he admitted to the FBI/N.O.I. involvement in Malcolm X’s death. According to the man, Louis Farrakhan was the supervisor to make sure it was executed and Wallace Muhammad was a tool for the FBI/Vatican since 1963-1964. According to the man, there were many conspirators and the man who gave the order to kill Malcolm X was Pope Paul IV, who was the first Pope to walk in America. He was assassinated for numerous reasons.

Those reasons are that he was the first public figure to expose the fact that the KKK and the Nation of Islam worked together on several occasions to create strife, agitation, and racial unrest in America for both groups are either Masonic invented or Masonic controlled. The Masonic FBI (as evident on how J. Edgar Hoover ruled the FBI and he was a 33rd Degree Freemason) and the Masonic Nation of Islam killed Malcolm X. The FBI had programs like Operation Choas, COINTELPRO, etc that infiltrated many civil rights, anti-war, etc groups. After his visit to Mecca, Malcolm's X's order of business after founding the OAAU was to internationalize the struggle of African-Americans in the United States. Malcolm X later tried to send through a petition to the United Nations, charging the American government with genocide against 22 million black Americans. As ultimately outlined the petition charged the government of the United States with economic genocide, mental harm, murder, conspiracy, and complicity to commit genocide. The petition declared that in its treatment of African-Americans, the U.S. government had violated not only its own Constitution, but also the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the 1948 Draft Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. His petition would start a massive revolution in society and he opposed the war in Vietnam so he died. I don’t agree with his stance of asking for the United Nations for help, but Malcolm X was right to ask black Americans to reject the draft to fight in the illegal war in Vietnam (with no declaration of war, but solely a Gulf of Tonkin Resolution like in Iraq. LBJ admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin was based on false information on a tape. McNamara admitted that one part of the Gulf on Tonkin incident was a fraud on the Documentary entitled "Fog of War."). Malcolm X supported interracial marriage and said in January 1965:

I believe in recognizing every human being as a human being, neither white, black, brown nor red. When you are dealing with humanity as one family, there's no question of integration or intermarriage. It's just one human being marrying another human being, or one human being living around and with another human being. I may say, though, that I don't think the burden to defend any such position should ever be put upon the black man. Because it is the white man collectively who has shown that he is hostile towards integration and towards intermarriage and towards these other strides towards oneness. So, as a black man, and especially as a black American, I don't think that I would have to defend any stand that I formerly took. Because it's still a reaction of the society and it's a reaction that was produced by the white society. And I think that it is the society that produced this that should be attacked, not the reaction that develops among the people who are the victims of that negative society.”

Although for me personally as a black man, I want to marry in the future a black woman. That's just me. There is nothing with other people having interracial dating or interracial marriage though, so I want to make that clear. Likewise, there is nothing wrong nor immoral about promoting black unity. Black Unity is a wonderful and beautiful form of human existence. One bad thing Malcolm X did was that he never left the false religion of Islam. Malcolm X was right to give facts on true black history, instill international black unity across continents, supported self-defense, but was still a Muslim. What can you expect from the FBI? They created COINTELPRO to infiltrate and prevent civil rights groups to enact real reforms in the U.S.A. They condemned the ascendance of a black “Messiah” to galvanize black America to achieve economic equality, which is just as important as social or legal equality. Wiretap programs like Carnivore and the illegal USA Patriot Act still exist today to monitor dissidents of the establishment. Malcolm X’s lesson is to fight for truth and never become afraid to speak out as a man. He also taught us to be thankful, acknowledge, and express gratitude of your God-given heritage. Hatred of any group of people whether blacks or whites is never justified at all. It seems that the Elite want racial hatred to desensitize us and make us ungodly, but God tells us to Love our neighbor. I am a black man, so I will follow God instead of the world, Hollywood, and man.

Police Brutality

One of the most well-known examples of Police Brutality is what happened to Fred Hampton in Chicago. Fred Hampton was an outspoken Black Panther who was murdered in December 1969. Now, whether you agree with all of his politics, Fred Hampton was in his early 20's when he died. He read tons of book and realize the intricate nature of politics and economics in his early 20's. Fred Hampton was murdered on December 4, 1969 on 6:00 am. And every shot fired in the apartment was fully automatic weapons used by the police. It was unprovoked. There was next to no return fire and it would be years later until Hampton’s mother won a lawsuit against the City of Chicago. Her mother won the lawsuit back in the day, because the shooting was so cold blooded by the police in Chicago that there was no justification for it. Fred Hampton is still a very famous black American. Amadou Diallo was blatantly oppressed by being shot 41 times and 17 striking the body. Diallo was unarmed and the police car in plain clothing and from an unmarked car. The police never identified themselves. The cops, lawyers, and judge all had a party after the trial. Recently in 2005, an unarmed man was shot over 100 times by the LAPD, more than a decade after the Rodney King beating. I’m not bashing all police, but this is fact going on for decades. It’s wrong to have a police state, it’s also wrong to have racial profiling and police beating the mess out of people because of their ideology, creed, gender, orientation, race, or any classification of human beings.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

October 6, 2005

Yuri Kochiyama is one of the unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. The person who influenced her a lot was Malcolm X ironically. She knew and respected Malcolm X before she met him. When they have both met, they became very close friends. She back then agreed with the view that black people who have self-determination, self reliance, self defense, and a sovereign sense of total liberation (as Malcolm X believed). Yuri Kochiyama shook Malcolm X's hand in a courthouse in Brookyln, NY. Ms. Kochiyama talked wanting to shake his hand in these words: “Malcolm, can I shake your hands, too?” Later, Malcolm X said: “What for?” Later, Yuri said: “What for?...Because what you’re doing for your people.” And he said, “And what am I doing for my people?” Now, she thought, “What would I say to that?” So, she said that: “You are giving directions.” Malcolm strode out of the crowd with a smile, and shook Ms. Kochiyama’s hand. This event occured in October 16, 1963, which was before JFK's assassination. Yuri wanted Malcolm X to speak at a Hiroshima/Nagasaki Wrld Peace Study in a meeting. Malcolm X came in the door of the meeting in 1964 to make comments at the small convention. Malcolm X thanked the Japanese for ocming into Harlem. Later, Malcolm X gave the Japanese people a tour of neighborhoods and living conditions in Harlem that was in contrast to Harlem's "The World's Worst Fair." Yuri even worked in the OAAU or the Organization for Afro-American Unity. She joined Malcolm X's Liberation School to understand information on Black history and politics. She says in --- “…we didn't know anything about black history, black thinking, or black culture, and in order to understand the black community and and its people, we thought we'd better sign up. So we enrolled, along with our three eldest children, Billy, Audee, and Aichi. The education we received was priceless." Malcolm X and Yuri agreed with the view that if a person doesn't know their history and the essence of their culture, you can't have real interactions between different cultures. Malcolm X believed in black nationalism in that black people should operate, own, and control their own businesses and communities. He also said that: "...We will work with anyone, with any group, no matter what their color is, as long as they are genuinely interested in [ending black injustice]." Kochiyama was of course a Japanese human rights activist. She and her family went into the concentration camps of WWII. This was when about 120,000 Japanese Americans were unjustly interned during WWII. She saw segregration in the camp near Arkansas via Jim Crow. By 1960, she and her husband Bill moved to Harlem, NY to fight for human rights. She was present at his assassination on February 21, 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, and held him in her arms as he lay dying. In 1977, she tried to promoted Puerto Rican independence via joining a group of Puerto Ricans (that took over the Statue Liberty). She wanted to promote the rights of political prisoners and called for nuclear disarmament. She was nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.
Men like JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, and others wanted to solve the poverty issue, end the war in Vietnam, and seek a more peaceful world. The Tea Party bring up legitimate issues, but they act now as a bulwark against comprehensive proposals to solve issues in America (beyond just simplistic slogans). We don't need more wars or a war on drugs, but we also don't need poor bashing, eliminating all services from people, and hatred of any effort by Congress to improve people's lives.

*On February 2005, Professor Manning Marable was interviewed by Amy Goodman (though a Left Gatekeeper) and the Professor confirmed what I’m presenting. Not only did the government agitate conflict between the N.O.I. and Malcolm X, but the NYPD stood down (ie. Gene Roberts was the undercover cop giving Malcolm X mouth to mouth). Hence, Security was lowered for Malcolm X in the ballroom. These actions made the murder of Malcolm X more easier to achieve. Malcolm X developed further in his thinking and brought women in a leadership role of the AAUO, which many of Muslim Mosque Inc. [a group Malcolm was also in] didn’t like. This meant that Malcolm X accepted the equality of the sexes, which is true. So, the NYPD, FBI, NOI, and other elements disliked Malcolm X and all evidence indicates that these groups played a role in his death.

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P.S. in April 1, 2010

Since people take a huge interest in this subject, here's more information about Malcolm X: (I don't agree with socialism completely, but this is an interesting historical speech) (I don't agree with some of this link)

Feb. 15, 1965: Malcolm X puts the blame for the firebombing of his home directly on the Nation of Islam and explains other ways in which his life is in danger.




Malcolm X predicts the power shift in global politics from the U.S. and European countries to the Asian and African countries.

Karl Evanzz, a staff writer for the Washington Post, researched more than 300,000 pages of declassified FBI and CIA documents for his book, The Judas Factor. In its introduction he states, "After analyzing these resources, I am convinced that Louis E. Lomax, an industrious African-American journalist who befriended Malcolm X in the late 1950's, had practically solved the riddle of his assassination." He believed that Malcolm X was set up for the assassination by a former friend, John Ali, who was an agent/informer for an intelligence agency. Malcolm X had previously commented that Ali had been responsible for his ouster from the NOI. Ali eventually rose to the position of National Secretary of the NOI. Lomax was later killed in an automobile accident (due to brake failure).

It is now known that government and law enforcement agencies planted infiltrators in the OAAU, NOI and almost all of the other civil rights movement organizations. Some of these agent/informers were highly placed. Their assignments were not only to report on all of their activities, plans and members, but to create disruption, distrust and to frighten any supporters. The involvement of the government's "Cointelpro" (counter-intelligence program) operation to "neutralize" Malcolm X through BOSS, the NOI, and organized crime is strongly inferred by Evanzz in his book. The goal of the Cointelpro program was to neutralize radical and subversive political organizations and dissidents through covert means, such as "black-bag jobs," where agents/informers would enter homes and offices without warrants and remove or copy files, records ore plant incriminating material.


Portion of speech by Kwame Ture, then still known as Stokely Carmichael, chairman of the militant Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), delivered it in front of the Mississippi State Capitol at Jackson on June 26, 1966. (Ture would turn 25 three days later.)

His speech was part of a series of talks that marked the the end of the historic "Meredith March Against Fear," which was initiated by the quixotic James Meredith, who, with the help of federal troops and U. S. marshals, "racially" integrated the University of Mississippi in October 1962.

Meredith was shot, but not killed, on the first day of his lone-wolf march thru the bastion of "racial" segregation, but it was soon taken up by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and SNCC, which had recently elected Ture as its new chairman.


It was during this march, which historians have only recently begun to treat with the respect that it has always deserved, that SNCC youth organizer Mukasa Dada, then known as Willie Ricks, and Ture raised the call for Black Power.

This both signaled and helped hasten the transformation of the most militant and activist wing of the modern civil-rights movement, which went from seeking "racial" integration (or at least desegregation) and equality to developing and projecting "black" pride, dignity and consciousness and demanding and organizing for "black" self-determination.


During his speech, Ture, who was born at Trinidad, raised in the Bronx and educated at Howard University, was surrounded by officers and field workers of the SCLC (which some reporters called "slick" in apparent response to the more phonetically pleasing "snick" for SNCC). From left, they were the reverends Walter E. Fauntroy, Andrew J. Young, R. B. Cottonreader (wearing glasses), Hosea L. Williams and Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy.

While most of them appeared nervous about Ture's remarks, Reverend Fauntroy applauded his call for "black" pride.


The most temperamental of these SCLC leaders was the Rev. Hosea Williams. During the previous 10 days, while SNCC and SCLC were marching down Mississippi's hot, dusty and still very dangerous roads, raising "black" spirits and consciousness, Ture and Williams waged nightly rhetorical battles at meetings held at rural "black" churches and schools.

Beginning on June 16, Ture's call for Black Power (which Dad has successfully road-tested for a few days prior) caught fire in the hearts of "black" Mississippians -- and in screaming headlines and broadcasts in "white" news media outlets. At these meetings, Ture would throw it down the call for "Black Power!" like a gauntlet, and SCLC dispatched the hell-raising Williams to pick it up and fling it back in the form of "Freedom Now!"


Actually, Dr. King was among those who initially accepted Ture's challenge, but it appears that his associates felt that it was unseemly for him to respond directly to the young whipper-snapper Ture, thus implicitly according him the status of an equal.

Despite the caution of Dr. King's aides, the two men became very close during this march. Indeed, a heartbroken Ture cried openly at a news conference following Dr. King's assassination two years later, on April 4, 1968.


At the nitely meetings during the "March Against Fear," the dueling slogans would quickly be taken up by partisans on the platform and in the crowd, raising the physical, political and cultural temperature of these meetings to heights that were unprecedented in the modern civil-rights movement.

Indeed, things would never be the same again, and the psychological, political and class cleavages that these slogans represented would never really be healed. For example, according to their memoirs, former SNCC chairman John Lewis and Andrew Young never forgave Dada and Ture for their supposed departure from the movement's original tactic of nonviolence and ideal of a "beloved community."


In his speech, Ture distills the direction that SNCC had begun taking since the traitorous betrayal of the ingenious and courageous challenge of the SNCC-birthed Mississippi Freedom Democratic party (MFDP) to the seating of the racist, lily-"white" regular state party at the Democratic National Convention at Atlantic City in August 1964, which Ture and others correctly locate as the genesis of the consciousness that would later burst forth as Black Power.

In 1967, Ture would embrace pan-Africanism and resettle at Conakry, Guinea, in West Africa. In the early 1970s, he helped found the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP), which seeks "the total liberation and unification of Africa under Scientific Socialism." He died at Conakry on Nov. 15, 1998.

(ABC News Videos Courtesy The History Channel and the Associated Press)

Interview with Malcolm X by an unidentified ABC News correspondent, place and date not provided by the source. At the time, Malcolm X was the national representative and minister of Muhammad's Mosque No. 7, New York, of Elijah Muhammad's "race"-centered, separatist Nation of Islam (NOI). It appears that the interview was conducted at an outdoor rally sponsored by Mosque No. 7, at Harlem or Brooklyn, in the spring or summer of 1962 or 1963.

Malcolm X broke with the NOI on March 8, 1964, and established the black nationalist Muslim Mosque, Inc. (MMI), which soon embraced traditional Sunni Islam. In mid-April, he made the obligatory "hajj," or religious pilgrimage, to the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia, where he rejected "race"-based judgments. During most of May, he visited seven North and West African nations, after which he rejected territorial separation and mass emigration to Africa as solutions, but retained his belief in some form of African American self-determination. While at Accra, Ghana, he founded a non-religious, pan-Africanist group with "black" expatriates from the U. S., and the Caribbean. The U. S. branch of this group was established at Harlem, New York, as the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) at a public rally on June 28.

On Feb. 21, 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated by a five-man NOI "special squad" from the Newark and Paterson, N. J., mosques, according to the 1977 testimony of one of his killers.

(ABC News Video Courtesy the Associated Press)




Malcolm X being interviewed by an unidentified ABC News reporter following a news conference in the colorful Tapestry suite of the Park Sheraton Hotel, New York City, March 12, 1964.

Malcolm X called the news briefing to announce the formation of the Muslim Mosque, Inc. (MMI), which he was the president of. The MMI was a black nationalist group, which sought political, economic and social self-determination for "black" communities.

Four days earlier, he had broken with Elijah Muhammad's religiously sectarian, politically inert Nation of Islam (NOI), beginning the uncertain, painful but eventually liberating process of becoming his own man.

Although the MMI used a version of the NOI's Islam as its "religious base" to provide "the spiritual force necessary to rid our people of the vices that destroy the moral fiber of our community," it was open to all "black" people, regardless of their religious, or nonreligious, beliefs.

However, following Malcolm X's hajj, or religious pilgrimage, to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia, in late April 1964, he rejected the NOI's version of Islam and the MMI became a Sunni Islamic group, identified with the broader Muslim world.

Among those in attendance at the news conference was the neo-Garveyite "Professer" Lewis H. Michaux, the impish, fez-wearing proprietor of Harlem's famed National African Memorial Book Store, located on 7th Avenue a few doors north of 125th Street, who was a mentor and strong supporter of Malcolm X. He can be seen at 00.33.

(ABC News Video Courtesy The History Channel)


Malcolm X Advocates Black Guerrilla Army In the South From: pauldarwinlee | April 21, 2009 | 3,903 views Loading...NBC News interviews Malcolm X, then chairman of the pan-Africanist Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU), at his home, 23-11 97th St., East Elmhurst, Queens, N. Y., July 1, 1964.

Malcolm X answers a question about his offer to James Forman, executive secretary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), to provide "self-defense units" to protect "black" Mississippians being threatened and attacked by "white" racists.


While Malcolm X hoped to prod the federal government to act, he was NOT bluffing. One of his top aides had Special Forces training and several of his followers had offered to go.

However, only two days after this interview, Malcolm X was jumped in front of his home by several knife-wielding members of Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam (NOI), whereupon Malcolm X's followers directed their efforts towards protecting HIM.

Behind Malcolm X is a drawing of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the president of Ghana, which was probably given to him by African American artist Herman (Kofi) Bailey, Jr., when Malcolm X visited that West African nation from May 10-17, 1964.


Three days earlier, on June 28, Malcolm X announced the founding of the New York branch of the OAAU, a secular group that sought to create a "United Black Front" and unite "black" people in the West with their African cousins. Malcolm X and a group of Western black expatriates established the OAAU during his visit to Ghana. The New York branch was headquartered at Suite 128, Hotel Theresa, 2090 7th Ave., at 125th Street, Harlem.

The OAAU was founded in part because Malcolm X wanted to offer a militant secular alternative to the Muslim Mosque, Inc., the faith-based group he formed after his break with Elijah Muhammad's "black"-centered, politically conservative NOI on March 8, 1964. OAAU members were not required to embrace Islam; its platform was black nationalist and its mission was to fight for freedom "by any means necessary."

After being prevented by Mr. Muhammad from joining or supporting the civil-rights movement for 12 years, Malcolm X was anxious to offer an alternative to what he considered the movement's unrealistic goal of "racial" integration and its "disarming" philosophy of nonviolence.

As a black nationalist, he believed that African Americans would find security in self-determination and self-defense -- armed, if necessary -- against the attacks of "white" racists, whether vigilantes clad in white sheets like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or police officers clad in blue.


However, most of the movement's mainstream leaders remained wary of Malcolm X, who was portrayed by the news media as an advocate of indiscriminate hatred of and violence against "whites," despite his break with the NOI and his rejection of its racism during his "hajj," or religious pilgrimage, to the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Media in late April 1964.

Malcolm X wanted to demonstrate his sincerity and offer practical assistance to the civil-rights movement, whose goals of desegregation (not integration) and voter registration (as independents rather than Democrats) he shared.

On June 30, 1964, he departed for a rare visit to his hometown of Omaha, Neb., but he asked his wife, Betty Shabazz, to call Western Union (WU) to send a telegram (a message carried via radio waves) to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

Her call was intercepted by the FBI, which had placed a wiretap on their phone on June 3, 1964 ([name withheld by FBI, but "wife"] call to Western Union, June 30, 1964, 10:55 a. m., Malcolm X Little Elsur [Electronic Surveillance] log, New York FBI sub-file 105-8999-1, serial 28).

Dr. King was engaged in a particularly difficult campaign to challenge the segregation, or forced separation, of the "races" at St. Augustine, Fla., which was met by coordinated vigilante and police violence. Malcolm X's telegram stated:


"MALCOLM-X CHAIRMAN THERESA HOTEL HARLEM NY" (received copy, available on "Malcolm X: A Research Site":

Malcolm X's wife sent the same telegram to Forman at Philadelphia, Miss. ("No 'Cheek Turning' Says Malcolm X," New York Amsterdam News, July 4, 1964, p. 48).

(NBC Video Courtesy


Words of Wisdom from other people:

Like I said....get a grip on reality....YOUR KIND, MY KIND, all are being screwed, not because of skin color, but for lack of intelligence and the ability to see beyond skin color.
The Rich get richer and the poor suffer and die...ALL SKIN COLORS!!

The problem here is every one thinks they are something other than what they truly are...even you with your passed down the line, AGE 'OLDE' fake analytical reasoning in order to 'WHITE WASH' the TRUTH!!!!

Give me a break with the hyperbole....please!!!!



Redefined wrote:

Of course. If you read through this posts. Camile says the media was used to upstage WM image. However the same has been done to WW as well. Therefore WW just like WM will both have upstanding images in society and this how she will be constantly viewed compared to other women while the media continues to trash BW's image.
we're on the same page with this...Bfs are still constantly being trashed in the media...young Bfs are being portrayed in mainstream media as gold diggers, not marriage material..and too many of our sons are being indocrinated by this poison.


Just as many of our women have been indoctrinate to believe their men where players, goons, hood dudes, etc. You have both sexes who carry negative stereotypes embracing each other.



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You make a good point Nzingha!!
Keep posting your positive comments, because some of us BW & BM love your posts! Well, I know I do!!!
Why thank you. I would like to encourage even more unity for us . I am even willing, at some point to call a truce to our people who are on the sideline. It may take some time, and even me being a little more humbled when I call the truce. But, I really maybe willing to help bring more of us, on the same side as a united front, but this will take some time:)


1 month ago
@EbonyLoveAndMarriage u're right, all of what U said does bring on stress. But there come a point in time where we just have to rise above, N outsmart stresss. Let start with your user name: Ebony= reflection of the black race which is BEAUTIFUL. Love= loving oneself, find things U love about yourself. Marriage=A wonderful connection God has made happen. U can even take it further. Pray, excercise, eat healthy, create/invent N profit etc. Focus on these things, N YOU'LL RISE ABOVE STRESS.

1 month ago
True That.Black men we need to stand up.Black women you are Queen.

7 months ago 3
the black man and woman united is such a powerful force remember this and reality will come to you

  • @solreavir Thanks For Your Comment I Know that Reality In My Life Because I am Surrounded By Real Black Men In My Family Life, As Friends and As Love Intrest. When It is Time I Will Marry & Have A Strong Black Family.






    -The Moor


    1 month ago 2
    We need to be educated in the images we put out there. It feels like black people lost perspective of our true greatness. If you're a thug take that agressive mentality and convert it into a legitimate business. Fearlessly free yourself from where you are and educate others on how to be like you. Women respect yourself before and when you leave your house. Corporate America controls what music gets played on the radio. They won't let go of their money train.


    Hmmmm. I actually like this post. I respect this post. You're right. They are trying to sell the same bull__ about Black men dating out; when in truth, it is a small number of Black men that are dating interacially. The majority of Black men prefer Black women, but this information does not sell news copy. What sells copy and creates "topics" is the bashing of BLack women, specifically, Black American women.

    Continue to love who you love and to h__ with the lies










    Why is it confusing? Your posts present a picture as if blacks invented all this race baiting and agitation. Truth be told we didn't. All books I've read on the history of races and first encounters with whites & all have an overriding theme. Blacks have never wanted to fight whites--this story is repeated all over, all areas whites have ever been in. Folks were not on the race thing--yes there were wars within groups but it had an end. Like it or not it was whites who created this entire system we are under.Has nothing to do with blame, it has to do with facts.And of course not all whites are evil, but truth be told not one white person needs to be racist--the system does it for them.

    They are in control & although they've lost a little steam they still have power & they will take that power over money anyday of the week. That's what allows them to put out whatever message they want.Now, suddenly the message is interracial relationship.Now I'm not against interracial relationships BUT I am against playing with my mind & how can anyone deny that this is what it feels like when as a black woman I have to constantly write, complain, limit TV viewing for my son because the black womans image is so badly distorted it's not even funny (and the fact sex is all over the tube). How can I not be concerned when the few black men who are on tv are chasing some white woman or maybe an occasional asian BUT all other race groups are usually with their own race?!? Seriously, if love for all is the goal wouldn't we see everybody & not just a black man smooching a different race? White people get to see themselves on TV all day, in magazines- everywhere they are having a good time and loving each other BUT I'm lucky to see a black man/woman holding hands. It's simply not right & how someone can say that isn't racist is beyond my understanding.

    I think so many blacks are still waiting to be called the n word or to be hung by a tree--so when that doesn't happen they get this false sense of "coolness"--stop looking for what's already been done. Just like nature evolves, so does hate. Dave Chappelle said on Oprah "They got me"--but guess what, his shows are being repeated over and over --what would have happended had he actually looked at the big picture BEFORE he took part in that show?

    I try to organize in my area for different things & the only ones showing up are the sistahs. They are usually eager to learn but the need is so great it's depressing-but because they do show I keep at it. My husband however tries to organize the young black men & oftentimes he's lucky to see a handful. So, we do have problems & from my view it appears we've given up. That is NOT the history of our people. We have brought so much shame to our ancestors that it's historic & it's only been within a few short years.We have absolutely nothing to brag about.We have, as a group, absolutely embarrassed ourselves.



    TruthbknownLDN wrote:

    Your post are beginning to read more and more like that "dreams" character. Eh, "Queen"??

    How could a black man not have love for a black woman……is he insane?

    I love black women, because they are the backbone of civilization; from the cradle to the grave.

    I have to word this right, because not all black women are deserving of this love.

    The conscious black women I am referring to are strong in mind and body.

    She is irrepressible, resilient, nurturing, intelligent, sexy, beautiful and truly the goddess of this planet.

    The ones standing today have genes that represent all the black women/men who have suffered in the past from oppression and compromise from the wicked ones; her genes go back to the beginning of time.

    Let no man or woman put asunder the marvel that is the black woman.

    There is an electromagnetic/melanin connection with a black woman, that only the conscious black men will understand.

    Why is it that the most hated is the most imitated??

    I feel blessed to have a beautiful black woman by my side, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Great thread!!


    That is the same way blacks felt in bondage while in egypt, HOPELESS AND DOOMED but, here come MOSES

    That is the same way it was during slavery in America. Slaves felt HOPELESS AND DOOMED but, here comes MOSES, Black Moses Harriet Tubman.

    Ain't that something. Blacks felt hopeless and doomed with Jim Crow, inequality, segregation, KKK and all seemed HOPELESS AND DOOMED but, here comes MOSES, Martin Luther King.

    Please, spare me the HOPELESS AND DOOM mumbo jumbo.

    History is replete with conditions of HOPELESS AND DOOM.

    Israel was without a homeland and their future looked HOPELESS AND DOOMED but, here comes MOSES. Ralph Bunche worked out a plot of land that is still called Jerusalem to this day.

    Tell young black college students with a vision it's HOPELESS AND DOOMED.

    Tell young black college graduates it's HOPELESS AND DOOMED.

    They will tell all of you HOPELESS, DOOMED cynics and skeptics to get outta the way.

    I had a BIRACIAL niece. Do you really think that crap will keep you from racism. It sure didn't do anything for my niece as a white cr____ bashed her head in with a baseball bat.

    Do you think being biracial exonerates you from racism? You're crazy a a frog in the desert if you do.

    You're not on some island all unto yourself. White racist will murder their own people and call them n___r lovers. Ask Viola Luzzio if white racist won't kill another white for associating with blacks.

    You're out of your mind if you think being biracial is a buffer to racism.

    You're barking up the wrong tree with this BLACK MAN.

    My color has never held me back and your idiotic stereotyping of black people make you as dumb as you write.

    Now if you like to continue, I can delve into the psychology of your brain and scramble your mind with that fantasy of being superior to blacks and you'd have to change ya member name.

    -Moses 1 (One of the few times that I agree with Moses 1)

    Nope I absolutely do not see my race or myself as losers. What I see are people doing whatever to be on top regardless of the consequences, the destruction, the evil, the lies, the deception and the list goes on and on. The only winners are those who win fair and just. You have your views, I have mine. As far as I'm concerned, real winners are the minority. Just because the world operates a certain way doesn't mean I have to agree or support the behavior within' it. We all have choices and values. I stand for something, you stand for nothing except getting power by any means necessary. Sorry but I'm not impressed not matter how much success. If I have to obey the laws an earn an honest living, everyone should do the same.


    -The Moor
    -The Moor


    2 weeks ago 4
    "But your own people sold you into slavery"- the usual Racist ( White Supremacist) refrain.... .BUT THERE WERE NO AFRICANS ABOARD THESE SHIPS DOING THESE THINGS TO US!!!
    Outstanding post as always. We MUST wake up and begin to do what is necessary to save our race & restore our right minds and spirits.
    THE WAR IS on, whether you want to accept it or not. It has never ceased. It has just been continually refined, so that it is not as identifiable.

    it's not really the IR dating, it's the reasons for doing it, if us blacks knew our history, heritage, and culture that you say we should be focusing on, then alot of would have a different self image, we wouldn't be trippin over "lighter skin", and "green eyes", and "mixed babies", but that's just the tip, we also wouldn't be killing each other all the time, refering to one and another as the "n word" and our communities would be alot better, and the thug lifestlye wouldn't be so glorified,..

    and why did you change your name to candella?

    1 week ago
    BEAUTIFUL!!!! We have to find the leader within OURSELVES!! Cause WE ARE LEADERS!!! Find the common ground with each other.Regardless of status.I don't care if you work at McDonalds.There are so many intelligent and progressives out there,that want to speak out...No one listen or don't care to acknowledge it!!.. Reverse our way of thinking.Break away from 'The Wille Lynch Syndrome'...And stop looking for others to help us...Pan Afrikan is the BEST solution...Reverse our way of THINKING!!!!

    1 week ago
    Ohhhhh!! He is so RIGHT!! I mean...What's the POINT? I never saw the signifcance in that.Growing up,I never wanted to get all "sexed up"to get attention!! You can still look wonderful....So glad (as a black woman) I don't think this way! I have embraced the skin I'm in.The hair that I have(locks)... If you're dark,light or brown...Kinky,soft curly or straight....You still ALL THAT without exploiting yourself(sexually)...WORD!!!! EMBRACE THE BEAUTY WITHIN!! And it will shine...INSIDE OUT:-)

    5 months ago
    @EbonyLoveAndMarriage MUCH LOVE TO YOU SISTER FOR STANDING STRONG FOR BLACk LOVE & MARRIAGE! we have way to many black men & women here on youtube propagating hate towards one another. PEACE & LOVE!!!!!

    2 years ago
    Mama AFRICA-Black is Beautiful- This is Part Of My Admiration for Black People,..I adore and Appreciate Them a Lot,Their Beautiness and Talents,..True Nature Of Art... Have Fun... Much Love-PauLa

    2 weeks ago
    As a black American female it is great to see my people from other parts of the world. We are a strong, beautiful people! Thank you LaMorena for these videos-they're very inspiring! I especially enjoyed the children in this video. I hope I have a daughter that looks just like the girl at 1:53 w/ the ponytails!! The others were adorable too!! :0)

    6 months ago
    @vampirito99 West Indies is a term given to the islands in the region known as the Caribbean! So when they call them West Indian it is because they are from the so called West Indies! Columbus and Spaniards came up with that term when they thought they had reached India and the East Indies so they just called it West Indies cuz they were in the West/New World!

    7 months ago
    @applesandspeed LOL! African prescence is strong in all of the Republic of Panama! Also if you want to make your eurocentric or white prescence claim's you should have mentioned the province of LOS SANTOS and Azuero Peninsula which is considered the most HISPANICIZED and whitest area of Panama! Chiriqui has blacks and so does Santiago in Veraguas province! The transit zone which includes Panama City to Colon has a strong Afrodescent prescence!

    7 months ago
    @applesandspeed Hmm, well look again! Chiriqui always had the smallest black population and Cocle is a province with a significant Colonial black population! In Anton in Cocle, there are so many blacks! It is considered the centers with the largest Black Panamanian populations! Veraguas bears witness to blacks in Santiago and especially in Sona and Montijo! In Chiriqui, blacks are in Remedio, Alanje, and Puerto Armuelles!

    djcbz (in reference to Slim Thug or a rapper. I don't agree with all of the language shown in this quote. I just show this quote to prove that a real woman wants a real man and vice versa) said:

    Dude just mad cuz he can't attract a real women period with all his cars,money,status etc.
    If you turn into a MAN you attract WOMEN!
    Who raised this grown up kid?
    I went through that expecting to find women with all my rims,money,trucks,status etc. all I attracted was fine sl___ with baby dad's all over the place.

    When I was forced to grow up & got rid of my childish toys and my childish ways and chidish friends I was blessed with a real ride or die women and others checking for me as well, but I will not cheat on my queen because I am now a real man!


    I see what you're saying. Yet, not every single mother is monolithic of course. It's a fact that many men are predators and use women to have sex and have children out of wedlock. In some of those instances, I have sympathy for the woman. I guess I'm such a non-cynic when it comes to females. I'm a cynic when it comes to politics and other issues though. Many single mothers have businesses, some are in college, and others have jobs. So, not all single mothers lack vision or contributions in society. I've changed my mind on one thing. I would date a sister with kids if there was a sincere connection (and if I had the resources to take care of people), because our community is suffering on many fronts. We live in a cross roads in world history. The issues of technology, class, wealth, sex, race, sexuality are complex and are discussed in a fashion never witnessed in human history. We have to make a choice or a crucial decision. Either we promote black unity or humanity will suffer tons of hardache. I choose black unity. People have the right to do it if they want to. If they want do it, they should never rush into the relationship and they should prepare financially and emotionally for the situation of course.

    We all have done dirt, so in that sense, there is no such thing as a perfectly "good Black men." There are either real men or folks who don't act like Men (like thugs, cheaters, criminals, women haters, haters in generals, etc.). There are still honorable black men and black women in the USA and throughout the world though. As for the women who dog men out, etc. I don't agree with them. No one should be mistreated or disresepected at any circumstance whether they be male or female. Yet, in my experience, we should allow these women the chance to change their ways. Sometimes, a man (I know this is hard sometimes) will have to cut the women some slack and help the woman to improve morally and spiritually. The reason is that women go through more drama and demonization in society than us males go through.

    We go through drama, but women (especially black women) go through more (like sexism, sexual exploitation, abuse, materialism, etc.). I do feel that there are tons of women that value men based on character not totally on physically appearance. It's just that the media promotes that stereotype and lie of black women collectively only wanting to go out with thugs or dudes with "swagger" so often that some men give up (and either date outside of their race or be desperate to date any woman). A real man should never give up in life. A real woman just wants a man that takes care of his business period. Yet, we shouldn't give up on our sisters here. We should encourage ourselves and the sisters to be better. I don't agree with brothers being disrespected either for any reason. Yet, if you are man (whether you're on the Youtube or not. You notice that these cowardly men use slurs against females then expect us real brothers to support them. They have another thing coming because I don't agree with calling women slurs or evil names at all. Real brothers like me don't co-sign stereotyping and demonizing women. Black women are Queens. One of these cowards committed suicide and murdered an innocent girl. These sellouts demonize sisters, but I will never fall into their trap. That trap is apart of a white supremacist tactic to divide BM and BW. These sellouts on the Internet are apart of a wicked system) and you blame black women for not getting a date or for your own insecurities, you are a coward and you are wrong period. These sellouts bashing women have low self esteem and self hatred issues. This self hatred mentality is grown by the corporate culture and that wicked culture expresses an unrealistic code of conduct (instead of promoting the uniqueness of the human race in its shapes and sizes). It's as plain as I can see as a product of being brainwashed by a white supremacist mentality (some of these sellouts are from the suburbs not just the urban area. We know their type if you get what I'm saying. There are sellouts who are women too, so it isn't just one gender). The solution is for these sellouts is for them to gain some manhood, be taught confidence, and let them learn about the glorious history of black men and black women. I've seen where I'm from intellectual brothers (there are plenty of black women that like smart brothers and 9 to 5 working brothers too), business type of brothers, althetic brothers, rich brothers, poor brothers, and other types of brothers having fun and going out with respectable sisters all of the time. So, there is no excuse. I will co-sign upliftment, social improvement, respect,  honor, and real principles. A real grown man shouldn't scapegoat women for anything in life.

    I do feel that we need to support single Black women since they are a part of our blood. It doesn't even have to be romantic. It can be moral support and financial support since these people are still sisters and we love them. I will never stop loving a sister. I respect brothers dropping jewels like the Moor and crammasters. I enjoy their commentaries on issues. So, we should have compassion toward women as human beings.
    We always love our sisters and it's our job to be men, stand up for truth, and be strong.
    As men, we can't change the past. Yet, we can change the present and the future. We go through pain, but the answer to moving forward isn't the throwing of black women under the bus. The solution is finding ways to move forward. These ways include to better communicate with people on how we feel, to treat all peoples with dignity and respect, to have strength to stand up for ourselves & others, and never scapegoat a group of people as an excuse to woman-hate. When you get older, it's time to not obsess with the past in a vindicative fashion. The past should be utilized as motivation for us to improve ourselves, our families, and our race. As men, we have to be more responsible for our actions and not take the road leading into destruction. Life is hard, but life isn't impossible for us to suceed. So, I'll never hate my blood and I will always love my people, especially sisters who gave me my life literally.

    -By Timothy (Me)


    It's a fact (of course if facts matter) that increasing taxes on the wealthy is great for the economy, But the problem is which is usually the problem in captialist society; money talks. No one in the middle class/lower class could ever write a million dollar check in regards to campaign contributions whereas the top 2% elites could easily donate these figures.

    But conservavtive know the middle class/lower class largely outnumbers the rich. So how can they screw the economy and still get the votes to stay in office? its simple keep the public in a state of fear. Use code words like "socialism" or "government takeover" and associate with the Obama administration. Help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They'll rather demand cuts in Social Security and uneployment. Smh we're condition to talk about shaqunia and bosnisha because we feel she abusing the system and she's lazy.... But nobody say a peep about Goldman and Silverman...

    Sorry I'm in a venting mood LOL!



    re Becky (who may or may not be a white female or one with a penis)

    the biggest reason (some) BM want a white female is she is white in a white supremacy system . From the looks of most of the white females most BM wind up with -- it is definitely NOT about looks, personality, charm, intelligence, or achievements.

    If a BM is looking for those qualities, we can find all that and (much) more in a black woman.

    The main (and sometimes ONLY) appeal of the white female is her "whiteness" and what it represents to the slave-minded, racially oppressed, brainwashed, and terrorized black male...

    a self-hating black male wanting a white female is not a compliment to a self-respecting white female;

    anymore than a gold-digger liking a man because he just got a big
    tax refund is a compliment to that man.

    without that check (or her whiteness) they wouldn't get a second look...



    crammasters wrote:
    @ TheHardTruths
    you're right, i believe there will be two camps of blacks in the US as this country deconstructs:
    1) the ADVOCATES -- the assimilated, integration-loving, white-identified, IR-breeding/dating/marrying, adopted black babies who grown up in all-white households, the showcase blacks, the civil rights pimps, black puppets who are more loyal to their white masters than themselves
    2) the self-respecting, black-identified blacks who will seek liberation from a white supremacy police state
    group #1 will be used against group #2 for the promise of a few more crumbs OR just because they are obedient slaves to white supremacists
    and group #2 will have to see them as the enemy and treat them like the enemy because that's exactly what they will be
    C/S 100%. I believe you may be only the second person on here to understand completely where I'm coming from....And what you just posted is the sad reality blacks face.

    But there's a silver lining in this dark cloud. In the end, good ALWAYS overcomes evil, no matter how dismal things may seem. And VICTORY is what the NON SLAVE has to look forward to.

    -The HardTruths

    Historical Notes on Black People Worldwide:

    LaMorenaReina69 | April 04, 2010 | likes, 0 dislikes
    -African Americans/Black Americans, are descendants of African Slaves stolen from Africa. The first set of Africans were taken to America in 1619. For years slaves in America, fought for freedom and equal rights. Slavery was abolished in 1865, even though slaves were free they did not have equal rights. Many Pionners such as Nat Turner, Martin Luther king jr, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and many more faught for the black pride and liberation amoungst blacks in America. Black people in America make up an estimated 12% of the popualtion and it is the 2nd largest Diaspora country outside of Africa.

    -Peruvians of African ancestry are descendants from Africans and Malagasy Slaves that were brought over during slavery. Slavery was abolished in Peru in 1856 by President Ramon Castilla. Afro peruvians today celebrate their heritage with festivals such as Verano Negro. There is an estimate of 2 million Peruvians who are of African Ancestry.

    -While the spanish where conquering countries througout the Americans they brought free africans over to mexico such as Juan Garrido (born in west african) Even though africans helped the spanish fight battles they were not treated equally beacuse they were african. Afrter the battles many natives had died in mexico, while others faught hard for freedom.In order to produce more labor African Slaves were taken to mexico by the spanish from the coast of Ghana to Angola. Many Africans who were slaves intermarried with natives. Most Afro Mexicans are Zambo(African&NAtive mixture)

    Gasper Yanga was one the greatest leaders in slavery. He was a Gabonese who helped african slaves build palenques to esacape the cruelty of slavery.Francisco de la Matosa who was Angolan also helped right battles against the spanish as they destroyed maroon towns. the battle lasted many years and the spanish was unable to defeat the africans. They decided to sign a treaty in the town of veracruz and today it still remains Yanga town.

    Costa Chica has the largest black population in Mexico. While other areas such Veracruz, and Yucatan have a significant black population.

    It was hard to find Afro Mexican music so I decided to use Peter Tosh "African" enjoy!

    -Estimation of 5 million venezelans. Many Afro venezulans live in barlovento located in the Miranda state. While other African Decendents live throughout the country. Africans were takes to Venezuela between the 17th and 19th century to work on plantations.
    Preseident Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has African heritage. here is a quote expressing his love for his ancestry.
    "When we were children, we were told that we have a motherland, and that motherland was Spain. However, we have discovered later, in our lives, that as a matter of fact, we have several motherlands. And one of the greatest motherlands of all is no doubt, Africa. We love Africa. And every day we are much more aware of the roots we have in Africa... Racism is very characteristic of imperialism. Racism is very characteristic of capitalism. Katrina is—indeed, has a lot to do with racism–no doubt about it. Hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth, because of my curly hair. And I’m so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it’s African."

    Muisc Featured in this Video is Llorras by Afro Venezulan singer Oscar De Leon.

    -African ancestry in Panama has influenced the culture in many ways, African slaves were taken to Panama during the transatlantic slave, as well as many Afro Carribean who settled in Colon while building the Panama Canal. Panama is also the Birth of Spanish language reggae, Many Panamanians of Jamaican ancestry started this trend of music, if it wasnt for the Jamaican ancestry in Panama, thier would be no Reggaton! Panama has also gained its independence from Colombia in 1903. The Dominican Republic represents the African Diaspora to the fullest.... From its food, Music and the beautiful African features apon the people of the island. Puerto Rico is influenced with African culture through its music, food and the diverse people.. Loiza and Carolina are two sections of the Island that has a large black population.. Loiza was populated with freed or escaped slaves that were taken to the island from Africa. March 23 1873 Slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico. People of African ancestry make up 8% of Ecuador's population. Most Afro-Ecuadorians live in the Esmeraldas region, Valle de Chota and the Imbabura region. Afro Ecuadorians have made great contibutions from Marimba music, its people and the beautiful culture. As I stated before this video is dedicated to those who have no knowledge of African descendents in spanish speaking countries.. Everyone from latin america are not MESTIZOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Brazil is the only country outiside of Africa with the highest black population in the world. Slaves were taken thier by Portugese slaves masters.. Africans slaves made big contribution throughout Brazil... Brazilians are proud of thier African ancestry and celebrate their customs through music, religion and carnival.. Many Afro Brazilians stil face discrimination, but are never ashamed of thier roots... Enjoy.

    -This Video is dedicated to Anglela (afro colombian woman who won Miss Corona R.I.P.)

    Colombia is the third country outside of Africa with the higest black population in the world.. Many African slaves were taken to the region of Choco which is located on the pacific coast.. Many blacks in colombia live in areas such as Choco,Buenaventura,Cali,Cartegena,San Andres island and various areas throughout the country,,, Vanessa Mendoza was the firls black woman to win the title of Miss Colombia, she is from the Choco region. Many Colombians called her the "Black Barbie" Afro Colombians take pride in thieir heritage..Enjoy this video..
    P.S, Not all Colombians look like Shakira or Sofia Vegara.....

    -Africans were taken to Bolivia during the 1600's to work in mines. After Slavery ended in the 1800's, many afro bolivians moved to the Yungas. Coroico is located in the Yungas and it has the largest population of Afro bolivians. Many natives married Africans because they felt thier dark skin was exotic and beautiful.

    La Saya music is a very popular amoungst Afro Bolivians. African descendents in Uruguay make up 4% of the population. (estimated 210,000) ] Candombe is very popular amongst the blacks in Uruguay... Blacks in Uruguay played a significant role fighting off the Spanish in order for Uruguay independence...French Guiana is an overseas region of France located in South America. The first inhabitants were the native americans. Africans(incuding mulattos,and blacks) Make up 66% of population. Slavery was abolished in 1848.


    @ 216 Elite

    just checked out that Site:


    Will share the link on my blog.



    That is simply false. The image of the barbaric African is a late European invention which accompanied the rise of modern slavery. Moreover, there were European Christians who studied in universities in Songhai during the Middle Ages when that part of West Africa, like most Muslim societies,were far more advanced than was western Europe. And we have RECORDS of that.







    -The Moor


    Capree..... first of all.....any decent human being WOULD NOT strive to be on Top at the expense of other people. Real success includes respecting and uplifting others along the way. Real success doesn't hurt other people because real success includes love and morals.

    Second.....Two wrongs does not make a right. That is stupid for you to use other wars to excuse a white racist government......especially when it effects YOU and your people.(since you claim that you are a black woman) make yourself look retarded and very unintelligent by taking up for the wrongs of white men but bashing black men who have been oppressed by white men. What kind of sense does that make? You can make excuses for everybody else's shortcomings and evil.....everybody EXCEPT FOR BLACK MEN? You will not give black men room to even make a mistake...BUT EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD CAN DO EVIL AND IT'S OKAY IN YOUR BOOK! are insane. I have no more respect for you because you are showing me that you are not even trying to be fair or logical. You are either a white male....or either you are an angry black woman that black men have rejected and messed over....... and you are taking it out on all black men. I know one thing FOR SURE......... You are not mentally all there! Get a life!

    How do you suppose that Hitler killed millions of Jews? Do you think it was because the Jews were dumb? The Jews were not dumb... but Hitler was evil and in a position to do the evil that he did.(Just like our racist white government) And you talk about GOD......why do you suppose people nailed JESUS to a cross?(because they were evil) He was GOD in human flesh and he could have stopped the people who crucified him.....but he didn't......and it sure wasn't because he was weak....he is GOD! If you knew anything about GOD then you would know that he is of love. Capree.... there are bad people in the world who LOVE doing evil and there are good people. Good people do not fight evil with evil because it is not in their hearts to do so. Black men are not weak nor unintelligent.....but obviously they are better men than racist white men. That's what you are not wise enough to see. Black men ARE THE BETTER MEN. Status, titles, or positions has nothing to do with the quality of a person or what is in someones heart. Let Hitler.....and Martin luther king be examples for you. Even deeper than that.....let JESUS be an example for you. You clearly are lost when it comes to what is good and what is bad. Everything that glitters ain't gold and some things that don't look the part can really be hidden treasure. But it takes wisdom to understand that......and I don't want you to get brain cramps trying to understand meaningful things. PeAcE!

    -Beautiful Soul


    caramel delight wrote:
    also, i don't need statistics. especially not on hollywood. people keep talking about a gender war. i don't know one black woman that hates black men, talks crap about black men, that wants a white man or thinks they are better than black men, that says "i'm a strong independent woman"- i have never heard that phrase in person. only heard it by women who've gone on talk shows. all this stuff people say on the internet, i've never seen or heard in real life off the internet.
    no black woman i know has a problem with black men and have no problem getting one. they don't like thugs and they don't dislike smart men. no black man i know has a problem with black women and have no problem getting one. none of them exclusively date the white, native american or latina girls around here. i'm glad i grew up around the black folks i did to not encounter any of the mess you all claim is going on.


    I'm a black man whose traveled to other continents, and people have treated me like I was king.

    I was in Australia, and it was if I had friends throwing feasts in my honor. I was in Central America, and people were giving me boat rides everywhere. Even immigrants who come to America are often very cool with me. I've even had people from places like Norway ask me what's wrong with the white people in America. Of course this was during the Bush years.

    In America, SOME white people are very isolated and feel a need to hate just about everyone not like them. It's a cultural dysfunction we seem to have in this country



    It doesn't bother me much when Whites generalize Black men as being good fighters, because the fact of the matter is that Black men ARE good fighters as a group. But not only Black men, when you look at the UFC currently, most of the champs are non-White.

    Cain Velasquez is the new heavyweight Champion and he is Mexican. Mauricio Shogun Rua is the Light Heavyweight Champion and he is Brazilian. Anderson Silva is the current Middleweight champion and he is Afro-Brazilian.

    In general, Russians, Brazilians, and African Americans frequently hold championships in MMA. Hispanic guys are frequently champions as well. As far as the thing about Black absentee fathers, it is a problem in the Black community but there are good Black fathers out there. The White media has a tendency to stereotype Blacks negatively.



    To Capree:





    -The Moor


    Beautiful Soul wrote:
    Capree if it is true that you....sadbuttrue.....and all the other IR promoters on this forum have honestly moved on....then why in the world do you spend all of your energy on the internet bashing black men? A black woman who has"TRULY" moved on would not even have black men on their minds. You are here because you are either a racist white male or you are an angry black woman who black men have rejected or messed over and instead of looking at your own bad are taking out your fustrations on all black men. A female that has really moved on would not be so angry as you and sadbuttrue. If you don't want a black man and you are not thinking about a black man... then why in the he11 do you use your fingers to constantly type about them on this forum so dang much? You obviously don't have time for a white man because you always have black men on your it is not obvious. Plain stupidity! You are pathetic!



    -The Moor


    216 Elite wrote:
    Become an official member of the growing community of conscious consumers and business owners who want to do more to direct their talent and resources toward solving our community's problems. Receive regular updates on the EE movement and tour, including media coverage, appearances and events.
    If you believe in economic empowerment and equal opportunity for all, you should join EE today!
    I just signed up for their mailing list, I want to learn more about this organization. I'm watching the video of the Anderson couple on You Tube now, don't you just love how Whites on mainstream news networks ask the dumbest questions?

    They asked the Anderson couple "why the are supporting Black businesses?" They gave a nice response, I would have been like "the same reason why the Jews, Japanese, and Italians support their businesses," and left it at that...

    Then on the part of the video I'm watching now, the narrator is like "should they be doing this?" That is the mainstream news for you, when they put Black folks on there they always ask stupid f*cking questions that they would never ask anyone else.

    Wow, they actually have a Black owned bank in Chicago to:






    216 Elite wrote: ovement.html
    Hey 216Elite, I'm watching the video of the Anderson couple on You Tube, and the "critics" are accusing them of racism! LOL! Can you believe that sh*t, Whites, Jews, Japanese, Chinese, Italians, and Mexicans have been buying within their own communities for years and they've never been accused of racism, but the moment a Black couple decides to do the same in the Black community they are racists!

    You see what I told you!? The Illuminati runs MSNBC, I knew they would do that sh*t. They put up something positive about Blacks but then in the middle of the video they put a spin on it and say "well these Blacks are racist because they support Black businesses."

    The Whites are threatened when Blacks support their own businesses, you'll never hear them calling the Chinese "racist" for supporting their own communities, you gotta love the double standard, corporate mass media at its finest!


    BLACK MAN wrote:

    ...actually i own my own company, thus my freedom to be on here an hour a day to reply and respond as I feel, yes i can give a sista a job if she has the qualifications, and if I have a position open....and I do have sistaz that already are employed by goal now is to help, assist, and show other brothers how to do the is key, but not just what you learn in school....but thank you for your least you are reading the post...
    I have to say i met my African American husband 5 years ago here in Chicago and he is the love of my life! We have children together and are raising them under both cultures as there is good and bad in both. We eventually plan to buy more land in Africa and continue building there and eventually move. Don't be misled by the trolls here african american men, we african women love you and consider you our black kings as well! Between us there is no difference we are all one!

    -African Queen





    -The Moor


    From the Revolutionist:

    Sidneycatbastard wrote:

    So how is the purpose different to Hitler? A key part of nazi ideolgy (as with most ultra nationalist ideolgy) is 'racial purity', that is what in effect you are proposing. You talk in the manner of a eugenics proponent with your inference of 'superior' and 'inferior' and of 'breeding' programmes but the irony totally escapes you.
    Comparing me with "Hitler" is utter ludicrous, I wasn't suggesting we all start exterminating white people to preserve the black race.
    If the whiteman ever thought his race was being bred or dying out of a country, he would think of many ways to preserve his race.
    Sidneycatbastard wrote:
    Pride in oneself is admirable, put placed within distasteful nationalistic rhetoric what exactly does it become?.

    I do not want to see IRR get to such high levels that it has negative effects on the black populations numbers.
    Sidneycatbastard wrote:
    It was there in my previous post in black and white (pardon the pun) when that rhetoric begins to echoe fascist ideology. Is that really a definition of 'self love'? Do you really believe black people are 'above' bigotry and ignorance?
    Every race is involved in preserving itself, that is why we have religions and marriage customs that ensure the continuation of their kind (Jews marry Jews, Muslim marry Muslim, Arab marry Arab).
    The white man is always working on finding new ways to preserve himself and his kind, because that is how he is, he plans for generations ahead.

    There is nothing wrong with Self preservation which had nothing to do with Hitlers ideology of supremacy and extermination of others who were deemed inferior.
    Sidneycatbastard wrote:
    Regarding this so-called 'IR drive', what really is the evidence? Percentage wise in the US IR is extremely low.
    You only need to take a look around to see IRR has increased dramatically over the past twenty years, now there is an increase in black and white dating sites being advertised to black people.
    Why don't they go and do this to other races.
    Sidneycatbastard wrote:
    I suggest you read more on Brazil because you are completely inaccurate, racial mixing was happening from the 1600s onwards (before the modern concept of 'race')and is part of a much wider phenomenon perculiar to Brazil.
    "Racial mixing" has been going on ever since whites and blacks came into contact with one another, and probably always will, to some extend. A little IR is acceptable, but a mass promotion of IRR is to serve as encouragement for more blacks and whites to date.

    I was talking about "Racial whitening" which is a drive to lessen the number of black people in a country through actively promoting IRR to black people.

    You may find that extraordinary, but I do not.
    The white race have done a lot worse to many Natives, who were occupying land that the whiteman wanted to take away from them.

    -The Revolutionist


    1 year ago 5
    I learned to just live my life and not let what other people think of me or my activities affect me. Im focused on my future, and if I do it right, and ill be succesful, and this is what I advise to all young men out here. Also, loosen up, have fun and be yourself. If she's not vibing it, oh well, too many females out here to be concerned about what 1 or 20 think. If she likes a thug, then she has to deal with the consequences, not you, dont let that affect you..that takes away from your future

    1 month ago 2
    And even though im not the stereotypical black male that the media talks about and portrays, it still hurts me to the heart bcuz like I said..I love our people so much and just because im not like stereotypical black males doesnt mean I hate or dislike those black men who are. I view us as a whole...if one of us makes it then thats good, but whateva....until all of us make it and get free..then I will celebrate! I love you fam, real talk!
    YAH bless!
    2 months ago 10
    So beautiful i am all most in tears. i hope to get a wife one day (a black woman) and treat her right and i pray that God can bless me and make me a better husband in further so that i can take good care of my wife is i find one so help me God
    1 month ago
    I am in awe with how God works!! I just met a man six years younger than I am (I'm 29, he 23.) There is something special about him and he makes me feel like no one else ever has. I was in a relationship for 7 years and I never thought I would love again, then I met my J. I didn't want to give it a chance because of the age difference and other reasons (I made up in my mind.) Your story (that God led me to) has given me the confirmation that I need to drop the guard and receive what God has.

    1 year ago 2
    Don't even sweat it. If one person wont love you, someone else will. There's always someone else. There's no reason, why you shouldn't have a good woman who'll appreciate u. All of the nice guys I overlooked in highschool are all married now with beautiful women and babies. Some girls just need time and experience to actually figure out what they want in a man. Some of us didn't have any good male role models in our life, or even a good father to set an example.


    @ WowTheBoogieDown

    In my opinion, BW are being ATTACKED by the white supremacy system, which leads to "misunderstanding" by those who do not recognize the signs of WAR. One thing I always tell sisters is -- nobody spends the tremendous amount of energy on someone who is NO ONE.

    Just the fact that they need to make movies like Precious, the Blind Side, The Color Purple, Norbit, Big Momma's House, She-Na-NA, etc on endless TV shows, commercials, promote rap music, images, all that degrade BW (and sometimes the BM)

    to DIVIDE and CONQUER the BM and BW and derail our efforts to save ourselves and the black family...

    So, we need to be MINDFUL, that nearly EVERY TIME we see a negative article about BW, or an ugly comment on a website, or some faceless poster POSING as a BM, trying to start a flame war by posting some ugly comment about BW --




    Of course we are. We're the most hated, but ironcially and hypocritically imitated man in America. That, and it's because people are scared of us because of our strength, physique and dark skin. Then again, I'm not surprised and could really care less about it, since these haters are only helping to boost our egos and they are making themselves look more insecure.

    It's all about sheer ignorance from non-blacks because they know that the black man was the first man on Earth and all non-black men came from him and he was the father of civilization. Those are the major reasons behind why we are hated by non-blacks out of ignorance, jealousy, and fear.

    -Mack the Great


    i actually don't see the problem with self segregation in neighborhoods. most people like to live around people of their race because we do things differently.

    what annoys me is when people assume that those who self segregate in neighborhoods don't ever want to be around people of other races. they think if you want to live around your own people, you must want to only have friends of your race, only work w/ people of your own race, only see people of your race at the store, etc. no... most people like to have friends of all races, like to see/meet people of all races when we're out and about...but most people just want to live amongst their own people (whether race, ethnicity or nationality)

    -caramel delight


    True Indeed! And when they're exposed, they fight like crazy to shut you up, yea its a d__ shame, but when you view straightforward truth like this, there is no DEFENSE!

    Brother did you see the second video of the "who are you" pt 2, especially the cia cuts, WOW! That sh__ is hard to swallow, YET we have waywars brothers and sisters who will jump through the rings of fire for this evil! Horrible!

    Peace Bro!


    WowTheBoogieDown wrote:
    C/s. They are that now. They attack group #2 in voice of the white position and as staunch advocates of integration. There are some areas of necessary integration, but not to the point where you lose yourself and your racial identification.

    @ WowTheBoogieDown

    yes, they are among us. So-called national black leaders are a bankrupt concept. If ANY black "leader" is getting press coverage, book deals, and interviews on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, etc

    THEY ARE NOT TRUE BLACK LEADERS. At best, they are conflicted and frightened men who are not willing to pay the price -- losing fancy homes, cars, academic positions, income, freedom, status, title, etc -- for telling the TRUTH

    The best of them try to do no harm and help in ways that do not endanger them.The worst pimp the hell out of us, deceive us, and act as double agents for their real bosses.

    one thing history should have taught black folks:

    True black leaders are NEVER rewarded, they are always punished and destroyed. That's MY personal litmus test

    And of course, NO black entertainers are qualified to be a leader of black people in any shape, sense, or form....

    -crammasters (from Chicago)


    brother, they cannot STAND for BM and BW to love each other. it is a 24-7 assault, from TV, to music, to politics, to movies, to black buffoons and clowns that sell out the black nation to make a few dollars, to phony statistics and distorted "news" articles to get us to hate each other

    they are jealous of anything and everything we have, say, think, and do because they know WE CAME BEFORE THEY DID on this planet and much of what they claim they created, they stole from people of color...

    you have to wonder what kind of pathetic folks have nothing better to do than to come on a black thread and try to poison it....sad ain't the word for it....



    Ok. I think I finally understand why you are a little bit off. Why allow your mother's choices to affect your life? Honestly, there are good A-A women that want a professional man. There are good A-A women that stick to their morals and are waiting for a good man.

    Based off your posts I wouldn't necessarily consider you a desirable man, but I believe you have good intentions. Where have you been looking for women? Have you tried online dating, or speed dating or something that would place you around good genuine women?

    Women are going to be women. Yes, you may be able to go to Brazil and find women that immediately want to be your girlfriend, but think about their motives. She sees this well-off American Black man that can get her a green card. Do you honestly want to be with a woman like this? A relationship without true love cannot last.

    I can see where you are coming from. I have been mistreated by so many men because I was the virgin, "n__" in school and I didn't allow societal pressures to get to me. You can't allow the hurts from your past affect the present. Simply learn from them and figure out what you can do better. There are plenty of good A-A women that are single and looking.

    Trust me, I know it's hard. I was ready to give up at one point. But, you have to keep hope. Don't turn to the least desirable alternative. Trust me, I know I came off hard in a few of my posts but I understand now where you are coming from.

    To be honest with you, a controlling man is a turn off. I know many women in controlling relationships that stay because they have no choice but are miserable. It not only affects them but the relationship itself and their children. Treat a woman with respect and she will respect you back.

    I am a good woman. I stood by all my men. I treated them with honor and respect and I still got mistreated. I have finally met someone that deserves me. Someone that respects my values and is ready to settle down. Please don't give up hope. Like I said before there are good, educated A-A women waiting for their king. Don't brush us all with the same stroke. You might be searching for something that is already in front of you.


    It's good that you are explorig your options when it comes to dating good luck to you.
    That said, I prefer black men and at times I resent the way some of my black female friends try to "encourage" me to change my taste in who I am attracted to which is black men.
    There's been times we are at the mall and I point out a cute black guy and some of my friends try to put me down for even mentioning that I found a black guy hot!!
    It gets on my nerves and I wish people would support my personal choice in who I want to date and find attractive as I do theirs.


    Did your buddy approach them or did he expect them to, as you say, "get any attention from his own women"? Because of his educational background and career success, he may have felt too important to make the first move. Black men are no longer hunters. They expect to be hunted by their own women, while only putting in effort into the hunt for non-black women.

    Have you noticed the emasculation of Black men, specifically, Black American men that has been taking place over the last few years? Watch television or movies with open eyes. Black men are portrayed as these big threatening thuggish guys, nothing new there, but now are having their a___ handed to them by white and latino guys. Now they are made to look educated and anemic with their non-black women. They are made to look tough, flight-ready, and filled with passivity. It is all very subtle, but it is leaking into the social conscious. Paired with non-black women, mixed race children that are pushing him around. Not leaders, followers. Watch the programming of Americans and the world. Black guys are having their a___ handed to them and when on a team they have to be saved by the tough white guy.

    Your educated Black man has lost his spark to attract Black women, because of his belief in his own attraction. He believes they should be hunting him, despite having charged them with being "too" aggressive and not feminine enough.

    Your Uncle would have approached them, made a joke, and shown vulnerability. Your Uncle would have made them feel his full attention and made them feel beautiful and worth the effort. Your Uncle would have considered himself the lucky one if he were able to bag one of the ladies. He may have screwed up later, but at that moment in time the woman would have felt valued.



    A lot of White people think just like Michael Richards, if you surf the Internet and come to sites like Topix you see all kinds of racist trolls and posts, if you go to You Tube you see racist trolls.

    My brother was playing his X-box online and he could speak into the headphone, and the other players could tell he was Black because of the way his voice sounds, and they would make racist comments to him while they were playing X-box life.

    You see, White people, as a group, have never changed their true feelings towards Blacks......I've actually done business with White people who made negative comments about Blacks in front of me, they thought I was a "self hating oreo" so they felt comfortable saying these things around me, but I actually defended Blacks and set the record straight.

    Those of you reading this who are educated Black professionals, who work around Whites or do business with them, know exactly what I'm talking about, it is called the Oreo Test. They will try to test you to see if you hate your own people, they will make a comment or two about Blacks that is negative, and see if you agree.

    If you agree with them, you "pass" the Oreo Test, that means you hate your people and Whites will accept you because of it. But I never let White people get that comfortable around me, I let them know that I reject their statements and comments. I have never "passed" the Oreo Test.

    One more thing......on that Michael Richards video I linked to, those of you who are observant will notice that a lot of the White people in the audience kept laughing at his jokes, even after he used the "N" word multiple times...there were still Whites in the audience who kept laughing, a few of them got up and walked out but a lot of them still thought it was funny.

    Michael Richards is a racist piece of sh*t and nothing he says or does will ever change that, he got angry because those two Black guys were heckling him and he lost it and revealed his true feelings.

    If you want to know what a man or woman truly thinks about you, just get them angry or get them drunk........and you will find out the truth. When people are angry or drunk they are usually honest, and will tell you exactly what they feel.

    Hey Lordy, did you notice on that video with Matt Lauer that one of the Black men said that "freedom of speech should have some sort of limit?" I don't know about you, but that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

    Michael Richards is trash but this nation was built on certain rights, and one of those rights is free speech. If racists don't have the right to say what they want then us Blacks won't have that right either, the problem with these guys is that they don't think.

    Let the government place "limits" on free speech and it won't be long before they place "limits" on your other the right to bare arms, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to due process....
    -Kashta_Bureh (I agree with him on that, but not on bashing AAW)


    You are on point with every line sis...well said!!

    You see, this post here is an example of why I love black women. You understand the struggles we have from day to day.

    Your support gives us the mental strength to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and keep persevering with fortitude in this beastly system. Of course black men should have that inner strength and “self” responsibility to be the best he can be. Two halves make a whole, and love and appreciation from both parties should be reciprocated. I can guarantee if men took a biology class and got to learn the physiological workings of the woman or the womb…..he would have nothing but awe and respect for a woman.

    A righteous man would be a liar if he said he didn’t argue with his woman. However once you have argued, you look at the queen standing beside you, brush yourself down….humble yourself and give her a big hug. I wasn’t always like this, but I have had to learn this is the better way.

    If a man or woman have love for themselves, this love will ebb and resonate around them. I am not going to give up on a black woman just because I had a bad experience from a black woman in my past; one does not represent all.
    I would feel cheap, cheated and pathetic if the love that was given to me by my mother was taken away by one person. My inner “self” or spirit gravitates towards a black woman and I can’t help that; i am being true to my “self“.

    There is no doubt that a woman like you will transfer positivism, worldly knowledge, female wisdom (which is important) and profound love to her kin. You see this word TRANSFER is very important. The mindset of the parent(s), will be transferred to the child. This is why this beastly system is attacking the minds of the black woman/man; instilling self loathing to divide us and bring up negative thinking children.

    As ever brother Cramm you are on point. When one has love for ones "self", love will always follow!!

    Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous black men who have love for black women. All my bro’s have black women and all testify to the pride of walking down the street with their women; and in fact there seems to be a silent appreciation from other ethnic groups of this unison….there seems to be more respect.When walking down the street with my woman, the only ones who seem to give us the hate looks are the embittered black women and men who have acquiesced to Caucasian social conditioning. We get more bad looks from them than from white folks….how crazy is that?!?

    Enjoying your book btw; i'm about half way through. I love the way it is structured and how it brings forth a different perspective on how to look at things. A very interesting read indeed.



    It is a well known fact that our so called culture is killing our kids and encouraging stupidity and underachievement amongst them.
    This needs to be stopped now, we need to put pressure on the media to stop using us as entertainment and showing far too many negative stereotypes of us which are affecting our young, we have politicians who are supposed to be speaking up for us on these matters, what the hell are they doing?

    As long as our kids are being exposed to rappers and sportsmen as heroes, our kids will gravitate towards this naturally.
    When these idiotic rappers, who are being used to lead our youths astray start rapping about a load of crap (90% of the rap lyrics are simply moronic nonsense) we should boycott these bozos, and refuse to play their music.
    As a people we should be more active in our society and stop accepting the bull that we are fed, no other race on earth accepts their children listening to this mind rot...There are good rappers out there but they are usually ignored by the media so this tells me that this is a fix.

    As for children not being brought up properly, I agree, some black parents just do not care enough about the children they are raising...In the UK, a Childs parents can be put behind bars for a short time if the children miss too much school, and if it continues, the child can get put into care, this is the kind of wake-up call some of these parents need.
    I also think that in schools where there are mainly disadvantaged black youths, they should have mentors in the schools, especially for the boys.
    These mentors should be employed to speak to the children and offer some kind of extra support or a shoulder to lean on as children need an adult to look up to.

    -The Revolutionist

    The white woman does not have to be qualified, but the BLack woman does and she has to be "Good"?

    The problem with young Black girls is that their mothers have not told them that romance is sh__ and there is no Prince Charming or happily ever after. After a lifetime of being told and shown that they are without value, young girls believe guys that tell them that they love them and they will never leave them. Young Black girls believe in happily forever after, even when the guy abandons them, they believe he will return.

    Now I ask myself why doesn't some of you fine upstanding citizens teach your male relatives how not to steal the futures of these young girls? Why don't you teach your male relatives to play their emotion/sex games with other races and leave the young sisters for marriage after education? Teach them why it is important for young Black girls to be educated, so that they will be able to educate your children and give them an edge in life? Don't you think this little bit of effort is necessary in light of our current standing in the world? The only thing it will cost the brothers is a conversation. A conversation worth repeating every time you see them. Tell them that being a player hurts our communities and steals the dreams of young ladies of our race. Teach them to guard the futures of these young girls, by not sleeping with them and creating babies with them because she believes the lies being fed to her about happily ever after and the guy only means for this night. Oh. While you are at it, tell them Black women are beautiful and need their protection. The world has it in for Black women, because they defend their men against all odds. Bring Black love and pride back to the race.

    The same pride latins and asians take in their race, we could have if we talk to our youths. TALK. Train them from young to protect the females. Keep their sexual games to be played with other races and that Black females are beautiful and intended for marriage.

    Right now Black males are teaching youths how to play the game and the only loser is the young girl that believed the lie that he wanted a child with her and that they would be together forever. It is time to be honest and let's hammer this truth home -- leave our young girls alone and tell them everyday they are beautiful so that they do not fall for the first line of bullshit from some smooth talking jerk.

    Our race will recover in a generation.

    I do my part by telling every young Black American girl, you are beautiful followed immediately with, "What university will you be attending after high school?" If she had not been thinking about college, she is after. When they respond with, "I don't know", I pull out a list of the top schools in the city, which equates to free and the top five schools in the surrounding cities that equates to almost free with scholarships and the top five HBCUs that will be costly, but worth it, because of the sororities and connections to be made for life. Every Black person should have their list ready to hand to our youths. You will be amazed to learn that most of them never placed themselves in a position to believe they could attend university.

    Google your state to generate a list of colleges and universities. Do a little research on tuition and financing. Prepare your list and copy the h--- out of it. Pass it on with a little note of encouragement from you.


    There are many factors contributing to bw/wm and bm/ww. Both bw AND bm are involved in IRR dating and it is impossible to say one is doing it more than the other.

    There are two factors that I believe should be addressed.

    1. Manipulation by comparison. They do it, why can't we do it

    Bm are saying or accusing bw of IRR and thus, use that as justification to become involved in IRR dating, etc.

    Bw are saying or accusing bm of IRR and thus, use that as justification to become involved in IRR dating, etc.

    2. Stockholm syndrome. The oppressed falls in love with the oppressor.

    Maybe people should take the time to google Stockholm Syndrome and see how it works.


    Finally, I'm a bm and after hearing Dr. Laura hollering N, N, N, I be damn if I'm going to cross over and put my happiness at 50%. What's 50%? 50% is sometimes it's okay to be black and sometimes I'm catching hell for being black.

    If I'm with a bw, atleast I'm 100% black and don't have to subject myself to racial slurs.

    -Moses 1

    No-one is promoting the "extermination" of anyone for a start, so you can forget about the "Hitler" comparisons, he (unlike me) was willing to kill other races to reach the purpose of German supremacy. Hitler even sanctioned the Eugenics program, which was all about breeding out certain types of people and preserving others.

    Hitler= Physical and Genetic extermination of Jews and the rest of societies undesirables.

    The Revolutionist=(Suggesting) that we blacks concentrate more on
    self love, rather than this IRR drive, we can see IRR is being shoved in our faces through the media and even here on this site.

    I haven't suggested exterminating anyone, I haven't even suggested a ban on IRR, so WTF are you talking about, "Hitler ideology"?

    I'm proposing self defense, by not allowing ourselves to get carried away with IRR, we seem to be the only race that IRR with whites is being pushed on in this subtle but aggresive way, so this in itself is suspicious.

    What happened in Brazil is fact, yes, the white man is capable of this,(this is nothing compared to his most wicked crimes against humanity) he did the same with the Australian Aboriginese also, do your own research if you want to know what the truth is, even if it was referenced on wikipedia, that doesn't matter, it is what happened and has been documented throughout history.
    When Blacks stand up for ourselves, we always seems to cause offense to whites as if to say, we have no right not to want ourselves to be bred out of a country!!!

    The Neo Nazi extermination of Jews, has absolutley nothing to do with black people not wishing to be bred out of a country Via Interbreeding with whites who massively outnumber us as it is!!!

    -The Revolutionist






    -The Moor


    dragonpat wrote:

    but if you don't even feel as if you belong to the black collective, what is there to do?
    where i come from in detroit, we had a small community that opperated on a level of unity i have never witnessed anywhere else before; we knew were the local black farmers market was, the book store, tea shot, boutique, eatery, co-opt, etc.. etc..
    we would have seminars/lectures and advertise to our small community that we were looking for people to rent booth space to sell their products. we advocated entreprenuership and just about everybody in our small community developed some kind of business that they could earn extra money from or outright work exclusively for themselves.
    thats why i began to develop my own hair products; they influenced me but i was a willing participant.
    in detroit my pharmacist was black, gyno was black, dermatologist was black, dentist was black, primary physician was black and so on...
    i know no other way to live but down here in louisiana i have not found it like this... but im still searching..
    and that is what we need to build a small self-supporting community...people who are searching for us and our way of life.
    we need no other type of black person: but once they see our success then that alone can get others interested but unless they have a certain type of consciousness they can only be our consumers.


    Blacks will never divide. Some will be manipulated and conned into thinking less of their own race, but the vast majority will always be together. Good riddance to all the weak minded blacks.






    -The Moor

    The Revolutionist wrote:

    I hear you sis, Our culture is partly to blame, which is built off what we see on TV, I had no idea sisters were being taught professional black men do not want them and find that ludicrous.
    It is time that our people stop listening to the media and following what is on TV, it is a well known fact that the TV, exaggerates everything deliberately, and this is to keep the viewers interested.
    There was a psychological study done many years ago which had proved that Black people were the most easily influenced when it came to the media...At the time I was upset reading it but now I fully understand what it meant that is where we get our useless negative, culture from, in-fact there was a book written concerning the subject called "psychology and television"...
    Anyone teaching their daughter that professional men will not want them should take some parenting classes, this is a mild form of psychological abuse, I could never see myself being cruel enough to bring my daughters up thinking, no decent man will want them, a parent should teach their child that they deserve the best and must be the best they can to deserve it.
    And we as blacks must learn to disregard what we see in the media, the TV is the most dangerous weapon ever built, it can affect the mind and manipulate people to behave and think a certain way, it can and is often used in Social Engineering...It is starting to sound like there is a drive to keep professional black people from marrying each other.
    There is a you tube documentary that explains the black community has been used and manipulated
    at every step of the way since the Civil Rights, I will look for it and post the link, it is very informative but disturbing...The reason for most of the madness in our community is that we western blacks do not have a proper, deep rooted culture to give our people direction and guidelines to follow, so we do anything and everything at the same time we look like lost sheep, the fact that we take advice from the TV concerning our own people says it all...
    Professional black men and professional back women are supposed to be the ideal match, however they are the least likely to date each other, there is something wrong here!
    Absolutely, couldn't have said it better myself!!



    Its about the mental enslavement of African people in America Europe Africa and the rest of the world. Remember whites still control the media school and etc.They push their anti African and pro western/white European message on us daily.We are still at war with them and it will come a time when whites and Arabs if they aren't all ready team up against African people.That's why they fight against us having knowledge of self because we have that then we can't be mentally enslaved by them anymore.


    Why are Black folks asking these same silly questions about what should we do when Blueprint for Black Power by Dr. Amos Wilson has written in 1998? Read first, then ask questions. It's a 900 page plan that addresses, in a very real and practical manner beyond anything the NOI has ever offered. That's just the most detailed plan. Powernomics by Claude Anderson is another powerful plan. We have plans. We just need workers.


    Knoxxie wrote:

    See, it's real easy to sit on the Internet and play tough guy. But, I'm not impressed with your pseudo knowledge, or your wannabe gangsta act. You do not hold the authority on BLACKNESS. Brotha PLEASE!!!
    Nobody is playing gangster here....been there done that years ago,
    I grew up in BIRMINGHAM, HANDSWORTH which was originally an all black ghetto, google handsworth riots or burger bar boys or johnson crew birmingham, then you will understand a little about my former mentality and background, I have to stop there.

    I have never needed to play a tough guy, being born and raised in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in England gaves me that personna naturaly, but I lifted myself up and changed my life, now I help others who grew up like me or are still in that lifestyle.

    So do not try to match me for mental strength MY SUBURBIAN SISTER, you have been spoon fed compared to me, I am coming from a lot lower down than you are and had to deal with a hell of a lot more than you did, growing up whithin gangs in the hood, so I have picked up more character and mind strenghening experiences than you have on the way up to reach where I am now, a good neighbourhood, studying for a masters degree at a good university,(comprehend).

    What I have seen with my own eyes or done in my younger days you could not stomach, not with your feeble suburbian mindset.

    I have no interest in Impressing you whatsoever (already have a strong black women by my side of 9yrs and two daughters thanks) and if you have seen my post you will notice I am not here to make friends, but wake-up the lazy white worshipping black man who will fight tooth and nail to protect the white system that has been proven time and time again to work against people of colour but won't even fart on his own people.

    If you are down with black nationalism and black business improvement then we are on the same side.

    But I have noticed whenever I come onto a site that is supposed to be about blacks standing on their own two feet, I get more fight from black people stating we cannot do it, when we did it many times before in the past, even here in England we have Areas in London that are controlled totally by Africans.

    What is wrong with some of you American blacks, when did you blacks get so weak minded and feeble, the system has turned your race upside down for 500 years some of you are still fighting for the system and all most of you want is a job and a car!!!

    As for pseudo knowledge, that is all you will get, as I'm not wasting my time posting real detailed knowledge concerning systemaical corruption and institutionalised racism, also governmental corruption and cover-ups concerning black and so on as when I have done in the past the post is deleted by the moderators.
    This forum is really a joke and must not be taken too seriously.

    -The Revolutionist


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    In the white community, the father, after a divorce is granted visiting rights and pays child maintenance so has a relationship with his children and is still very much a part of their life most of the time, so he can offer at least some level of teaching and protection to his children.
    This isn't really true, Rev. I grew up with a LOT of white kids who didn't have their dads around - some didn't even know their real fathers - and their mothers were dependent on the Social because their fathers were either untraceable, or just outright refused to pay maintenance. This was why the CSA was introduced, mostly for the benefit of the white single mothers, rather than black ones. I hear what you're saying though.




    This video is controversial and you don't have to agree with all of it. I agree with its major point that the establishment does want the black family to be destroyed basically long term. We should be careful and not take the bait from sellouts or racists (and we should respect and promote the black family). I don't believe in hating anyone of any ethnicity (for a human being is a human being), but it's fine to promote the interests of black people.

    By Timothy


    menessa wrote:

    Yes and they hate bm who love bw as I know this loving black couple as the man would pick up his wife everyday, bring her lunch, etc. Well who else other than a ww made a comment about how they seem to be happy and wonder if it was fake. It wasn't long before she started trying to hit on the bm. This was a REAL BM, the type that I love and he turn her ass down and she became bitter against his wife.
    THese women think all races of men should want them first and other races should get what the ww don't want. Damn why are bm so blindsided by ww?
    My husband and father (I know other BM like this as well) were/are the same way. my parents took a trip to Israel...they always be and walk together. These white women tried desperately to separate them while they were on that trip ...but got embarressed because my father ignored them. I could tell many more stories like this about my late husband and father.



    BLACK PEOPLE where born leaders. No one is suppose to rule over blacks period. As long as people are ruling over us, many of us will be miserable. It does not make sense for a group to rule over another group anyway.


    I love the way they try to compare us to the Nazis, LMBAO!!! I have yet to see a black person calling for any races to be exterminated, yet just because we want our people to love themselves and not idolise whites (or anyone else for that matter), we are now racist? Lol, just because we don't want our race to be bred out, we suddenly hate mixed people? I have nothing against Biracial people, I just don't want to see my own race being pushed aside in favour of a new race created to be used against us. They really make me laugh.

    Why do people always use the "Africa" argument when we talk about this? So it's OK for blacks to be systematically bred out of Western countries because "there will always be blacks in Africa." Look, African-Americans and British Caribbeans have formed our own culture, which is unique to us, and I happen to love my culture, why should I want to see it being diluted down just because, oh, well, there are still blacks in Africa?? So my ancestors went through absolute hell, for what, exactly? For us to breed ourselves, and our culture away, and become white? I think not!!

    -TruthbknownLDN (A Sister from the UK)


    C/S...You should never have to change your appearance (if you are happy with yourself) just to attract a partner, the person with you should accept you for who you are MORE than what you look like, or it will be a very superficial relationship that is doomed from the start...Black folks, or shall I say westernised black people (in general) seem to place far too much emphasis on the physical when it comes to finding partners, more than any other race, and that goes for men and women...

    That is why too many of our sisters end up with bad boys and our brothers chase certain women who have big booty, neither of these relationships usually stand the test of time, they are doomed from the start, relationships that are heavily centred on the physical, are a waste of time and never last.
    In many other cultures, there are requirements that people have to meet to attract a partner, but looks are usually way down the list, looks are considered a bonus rather than a standard.

    You should always be yourself; when you meet someone, they will be better able to asses more accurately, whether you are the right person for them or not, if you are pretending to be a bad-boy who oozes confidence, when actually you are not, it will be revealed at some point in the relationship, or you will go crazy trying to keep up the facade.
    I believe black people are hooking up with the wrong partners, that is why so many of our relationships fall apart quickly.

    I mostly agree with you here, we should start teaching our children many things from an early age, though I think there are many things that obviously need to wait until the child gets to an age where they can comprehend what is being said to them, for instance, i would have a hard job explaining boys to my six year old daughter, the other day my daughter came home and said she hates boys because they are noisy and break things, I wasn't sure what to say to her about boys and made a joke about her screaming in the garden.

    knowing what to teach a child and when seems to be a skill that we have yet to master as a people because our children are in the worse state they have ever been in throughout history, when a young boy is saying he wants to be a "rapper" when he grows up, then a major cultural overhaul is needed ASAP.

    -The Revolutionist


    And you want to focus on individual whites and I don't-- I focus on the system which gives the green card to allow a senseless death like Oscar Grant to happen.
    Look up cases like Oscars and you will see the same thing amongst them--black men & some Latinas amongst the unlucky. How in this country with majority whites is that possible? How? Now according to my brother in law he gets whites all day/night who act an absolute fool over a speeding ticket but a black man in handcuffs loses his life? You are a fool Kip.(There is a book you probably won't read but I'll put it up - it's by Michelle Alexander- you may have heard of her but it's call The New Jim Crow--maybe that will drive the point home for you). You need to quit making excuses and quit the transfererence of rage from whites onto blacks.Time out for that--You are intelligent enough to talk about solutions and quit getting angry and the blacks who are talking about solutions.And dating/marrying another race is not a solution. Like it or not.It may be convenient but it's not a solution and I agree with you - it is silly.




    kemi8 wrote:

    I totally agree, it was a common stereotype that intelligent, educated men only went for white women and it was something I heard when I was growing up. Because of this a lot of women don't even consider educated men as an option because we've always been told that they are only interested in white women and not in black women. Which is why the thugs come in and take advantage of this misunderstanding...


    2 months ago
    if your a good man, please stay that way. THERE IS a good women out there for you. stay cool :-)


    once apon a child 9:25 am - Sep 25, '10

    chelsea is an

    chelsea is an undercover-racist straight up, that's my opinion....she's the new 2010 model, tho. she knows that, to alienate us completely would be damaging to the #'s....instead, she let's rappers and other unsuspecting (won't call anyone "dumb") brothers feel like they take part in her jokes somehow, but i agree with an earlier post that some just don't realize that they are being laughed AT not WITH. if you notice, she stays completely away from black female stars with her "off-color-humor." she stays on our men because.....well, let's face it, sometimes they are suckers for white girls.....not all, ya'll know.....and some are just glad to hear their name anywhere. carlos mencia tried it (making black folks the butt of every damn joke) with his show/material and got away with it for a while until people stopped laughing........BUT, he ain't a white girl.............just sayin

    Blacqberry 10/16/10, 05:35:PM
    I co sign 100%. I used to watch her show, but I noticed when she had black comedians on her show the jokes would get really mean-spirited and even downright hateful – especially when it came to black women. She was really easy on all other races.


    crammasters Jun. 30th, 2010 at 10:31 pm
    @ MisterUnderstood425
    unfortunately, brother, some black folk have elevated these black entertainers into gods, and the racist media KNOWS this because they have created EVERY BLACK ROLE MODEL we have from the pimp house, preacher house, all the way to the White House. We got to recognize that FACT, that whoever pays the cost is most certainly THE BOSS
    don’t underestimate the programming that takes place over a 20 to 45 year period (the average ages of the folk who come to this site). Most black folks were raised with a TV blaring at least 8 hours a day. Many of us have set our personal values and standards by what we see on TV.

    who is pretty, who is not. Who is sexy, who is not. What is the best alcoholic drink, car, clothing, luggage, jewelry, hell, where did we learn it? From our paycheck to paycheck parents? From our neighbors? From our rich relatives? Or from the TV set?
    Some black folks will admire ANYONE with money and fame, because we have been hypnotized by it, and don’t even recognize anybody as a so-called “role model” unless they have it

    brother, I know GROWN FOLKS who should know better who get MAD if you criticize Oprah, or some other black “entertainer”, who defended R. Kelly for messing with underage girls because they “like his music.” who swore up and down that a rich BM ballplayer wouldn’t rape anybody, who will defend a rich black entertainer just because they are rich AND black… what can they be teaching their kids?

    we got young folks (and not so young folk) running around with pants hanging off the a___ (cause they saw a rich rapper doing it), or walking around with blond, red, orange, and mutlicolored hair weaves that cannot be found in nature (cause they saw a famous BW wearing it), or putting tattoos all over their bodies, forgetting that they can’t get a job with a big a___ tattoo on their forehead (cause they saw a rich BM doing it), or wearing two big fake ice cubes, one in each ear, like a FEMALE (cause they saw a BM pro baller doing it)

    look at the movies, and TV shows, and buffoon-medies, and Def Comedy Jam, and the rap videos and rap songs that DEGRADE black people, and how popular they are, and it is hard to make the case that most of us understand that we are being poisoned…

    I am relieved there are BM like u who do understand and see through the hype and madness, but my position is the battle must be waged continuously — take NOTHING for granted — and keep spreading the message of BLACK SELF-RESPECT,

    or accept the certain reality that we will lose the war AND possibly the next black generation…

    please excuse the long post


    Revolutionist, you have to understand that Blacks like Knoxxie have lived in an integrated country their entire lives, they've become so used to buying from Whites and other races that buying from Black businesses is alien to them.

    I call this DND(Dissociative Negro Disorder). DND is a psychological ailment characterized by a resistance to buying from and unifying with your own people. Blacks from all walks of life suffer from DND, but the Blacks who are most likely to suffer from this condition are token Blacks who spend too much time working around Whites.

    Due to the extensive amount of time that they spend around Whites, token Blacks begin to "disassociate" from their own people and cultural identity. Blacks who suffer from DND my subconsciously think they are White; these Blacks may also hold their fellow Blacks in contempt because when they see other Blacks, these Blacks are a reflection of themselves and since they hate themselves they associate their hate with other Blacks.

    Blacks who suffer from Dissociative Negro Disorder are often involved in Interracial relationships, and they will also be hesitant to shop from Black businesses or do anything which contributes to Black unity, in fact, Blacks who suffer from DND may attempt to tear down any attempts at Black unity.

    All Blacks who spend too much time around Whites are at risk of developing DND, there are currently no medications which can assist in treating this disorder.



    CaliFemme23Oct. 23rd, 2010
    at 1:23 pm

    Crammasters, Brother you have done it again on these blogs. You should have posted days ago to shut this one DOWN as well…you know how YOU do it….lol
    It’s funny though, I see BM especially putting BW down for other races, (namely whites), BUT you NEVER see whites do that to themselves. You NEVER see whites come in these forums and defend or stand together with the blacks that beat up each other for whites…
    Blacks won’t discount this madness and finger pointing as if these videos represent each and every one of us, but, I notice the few whites that have commented simply say…”This is stupid” and they move on….lol. That is quite funny to me….


    @ Nikchocolate

    Sis, it seems BM are proud of airing BW’s “dirty laundry” and BW are almost as proud to air BM’s and their own.

    the reason i say “almost” is I don’t see BW doing it as much as we do — but to make up for that, racist white Hollywood and the showcase negroes (Tyler Perry and Oprah) who pander to negative black stereotypes will produce YET another movie bashing us BM—-
    For Colored Girls

    check it, white Hollywood SELDOM promote anything that shows BM and BW having loving relationships, so this new Tyler Perry flick (which i will not be seeing) will bash BM again by showing us in the worst possible light

    and BM will get mad at BW (even though a BW did not make this flick) for showing another negative stereotype of BM to the world — and they will win another battle in dividing and conquering the BM and BW.
    how many BM will watch “For Colored Girls” and say “Hey, it makes BM look bad but there’s some truth to that movie” ? bet u the SAME BM who praised this video because it had “some truth” will be up in arms about that movie…

    why are we so EAGER to bash each other PUBLICLY? all races have relationship and marriage problems — big time — but they don’t go out of their way to tell black folks how fugged up they are….

    it’s a strange mentality we have — when we should be standing up and saying “If you put BW down, you put ME (BM) down because I CAME FROM A BW. And if they put us (BM) down, BW should stand up and say, “if you put BM down, you put ME down because I CAME FROM A BM.

    Understanding our HISTORY, means we’d see that the same forces that destroyed the SLAVE FAMILY are still attacking our families and relationships today.

    Think of how POWERFUL BLACK UNITY would be if we started standing up for each other. The next thing you know, we’d start LIKING each other again. And then something really radical would happen
    we’d start loving each other again, like we did before we lied eyes on the first Europeans…


    I don't agree with Kashta bashing AAW, but these words here are pretty much accurate.

    By Timothy

    What happen didn't happen 400 years ago, it lasted for 400 years. My mother grew up in segregation. I am 1 generation removed. Blacks have always been successful in america regardless of racism. I'm not blaming, I'm pointing out facts. Research black wall street in Oklahoma that whites destroyed. What about the black leaders in Africa that were assassinated. Whites falsely believe that blacks have never tried to play by the rules, and yet, have systematically been undermined.

    There are more than three times as many black men (aged 18-24) in college than there are in jail. Meaning the statistics you quote are twisted, because the jail census is counting black men from the young to the elderly. Don't confuse rate, proportional percentage and total number. There are still more white men in prison than black, because whites are the majority ethnic group. There are many other factors I could GO IN about! Do you want more?!


    People still choose their jobs before justice. And if we're simply "enjoying" our rights and not putting our jobs on the line for justice still not won; we don't deserve them.

    Chelsea Handler's crude, racist, shrill, mean-spirited, and NOT funny routine had me cringing from start to finish. Her jokes were flat, unoriginal, and had no relevance at all--Mel Gibson? Kicks in the groin? Tossing around "balls" and "vagina" as if the mere utterance would have everyone screaming with laughter? Tired references to drug abuse? This was supposed to be funny? She was the most low-brow and obnoxious host I've ever seen .


    thetimekeeper 3 months ago

    I agree with you, Skegeeace, even though she is old, Joan Rivers would put most of these hosts to shame. Lisa, you also have a very vlaid point. Black people have never been in a position of domination and/or authority which changes the whole dynamic of these jokes. I believe MTV knew exatcly what they were getting when they hired Chelsea Handler, although being a gentleman, I wont say what that is.



  • This complacency is still existent... our priorities have become strikingly more materialistic as our sensitivity to racial animosity and ignorance as it concerns minority ethnic group's problems has dampened.

  • One of the greatest of all time. for him we now have rights and i I myself will make sure that i utilized them to the fullest.

  • Barros Serrano wrote:

    I am supporting science, no discrediting it. "white skin is sensitive to uV rays"? So is all skin. Lighter skin moreso.
    So what is your point? Fact is, black people get skin cancer.
    My point is this, us addressing the facts between skin color and UV rays isn't racist nor Afrocentric. You seem to get all defensive when we bring this subject up. UV rays, skin color and Melanin all happen to go hand in hand. No one is going to sugar coat because you can't handle the facts. As I said, Dark skin is a defense mechanism for direct DNA damage from UV rays which are potentially dangerous to human skin. Therefore the odds of BLACK PEOPLE getting skin cancer is very slim. It wouldn't make sense for humans to originate in Africa just to drop dead from the Sun.



    blackawakening wrote: x.php
    "I have to disagree, albeit respectfully. I personally do not believe you can call yourself a true advocate for the plight of your people while you are busy mixing and marrying with the race of people who have sought to oppress you or with races who are exploiting you.
    Am I saying that there are no "good" people of other races? Not at all! I have many friends of different races---as a matter of fact, most of my best friends are not even black people. But that does not mean that I need to mix and marry with them and have children? How can I advocate "black power", how can I advocate the upliftment of my people, how can I advocate the construction of a strong black community when I have a white woman on my arm? Its sort of hypocritical. If you want to marry a white woman, fine, but when you try to tell black people about uplifitng themselves they will refuse to hear you.
    Admixture is a tricky thing. Amongst African-Americans, most of us have some white admixture. But because of our dominant genes (and the fact that admixture was not as crazy as it was in, say, Brazil) most of us retain our features. But our appearance and physical features---aren't these inherently apart of our identity, who we are as black people? I mean, our skin color and facial features and hair textures...these are the very emblems of blackness that serve as scarlet letters in the eyes of our white oppressors. We do not necessarily need to adhere to the white definition of "black" but we should accept those who have noticeable strains of non-black admixture...not simply because it is most of us, because it is largely weak. But I will continue to say, is it really reasonable to consider Malcolm Gladwell and Eddie Murphy as apart of the same race? After all Malcolm Gladwell has a bit of black admixture but with his hair cut short he can pass for white easily. Eddie Murphy...his blackness is undeniable. Deciding these lines will always be a tricky and difficult endeavor, but we must stress that a certain exclusivity must come with blackness. Notice how whites, Asians, Hispanics...everyone practices a form of exclusivity to solidify their ethnic and racial solidarity. But with us blacks, its just whatever...we refuse to draw lines. If you have one drop, you're in. We must draw lines to firmly establish our race.
    I mean, if one can have blonde hair, blue eyes, a straight nose, and otherwise Nordic features...but because their great-great-great grandfather was black then they are one of us---that says a lot about our lack of boundaries and henceforth lack of solidarity.
    It is just my own opinion.
    Great Post!!

    I'll check on that site bro, and hopefully you and other brothers and sisters will come to the site i'm building, which will be ready soon....;)



    "To get away from this colonial racist system america, the black community needs to decolonize" So true! The world needs to decolonize and we need to over through the economic system that requires empirialism and colonization.
    -aotearoastu 1 year ago 3 aotearoastu 1 year ago 3


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    It is important that we teach our daughters to stay away from destructive men who clearly have no future and want to play the field, also those of us with sons must not encourage our sons to be players, we should forbid our children from gravitating towards such destructive nonsense, and if they fail to listen there should be consequences.
    All this has to be drummed into them from their early teens before they start to rebel, once they get over the rebellious stage and reach their early twenties, your teachings should start to kick in!
    We must teach them what is negative and positive concerning our so-called culture, and that there is more to being black than wearing bling and owning a fat ride, these things are worthless.
    We clearly need a culture change, as the one we have now is actually destroying anything good those blacks of the past fought for, in-fact I actually struggle to find anything good in popular black culture these days, in-fact we have a back to front culture...If you look at it carefully, you will see that whatever is bad is classed as good in our culture and whatever is good is bad...Even the word bad means good in black culture, that says it all...
    It may be too late for the adults to change, but we can make a difference for our children, we need to break the cycle of poverty and uselessness and teach our children to love each other...The culture of being a player, gangster or a b___ must stop as it is an evil culture, it hasn't made blacks look smart at all.
    I for one will be sending my children to the best schools, and have bank accounts ready for my kids education, i am currently studying a Masters Degree so will definitely be using this fact as a motivator for them to go into higher education...Even if I am not with the mother when they get older, I will still be influencing my daughters on many issues especially what men they date, and will vet their boyfriends... If they fail to take my advise they can't come running to daddy when things screw-up...Tough love...This is what we need to start doing to these kids before it is too late and we get another flop generation of blacks!


    Don't you see they are both one and the same? Women wants equal voice in the decision making process, so that when she cedes to her husband she knows he is going to make the best decision based on her input and his own beliefs. She wants him to lead. She wants his to be the final decision, but she wants to know that she has been heard.

    Baracks is the final voice in his relationship and his home. Long before he became the president he discussed everything with Michelle. He wanted to hear what she thought and what she had to say, then it was left to him to decide what they were going to do. He was the leader and where he lead she joyfully and trustingly followed him. She helped him to realize his visions and dreams. She was not happy about his decision to run for the Presidency, but he decided it was what was best and she followed because he had conviction and a plan. He does not fear her input or intelligence. He expected it and welcomes it.

    He is a man that is comfortable in his manhood and knows his value and strengths. A man that wanted the same qualities in his wife and never feels he is in competition with her because she has an opinion. He knows whatever decision he makes she will back his play.


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    I hear you sis, Our culture is partly to blame, which is built off what we see on TV, I had no idea sisters were being taught professional black men do not want them and find that ludicrous.
    It is time that our people stop listening to the media and following what is on TV, it is a well known fact that the TV, exaggerates everything deliberately, and this is to keep the viewers interested.
    There was a psychological study done many years ago which had proved that Black people were the most easily influenced when it came to the media...At the time I was upset reading it but now I fully understand what it meant that is where we get our useless negative, culture from, in-fact there was a book written concerning the subject called "psychology and television"...
    Anyone teaching their daughter that professional men will not want them should take some parenting classes, this is a mild form of psychological abuse, I could never see myself being cruel enough to bring my daughters up thinking, no decent man will want them, a parent should teach their child that they deserve the best and must be the best they can to deserve it.
    And we as blacks must learn to disregard what we see in the media, the TV is the most dangerous weapon ever built, it can affect the mind and manipulate people to behave and think a certain way, it can and is often used in Social Engineering...It is starting to sound like there is a drive to keep professional black people from marrying each other.
    There is a you tube documentary that explains the black community has been used and manipulated
    at every step of the way since the Civil Rights, I will look for it and post the link, it is very informative but disturbing...The reason for most of the madness in our community is that we western blacks do not have a proper, deep rooted culture to give our people direction and guidelines to follow, so we do anything and everything at the same time we look like lost sheep, the fact that we take advice from the TV concerning our own people says it all...
    Professional black men and professional back women are supposed to be the ideal match, however they are the least likely to date each other, there is something wrong here!

    I see this everyday. I work with elementary kids. I ask them, what do you want to do when you get older?

    Of course a few of them say, I want to go to college. But, they are the kids that have parental involvement.

    The others will say, I want to be a rapper, a football player. These are the kids that literally fail everything and their report cards come back signed with no note asking to speak to the teacher or anything. The teacher will request a conference, and they don't even show up.

    These are the same kids that will do the "jerk" the "dougie" and chant rap songs all day...But they can barely read or do math.These kids are being brainwashed by the media.

    I try my best to get through to these kids because I know how they will be when they get older. But, these kids need their parents. The tv is raising them.

    I saw a parent pull up in his Lexus with huge rims, music blasting, smoking a black-n-mild with his pants sagging...I just shook my head...

    -What (from Richmond, VA)


    The Revolutionist wrote:

    Excellent discovery....We have a black owned shopping channel, DAMN!!!
    I wonder what other treasures we have hidden around the world that we are being told we are not capable of setting up and running.
    It goes to show that all the seeds of self sufficiency are already there they just need to be aware of each others existence and black nationalism maybe even closer than we think.
    These House negroes knocking about here denying that we even have businesses, what fools they are who are also completely afraid to let go of the white mans apron strings as they feel weak and hopless themselves, but we are not proposing that blacks should move into the hills and live off the land far away from whites.
    just that we are able to stand on our own two feet if the white man turned against us.
    I will be making my donations to the black organisation myself soon and will keep patronizing them as long as I can.
    WOW!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much they hide from us!



    kemi8 wrote:

    Yes, lets! Lets all become immoral, deceitful, materialistic with no regard for the welfare of others and the rules of the law. Thats the BEST way to rebuild the black community.
    Good wholesome family values! make it SO easy.
    Lay the wood to that rascal. Machiavelli is seen by many to be satan incarnate.

    People yap about Willie Lynch teaching slave masters how to subdue slaves. That is the biggest lie of the 20th century. Every since America was discovered or colonized, Machiavelli was the bases of everything from politics, military strategy, foreign or domestic policy and the treatment of slaves.

    Today, america still use Machiavellian ideology.. We can see it in the Iraq-s war. Machiavelli said one must eliminate the leaders in case the people become disenchanted, they can not go back to the old administration. We killed Saddam, his sons and anyone in authority.

    Hmmmm sounds familiar? Kennedy's, Malcolm and Martin, huh?

    You're 100% correct.



    This needs to get out to as many people as possible. Not once has Farra-Con put Obama in check for making disrespectful statement towards the black community. He was just in Ghana, and he ask Africa to give up its resources for a interconnected world. Obama also said that Africa should stop blaming the west for colonialism. Not once has Farra-Con said anything to this trader about this.

    Kashta_Bureh wrote:

    Knowledge, these are the type of Black men who are the greatest threat to the White man's system. It isn't the thugs, gangsters, or drug dealers that the White man fears, because he knows these men are destructive to our community and will drive it into the ground.
    The White man's greatest nightmare are men like Isadore Banks and Frank Morris. Isadore Banks was buying up land in Arkansas and land ownership = power and on top of that, he was employing other Blacks and providing services to his community like electricity.
    To the White man, men like Banks are a great threat, because men like this can uplift our people and overthrow White supremacy. The White man doesn't care about the ballers and thugs, because he knows they are too stupid to pose a threat to him. But he does not want good Black men with Black women so he uses his BET, VH1, and MTV to shove Nelly, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne down the throats of these young Black women while Black men like Frank Morris and Isadore Banks are de-emphasized.
    I'm already writing one book for the Black community, and I think I could write a second one just based on the dynamic between Black men and women and why these Black women take bad Black men over the good ones. I think I can write a 200 page book on this one idea, and this is totally different from the book I'm currently writing.

    Note by Me: I don't agree with Kastha bashing of AAW, but he's right on most of the previous post (except for the lie of BW mostly going out with bad BM). Everyone knows that a savage or a thug is not real threat to the white supremacist system. The white supremacists laugh at them since they make them money from them (or the nihilists) promoting poison against their own race. The establisment hates a BM and a BW doing the right thing and contributing to their community in real ways of social uplift.

    By Timothy


    Kashta_Bureh wrote:

    Can you believe the Anderson couple has actually received death threats because of their decision to buy from only Black businesses? Can you believe that? The wife said before her church at the end of the video that they've received hate mail and threats because of this.
    This just goes to show all these house negroes here on Topix that nothing has changed between Blacks and Whites, they are happy to be "integrated" with us now because they get the $1 trillion per year the Black community generates and if Blacks start buying from each other Whites and other races will lose billions.
    I was suspicious when I first saw this couple being featured on MSNBC because I know the Whites and Jews own this television network and they don't want Black unity, but near the end of the video it all made since, they basically put them on TV so that they could turn around and accuse them of racism.
    Nothing scares the White man more than Blacks being unified, he loves it when we kill and fight each other, but he gets scared as sh*t the moment Black folks try to break their dependency on him.
    C/S 100%

    A racist white man on this very site has already admitted to me that the biggest fear whites have is black social mobility!!!...This explains why white people will come on a site such as this and discourage us from supporting each other, however it makes me even more determined to achieve this, the same whites will then turn around and call us useless negroes who cannot achieve anything, and some black fools join in with them.

    Throughout history they have destroyed all black attempts to become socially mobile and even discredit or kill our leaders who dared suggest we do such a thing, remember what the KKK did to TULSA a shinning example of black Nationalism?
    They are aware that we excell very fast as a people if they step aside.

    Do you know we have gone from lynchings in 1981 to the presidency in 2009?....Barely thirty years, we are a potential threat to white supremacy and that is why the Institutionalised racism was set up in the first place if you study the history of it, even the KKK was set up to stop blacks from taking over the South and again after world war one to control the numbers of blacks in the country, but I see there are some boot licking, tap dancing house negroes here who fail to understand these things and side with racists while the racists turn around laughing at them.

    -The Revolutionist


    Rich Girl wrote:
    Black Women are not going extinct and never will. We need to get together as a people and deal with the issues instead of runnning to other races.
    C/S. IF we could come together and stop pointing the finger at everyone else but ourselves we may come to an understanding. It is a perpetrating cycle that affects everyone because we refuse to take responsibility for our actions.

    It is easy for BM to say that BW are the root of all problems in the black community.

    It is also easy for BW to say that BM are the root of all problems in the black community.

    This solves nothing. We are too busy blaming and not solving.

    BM and BW need to come together to come up with progressive and realistic solutions to help our community.

    We need our own businesses to employ our people.

    I am quoting this off the top of my head but I believe it
    1 in every 10 asians owns a business. 1 in every 20 white people owns a business. 1 in every 34 hispanics own a business. 1 in every 101 black person owns a business!!

    If we can get our unemployment rate down and encourage education, less of our people have to resort to gang banging and dealing to stay alive. These gang bangers raise kids that grow up in this environment and some don't break the cycle. It just repeats itself.

    WE need more positive role models for our children. When 3rd graders are chanting the lyrics to young jeezy instead of learning their multiplication tables it is easy to blame the kid. But where are they learning this from? Thier parents! They are allowing the media to unconsciously brainwash them into thinking this is acceptable behavior.

    I could go on and on, but I'm going to end this here. I'm hungry lol.

    -What (from Richmond, VA)


    crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
    at 1:20 pm

    @ _A_
    I want to add one more black bone to the white soup regarding black reparations….

    If the JEWS can get reparations for 12 years, the descendants of slavery DESERVE reparations for 400 YEARS. And let’s not forget that MY TAX DOLLARS, and my parents and grandparents tax dollars went to pay for the reparations of Jews and the Japanese. Hell, my folks didn’t have anything to do with putting Jews and Japanese into concentration camps BUT BLACK folks still had to pay, right?

    So what if some Africans participated in the slave trade? Slavery didn’t make Africa one of the richest nations on earth BUT it certainly made Europe AND America super rich. In fact, neither nation would be as powerful right now, had it NOT been for the slave labor of MILLIONS of enslaved AFRICANS…

    AIG, Aetna, Lloyd’s of London, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, are just a FEW of the huge corporations that STILL exist to this day — benefited from slavery.

    Now name me ONE African multi-national corporation that benefited from slavery OR one corporation owned by black Africans that began during slavery and is STILL STANDING…

    There were Jews who profited from the Holocaust, but do the Jews bring that up and say, “hey, since some Jews did the wrong thing, let the Nazis off the hook?”

    Don’t fall for the hype of these black lackeys, like Harvard Professor Gates, who is paid to do his white masters’ dirty work. Funny thing, for all the loyalty he has shown them over the years, if I remember correctly, the police handcuffed you like a common criminal, didn’t they, Professor Gates?


    "...The social philosophy of black nationalism only means that we have to get together and remove the evils, the vices, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other evils that are destroying the moral fiber of our community. We our selves have to lift the level of our community, the standard of our community to a higher level, make our own society beautiful so that we will be satisfied in our own social circles and won't be running around here trying to knock our way into a social circle where we're not wanted.

    So I say, in spreading a gospel such as black nationalism, it is not designed to make the black man re-evaluate the white man -- you know him already -- but to make the black man re-evaluate himself. Don't change the white man's mind -- you can't change his mind, and that whole thing about appealing to the moral conscience of America -- America's conscience is bankrupt. She lost all conscience a long time ago. Uncle Sam has no conscience.

    They don't know what morals are. They don't try and eliminate an evil because it's evil, or because it's illegal, or because it's immoral; they eliminate it only when it threatens their existence. So you're wasting your time appealing to the moral conscience of a bankrupt man like Uncle Sam. If he had a conscience, he'd straighten this thing out with no more pressure being put upon him. So it is not necessary to change the white man's mind.

    We have to change our own mind. You can't change his mind about us. We've got to change our own minds about each other. We have to see each other with new eyes. We have to see each other as brothers and sisters. We have to come together with warmth so we can develop unity and harmony that's necessary to get this problem solved ourselves. How can we do this? How can we avoid jealousy? How can we avoid the suspicion and the divisions that exist in the community? I'll tell you how..... Join any organization that has a gospel that's for the uplift of the black man. And when you get into it and see them pussyfooting or compromising, pull out of it because that's not black nationalism. We'll find another one.
    And in this manner, the organizations will increase in number and in quantity and in quality, and by August, it is then our intention to have a black nationalist convention which will consist of delegates from all over the country who are interested in the political, economic and social philosophy of black nationalism. After these delegates convene, we will hold a seminar; we will hold discussions; we will listen to everyone. We want to hear new ideas and new solutions and new answers. And at that time, if we see fit then to form a black nationalist party, we'll form a black nationalist party...Let me explain what I mean. A segregated district or community is a community in which people live, but outsiders control the politics and the economy of that community. They never refer to the white section as a segregated community. It's the all-Negro section that's a segregated community. Why? The white man controls his own school, his own bank, his own economy, his own politics, his own everything, his own community; but he also controls yours. When you're under someone else's control, you're segregated. They'll always give you the lowest or the worst that there is to offer, but it doesn't mean you're segregated just because you have your own. You've got to control your own. Just like the white man has control of his, you need to control yours..."

    -Malcolm X


    TruthbknownLDN wrote:

    Hi Rev. Just want to ask your opinion on something a friend and I were discussing the other day. We were talking about the very topic of this thread, essentially, and why so many blacks are reluctant to support black businesses, or even donate blood. Anyway, my friend said that the biggest mistake West Indians made, when we came to this country, was that we integrated into British society too quickly, too busy trying to be accepted, and now we are paying the price. I happen to agree, and think we should have done as the Indians and Asians did. What do you think? Do you believe we would be in a better position now had we kept ourselves to ourselves?
    Hi sis, you are partialy right with this one, we as black people did integrate with white folks fairly quick and fought for integration as soon as we got off the windrush in 1948 after the second world war.

    The thing is we didn't have anything else in place to aid us as we had practically no money and barely anywhere to live when we first arrived here, there was plenty demenial work available but our grandparents first clashed with the natives over accommodation which lasted pretty much for the next twenty years and we ended up living bunched together in innercity areas like London,Birmingham, Manchester and liverpool.

    We were largely excluded from much of the social and economic life around us, this was our best oportunity for Black nationalism in Britain, However we began to fight for integration just like the blacks did in America (oportunity missed).

    We did bring with us some institutions of our own though like our style of churches, and a co-operative method of saving called the 'pardner' system, But At the same time, we began to participate in institutions to which we did have access, e.g: trade unions, local councils, and professional and staff associations rather than formulate our own, we fought to join in with white society at the detriment of our own.

    Every other race of people came here to formulate and advance their people, we as blacks always seem to be in a hurry to be integrated with whites and this always proves to be our down fall.

    Personally I think many of us blacks lack any self respect, self worth, self value and pride (we do not value anything from blacks)which clearly is a by-product of slavery as these were the very principles that were beaten out of us in slavery so we would accept our new position of being lower than pigs and horses.

    This beleif is passed from generation to generation via our silently destructive culture, which has destroyed our confidence as people and causes us to see ourselves as inferior to others subconciously.

    However, each and everyone can combat this way of thinking.
    We have to change the negative selfish way we think about ourselves and our people.
    We stop focusing on what is going wrong in our communities and focus on what is going right, celebrate good parenting, good black marriages or relationships, good black music, black business, celebrate our bright youths, encourage our youths to lust for education, celebrate black babies being born and so on. We focus on the negative, we will become more and more negative this is a natural phenomenon that we are a victim of.

    To see change we have to Revolutionise the way we think, because the way we think now is barely working wonders for us.

    Excellent discovery....We have a black owned shopping channel, D____!!!

    I wonder what other treasures we have hidden around the world that we are being told we are not capable of setting up and running.
    It goes to show that all the seeds of self sufficiency are already there they just need to be aware of each others existence and black nationalism maybe even closer than we think.

    These House negroes knocking about here denying that we even have businesses, what fools they are who are also completely afraid to let go of the white mans apron strings as they feel weak and hopless themselves, but we are not proposing that blacks should move into the hills and live off the land far away from whites.
    just that we are able to stand on our own two feet if the white man turned against us.

    I will be making my donations to the black organisation myself soon and will keep patronizing them as long as I can.

    -The Revolutionist


    crammastersMay. 1st, 2010
    at 7:30 pm
    @ _A_ who said,”Cram, you stated it correctly about this dime store psychological analysis, except I bought my dime in, and I need for him to give me my 8 cents in change.”

    LOL — I think he owes you 9 and a half cents…but I don’t want to talk about him behind his back, but then again, he won’t hear us, he only talks in 3rd person, to that imaginary support group…

    awww, come on XL-611, i’m just kidding, couldn’t resist, hope u have a sense of humor…moving on..
    _A_ said: “Whites do that today with the standard, “I had nothing to do with slavery” while they sit around enjoying all the spoils from it.”

    ABSOLUTELY. Neither Europe or America would have become super powers without 400 years of FREE SLAVE LABOR in America and the Caribbean, and this is not just my opinion, those who understand the reason for and the scope of slavery, will see that there would have been NO EXPANSION of European power, wealth, and influence without slavery.

    I suspect that the majority of whites trolling BP and other black websites have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in eliminating racism, discussing racism, or with creating a more just planet free of white racism.

    from what I see, they are here to work out their personal issues of hostility with black folks OR they are trolling for black d___ or p____…
    note that you never see them join in on serious discussions of any kind…why is that — if i’m wrong?


    I value education very much, and I believe alot of other blacks do too. I believe when a black man or woman gets an education they should still be themselves. Alot of black men and women who become wealthy and start to mingle with different nationalities such as white they somehow change. Meaning they start to sound like somebody they are not. Acting white to me means you are trying to sound and dress like someone you are not and that to me is becoming white washed. If you came from the hood and you are now wealthy why change yourself to fit in with a bunch of people who would care less about you if you weren't wealthy. Thats just my personal opinion.

    To me acting white means to completely forget were you come from. To leave your real friends and partner behind. To try and talk different to fit in. Dressing different to fit in. That is what is considered acting white to me. I have friends of different nationality but Im not trying to act or dress like them. I will never change myself to fit in with a group of people.


    Information from Refined:

    Mansa Equity Partners, Inc. draws its name from the medieval-era Moorish title “mansa” meaning “king of kings” or “emperor”. Mansa Kankou Musa – most widely known as Mansa Musa -- was the 10th Mansa of the Mali Empire during its zenith in the 14th century. He reigned from 1312 to 1337. Timbuktu, the empire’s commercial capital, dominated the gold and salt trade as the hub for the caravans which connected the Mediterranean economies north of the city with the rich gold and salt mines south of the city. Similarly, Timbuktu was the center of trade for silks and spices from Arabia and The East and for agricultural products from the Atlantic coastal regions from the west. To support the thriving commercial economy, Timbuktu became home to a well developed center for banking and trade finance with corresponding branches as far north as Al-Andaluz (Andalucia,Spain) and as far east as Cairo. Also well documented is Mansa Musa’s establishment of a great university and library at Sankore in Timbuktu. The university became the region’s primary center of learning for scholars of all faiths for more than a century. Mansa Musa is most remembered today for his opulent display of wealth and civility. On his famous journey to Arabia in 1324, he and his court flooded Cairo with so much gold that the gold market was depressed for ten years after his departure. Other records indicate that Mansa Musa commissioned a fleet of ships to explore the Great Sea to the West (the Atlantic). Artifacts found in Mexico, Panama and Colombia suggests that some of these ships found their way to the New World more than a century before Columbus. Since the middle ages, the name Mansa Musa and the city of Timbuktu have become synonymous with wealth, scholarship, faith and discovery.

    Mansa Equity Partners, Inc. was founded in 2004 by its Chairman and CEO Ruben Jose King-Shaw Jr., a dual citizen of the United States of America and the Republic of Panama. Since its founding, the firm has focused on the intersection of health care policy, clinical research, technological development and demographic trends to discover extraordinary investment opportunities in the healthcare industry. Like the man for whom the firm is named, Mansa Equity Partners, Inc, is committed to the cause of scholarship and economic development. Through its Corporate Affairs office, the firm funds community-based initiatives in education and healthcare throughout the world.

    An African emperor who ruled Mali in the 14th century discovered America nearly 200 years before Christopher Columbus, according to a book to be launched this month.

    Abubakari II ruled what was arguably the richest and largest empire on earth - covering nearly all of West Africa.

    There are probably more white scholars who say Africans where in The Americas before Columbus. Plus there is even more documentation by the Arabs. If you visit an Islam site, they even have timeline where it states West Africans traveled across the Atlantic ocean during the 13th Century.


    I'm not surprised. A few years ago two white Harvard history proffessors stated that most of the history books are wrong and that if the truth were to be told in the worlds history books in essence what you would have would be black history and everyone elses history would be nothing but a mere footnote compared to the history of the blacks. This came from two white Harvard history professors. They stated that the history books are corrupted and very exclusive when it comes to the truth of the accomplishments of the black race in the world.

    I'm sure this admission by these two white Harvard prof's pissed off quite a few people.



    @AishaSekhmet Word up...Im tired of people disrespecting MOTHER AFRICA...AFRICA ALL DAY BAY BAY!


    This post is directed to the man who posted the first post and all of the other poor souls that fed into it :)

    My heart breaks for so many of you that feel this way about black women. You have disrespected your mothers, sisters, grandmothers and so on. Please dont forget that until the day you yourelf are black. Dont make BLANKET statements abour BLACK WOMEN because all black women do not behave the way you described. I personally believe it goes back to upbringing. We must stop tearing each other down. There are other races of women: black, white etc. that behave this way.
    I am a successful, beautiful black woman. Told by many I resemble Halle Berry and Nia Long (just to give you a visual of my looks). I am married to a wonderful, successful black man. I encourage my husband, I am his biggest fan. I am happy, when I can make him smile. I dont fuss at my husband, I dont nag him....i love him with every grain of my soul. We are BFF's and our relationship is envied by others. It is all about finding your soul mate, but stop putting your race down, stop disrespecting the women in your family. Yes, there are women that behave the way you described, but NOT ALL. One day you may have a daughter, if you dont already, and she will have BLACK blood running through her veins....what will you tell her about this post when she reads your feelings about black women one day? You will be, in essence, speaking negatively about your own daughter. Telling her not to love herself, and to be ashamed that she is a black or partially black woman. She will not be able to disown that part of herself, and who says she will want to? I pity you.....

    -Beautiful Black Woman
    -beautiful black woman


    Anti-Chaos wrote:
    I co-sign, and wish that we would make it a new year resolution to stop bashing and start loving the other black person and getting this new year on the right foot ..lets look forward to the future and stop trying to take it away??
    Sounds like a greattttttttttttttttttttt resolution to me :)

    -Proud sis


    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted December 17, 2009


    ME: Life is about to get a lot ROUGHER for the black nation if we don't learn some lessons REAL QUICK.

    #1 -- a man who builds nothing in America, got nothing coming.

    #2 -- a man who doesn't take care of his OWN, gets no respect from his women OR the MEN who know what a real man is and what a real man does

    #3 -- a man who sleeps with the women of his oppressor, is his OWN worst enemy and perishes by his own hand (and foolishness).

    #4 -- a man who does not appreciate the ones who were there for him, will wake up one day and NO ONE WILL BE THERE in his time of need. In other words, we will reap what we have sown

    #5 -- any man who has to depend on ANOTHER MAN (or his enemy) for his basic needs will ALWAYS be oppressed and enslaved. (talking about JOBS, brother)

    #6 -- The Universe (God) don't play, and is keeping score of all the players. If BM does not love, and support the ONLY women who have been there for us for the LAST 500 YEARS, we will pay a heavy Karmic price, make no mistake about it.

    #7 -- the black woman is the black man's spiritual source and spiritual REDEMPTION and is necessary for the BM to keep himself from white oppression. The more the BM abandons the BW, the more bitter and dysfunctional she becomes, and the more black children are at risk. This is WHY the white system does its best to keep us divided and fighting each other -- so we will destroy each other.


    ME: It was white enslavement, white imperialism, white colonialism, that destroyed African unity in the first place. The 500 years plus agenda of the white supremacists is to finish off the job they started: taking complete control of Africa's vast resources AND eliminating the African people.

    It's the same forces (and games) that are at work in America's black communities. It is white supremacy, every day, all day long, make no mistake about it.

    And unless the colonized African MAN and the slave-minded black man in America wake up to the game of DIVIDE AND CONQUER, we will face the same fate that the blacks in the movie "2012" faced: total extermination.


    ME: Nobody's saying other races are bad, BUT they are handling their OWN business, looking out for their OWN interests, which is as it should be. NOBODY is going to look out for black folks, but black folks, so we must get off the tit of white dependency and learn how to DO FOR SELF. In the coming future, we will have no choice.

    Read the book, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" by Anon (the links are posted on my page) and you will understand just how critical it is for black folks to get our COLLECTIVE act together if we want to survive the coming economic situation.

    Always good to dialogue with a good brother. Thanks for posting your comments.





    Tony17 wrote:
    I'm sure that statement about my not being well read in black history was an attempted insult. However,there are very few blacks that are "well read" in black history...yourself included. Anyone can look up black history facts on the internet and then pretend that they're black history scholars.
    Be that as it may though but "MODERN HISTORY" has taught me not to do business with blacks. Black business people are not to be trusted and I could definitely cite you some glaring examples from my own experiences of doing business with black people.
    Black business people are not to be trusted? Oh really? And who got arrested for the biggest Ponzi scheme in history Tony? Was it not a White guy by the name of Bernard Madoff? And what about Enron? Ever heard of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling?

    Name one Black person that has committed fraud on the level of these guys, you won't find any. Here is your history lesson for the day Tony, the word "Ponzi" Scheme was named after a White guy, an Italian by the name of Charles Ponzi. See, White people invented these scams, yet you say Black business owners can't be trusted, you are full of sh*t. Whites are the ones who can't be trusted, and the history attests to that fact.

    Tony, there are good and bad Black businesses, just like there are good and bad White businesses. I agree that you shouldn't do business with a Black person just because they're Black; if their service sucks then it just sucks.

    But don't give up on all Black businesses, just seek out those which are noteworthy. And don't be afraid to leave negative feedback to Black business people that do a crappy job, if they really want to succeed, they will learn from your reviews.

    A truly good business person understands that negative feedback is more valuable than positive feedback, because negative feedback tells you where you can improve. As much as I believe in Black unity and empowerment, if I only have two restaurants to choose from, a Black one and an Asian one, and the Asians provide better service, then I will eat at the Asian place. Blacks need to learn how to compete and offer top notch service.





    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted November 13

    @ easy_one

    brother, you said it all

    which is a good reason not to live in all-white areas. Black folks are literally sitting ducks, and are too easily fooled by the surface friendliness and smiles but don't have a clue what is said or done behind closed doors

    until a white folk is under pressure and pulls off their MASK

    someone suggested that maybe the woman probably signed a card without thinking and found out she had a judgment or some other financial problem

    then realized she had cooked her own sorry azz goose and wanted that card back.

    bet it was a money related issue (or lack of money) that made her go snap, crackle and pop!

    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted November 13

    @ AfricanS

    Brother, if you want to post this entire thing on another group, feel free.

    I can't do it because i'm working on deadline (and shouldn't have stopped to write this blog but i couldn't help myself

    that goes for anybody who wants to re-post this, the links, the whole damn thing

    this is all about sharing info...

    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted November 13

    @ nodoubt

    brother, you spoke some truth on this topic.

    yea, she knows what time it is and so do most whites who know they are benefiting from racism and that a black person is being unfairly penalized., yeah, they know and if pressed hard enough, will spit it out,

    like Michael Richards (Seinfeld's Kramer) who told the black males in his audience, "At least I ain't a n*__r!"

    and then will claim in the next breath, "I'm not a racist." lol

    When she said black women are turning against us, again, that's the trick of a devil, because, nodoubt, they are telling BW the same damn thing about us

    and it's like a rumor that somebody starts, telling Friend 1 that Friend 2 hates him, and telling Friend 2 that Friend 1 hates him,

    and the next thing you know Friend 1 and Friend 2 are enemies and they HATE EACH OTHER

    when ALL ALONG, it was that "somebody" who STARTED THE LIE, and told it so long that the LIE became a reality

    Brother, BW are NOT joining WW, they like WW less than they like us! lol

    BW are hurt and disappoiinted in us because AS MEN we have not stood up for them like we should have. Men are supposed to PROTECT their women, and not let ANYONE put them down or make money by calling them "ho*s" and "bit*ches"
    tell u what, go into a Muslim country with that ho-bi*tch rap about their women and see what happens....

    she was planting a POISON SEED in the BM's head, something that a lot of white females do, I know because i've HEARD it, and that's the last time they try that sh*t with me

    And white males will plant that POISON SEED in the BW's head, telling her how bad BM are..

    they've been running this MIND GAME for a long time, brother, don't fall for the hype. If BW didn't want us, wouldn't be so many black babies running

    The bottom line is we are a people who has been placed in a pressure cooker for over 400 years, we are going to have problems with each other UNTIL we are willing to address those problems, come hell what may, until we figure this sh___t out

    but the LAST thing we want to do is listen to ANYTHING a white folk tells us about each other

    I know BW love my black a___ (who wouldn't)

    and I bet money you got a list of some that love u too

    come on now...

    -crammasters (Always dropping jewels like always)

    Female, Age Private, Port Saint Lucie, FL
    Posted January 03



    crammasters May. 4th, 2010 at 9:54 pm
    @ jazzwatch
    got to drop these nuggets on this board…

    1) MOST WW DO NOT WANT BW, most WW want WM, the same way most WM want WW. Stroking a negro (d___) is NOT the same as RESPECTING a Black man, too bad some of us don’t know the difference….

    About four years ago, ABC’s 20-20 did a show about the kind of men women preferred. When they profiled WW, the majority wanted WM and said it would take $70,000 more for a BM to compete with a WM (that’s approx fig, if I remember right).

    2) The white females BM usually get are the disposable white female population (average or below average looks & income & education) and most of the time, we get the lower-caste white females, the rejects (no disrespect intended, ladies), and those with genetic issues that show up in their bad skin, faces, bodies and hair..UNLESS…

    the BM has something (like money and fame) that tips the scale of his false sense of social and racial inferiority, non-white status. Of course, there are exceptions, but in my experience, that’s the case…

    3) No matter how much black d___ white females might like on occasion, they will NEVER TURN A BM INTO BLACK RICHARD GERES, TOM CRUISES, OR JUSTIN TIMBERLAKES…

    white females PREFER their white male sex symbols, and while they might like or admire a BM entertainer, they will NEVER UPLIFT that BM over a WM, have never seen it happen…

    Every UNKNOWN BM entertainer who became a BM SEX SYMBOL, was put there by BLACK WOMEN, and usually repays BW’s loyalty and financial support by marrying white females…

    4) When a rich BM marries a WW, it’s the kind without a pot to p____ in, and when she divorces him (it’s usually her that wants a divorce) without exception,

    it’s the white female who has been transformed from a stripper, nanny, or waitress into a RICH WHITE WOMAN, who will take that BM’s money and — marry a white man…she will never reach back and marry a BM who was as poor as she was when she met her rich BM sucker…


    Female, 38, Bedford, OH
    Posted November 14

    I dont know any black women in interracial relationships,so i dont know what white men tell them?I do believe that alot of blackmen believe that we have become their enemy and the white women is their savior.I know i bring up my work situations alot,but thats my most intimate env with white women.Me and my black co worker friend,was just talking about how their are 4 ww that date blackmen and cramm,they are so rude,mean and insensitive to us.I just think these are the blackmen they are involved with these ww.Do they know how hateful they are to bw or do they care?I know sometimes i respond inappropiately on these blogs,but i read some of these comments by blackmen and it offends me as a bw.I am done with hb,ud and i visit news one sometimes,but its all the same divide and conquer,negative stats,blackwomen bashing and interracial promoting.Thats why i am so excited when you write a blog.I wish you could blog more,but i know you have a life.I am assuming you never checked out that song?.


    @ venita

    older female relatives in my family confirmed this, and i have BW friends who said WM will tell them how BM are bad news, so it happens, believe that.

    what is happening between BM and BW started during slavery, sis, and the example I gave nodoubt about "somebody" spreading lies about Friend 1 and Friend 2 and the next thing you know the two BEST friends are fighting and hating each other


    and will swear that "somebody" who started the whole thing is their "friend." without understanding that they didn't start fighting until that "somebody" came into the picture

    Until BM and BW are willing to put our weapons down and put our hurt feelings to the side and really examine and analyze and dissect this divide from a HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE nothing will change

    our enemies are winning the war and we can't even agree as black people that we are IN a war - and that's why we are LOSING as a black community big time

    when I checked, that show wasn't coming on, i'll keep an eye out for it (u know i love me some Jill Scott).

    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted March 10

    @ kenparvenu

    ME: I think I know what YHWH means but I'm not sure. could you define it for me?

    No doubt, the BW is far from perfect and she also has much to answer for, BUT, we BM are the missing links in our communities and families.

    We are the main ones going to prison (where we can't financially or emotionally support our women and children)

    We are the main ones chasing (being caught) by non-black females who have NO interest OR concern about the black community, racism, OR white supremacy.

    Since 70 percent of black kids live in single-female households, and these kids were NOT conceived through immaculate conception, BUT by sex with the Black man,

    then I'd say we BM have more work to do if we intend to do right by our women and kids and communities..


    @ all
    did it ever occur to us that we are doing what they WANT us to do?

    We let the (white) media goad us into fighting each other over some(false) bullsh___ THEY CREATED FOR US

    Look at all the reality shows where the black person ALWAYS picks the white person? HAven’t we caught on to this MIND GAME SCAM that is designed to pit BM against BW?

    Who CREATES these shows?
    Who SCRIPTS these shows?
    Who CONTROLS what is said in the “black” articles we fight about?
    Who PAYS all these silly male and female negroes to come on TV and clown for the cameras?
    Black people?

    Hasn’t anybody else noticed that the whites on white reality shows NEVER PICK A BLACK PERSON, But the black people ALWAYS PICK THE WHITE PERSON? Yet some folks are on this thread talking (crazy) about how this black dude with a wedge of wheat grass on his head has the “right” to like who he likes…

    Does anybody believe this dude is looking for “true love” with a pack of pitiful, fame and money hungry groupies? Don’t we know these “couples” go their separate ways AFTER the cameras stop rolling (and the checks stop coming)?

    Don’t we know he is being PAID to pick who they tell him to pick, the same way New York, Pepa, Chili, Flava Flav, Hot Sauce, Chicken Wing, BBQ Rib, and Mr. Catfish ALL PICKED the (white) folks those producers told them to pick…

    instead of getting mad, we should be feeling sorry for these negroes who sell themselves for a TV show and a dollar, because they have NO regard for the POISONOUS images they are selling to black youth: WHITE IS SUPERIOR and NO RESPECT FOR SELF

    FUGG ‘EM



    crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
    at 10:34 pm

    @ Cali
    in reality, I got no business slamming any BM who calls BW ‘b____’ and loves white girls. It’s a home-training (and home) problem, first of all. Second, i say let the white girls have BM like this, they serve NO useful purpose in a community that is under attack. let them go, and make their way in the white community and see how long they last…most will come crying back to some black women (like momma) so all that tough talk don’t mean a damn thing..


    crammasters, Hmmmmm, you know you’re probably ‘in for it’ now from the fellas…
    But it is a shame that some black men have taken to, like you said, simply repeating what they see and or hear, because it’s popular? Calling black women gold diggers and whatnot, when the black males that complain of gold diggers don’t even possess that kind of money! Again, they are just regurgitating…
    Damn shame what our minds have allowed to soak in at the hands of a race who doesn’t respect us in the first place…
    I don’t get it Cramm, and I don’t think I ever will. How do so many black people defend, fight for and embrace the same people who stood on their backs for hundreds of years? I defy anyone to point me to a person of Jewish culture that lingers in groups and on websites who will deliberately disrespect his/her own to defend a german!! It’s not happenin!
    Blacks were asking, begging, telling whites to ‘go away, leave us alone’ for YEARS! Now all of a sudden, whites want BLACK FLESH, yes I said it, they only want BLACK FLESH, and negroes run to whites like they have been waiting patiently all of their lives to be ‘accepted’ by those people?



    crammasters, Great points brother, as ALWAYS…
    I have to point out or ask one more thing to go along with you…
    Why is it, when black people do these ‘looking for love’ type shows, they are NEVER as ‘classy’ as the “Bachelor’ or the ‘Bachelorette’?
    These c___s caught up in this ‘flavor of love’/'what chilli wants’ BS should really stop and think about WHY they have to look like absolute fools, when the SAME producers, (white ofcourse), don’t require this of their own…

    Crammasters refuting Esco73's women bashing:

    @ Esco73 who said, “I think people are making too big a fuss about this.”
    ME: I agree, but for a different reason. We should looking at the SOURCE of these nonsense reality shows, instead of bashing each other over the head about it. That’s if we are SANE and RATIONAL people

    On the other hand, it is a big deal because the white media is using reality shows like this to turn non-thinking black males and females against each other, in other words, their PLAN IS WORKING.

    Esco73 said: i can see why he didn’t really pick any sista’s.

    ME: Again, who PICKED the sisters who appeared on the show? Did you pick them? Did CaliFemme? Did Norangel? Did SoularFlarez? Peep the GAME, brother…it’s all about controlling our images and the way BLACKS see each other….we got to start using our brains, folks…
    Esco73 said, “Sista’s are starting to look weak and tired. They’re under apprecative, over bitter, unsubmissive and complaining about anything and everything.”
    ME: Are u serious, brother? what’s more “tired” than a BM with a mouthful of metal and a blonde Chia Pet on top of his head? Again, brother, the PLAN is working is YOU are judging real life sisters by what the white TV producers are showing you.

    I don’t know where YOU grew up OR who raised you, but the sisters who raised me, the sisters who MARRIED my father, my brothers, uncles, nephews – and ME – are nowhere near “tired, unappreciative, or bitter.”
    Know why, brother? Because WE respect, provide for, and protect our women. We MARRIED our women. We gave our shorties our LAST NAME.

    after we degrade our women in music (calling them Bs and Hs) imitating them in movies, films, and comedy, and after we parade some 300 pound white female around like a prize, of course they don’t respect us, or feel like we respect them.

    And brother, the WHOLE WORLD is watching as we clown like this, wondering what the hell is wrong with a BM who DOES NOT LIKE HIS OWN? Which is one reason, brother, the BM has to CONSTANTLY FIGHT to be respected, because it is CLEAR to the rest of the planet that ANY MAN who does NOT take care of his women and children DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT. Any man who PUTS the females of his OPPRESSORS above the women that gave BIRTH to him, DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT, and that is the bottom line…
    The MEN are the ones who create the environment that shapes the character of the women, NOT the other way around. The same way the white female is shaped by the environment the white male created. The same way the Asian female is shaped by the environment the Asian male created.

    The men are the LEADERS, the HEAD of the family and community. IF our women are out of order — then WE ARE OUT OF ORDER. Any community that has a lot of broken, and bitter females, the MEN are the most responsible for that bitterness. The white female is bitter because of the way white males treat them collectively. Now, if we are going to call ourselves “MEN” then we must accept the same responsibility that all men must accept.

    we can’t be whining, dependent, living-off-mommma, or our girlfriend or some silly white female, then pound our chest about being a “man” It don’t work that way, brother…


    crammastersFeb. 3rd, 2011
    at 12:44 pm

    if the allegations are true (that Halle’s white ex-boy is a racist), Halle’s experience is pretty common for blacks who are having sexual intercourse with whites. I have heard this complaint from many black folk who have been sexually involved with white folk, that sooner or later the racial slurs will be launched by the white person. Too many blacks think — in my opinion — that a white person CANNOT BE A RACIST if they are having sex with, or dating, or married to a black person.
    Clearly, it’s a case of racial amnesia since whites have always sought sex with blacks even while practicing slavery, segregation and racism. Clearly, people abuse their sexual partners, husbands, wives, etc. so dating and marriage are NO guarantees that you are not dealing with a RACIST.
    What I would warn sisters (and brothers) about is — DO NOT LOOK to white people as a solution to your relationship problems. It is ILLOGICAL to pretend that you can separate the racism you are experiencing in employment, law enforcement, getting a loan or a good education/schools — from the same white people you are trying to have sex with. It’s self-disrespecting to pursue the same people who are OPPRESSING YOU.
    Over the last 12 months, they have begun to really push sisters to date WM (to divide and conquer the BM and BW), and most BW will find at the end of those relationships that they were dealing with a racist who used them in the same way WM have always sexually exploited BW.
    The same is true for us (BM) who are dealing with white females who are clearly racist and who are opposed to black equality with whites in every place BUT the bedroom. We need to stop letting the white or black media turn our beautiful black bodies into sexual playthings for white people who will never allow blacks to be fully treated as human beings.


    crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
    at 1:10 am

    @ proBlackfist
    right on, brother, racist white hollywood eats black folks like Halle for breakfast, then picks its teeth with their bones.

    I’d like to add…

    this sister was raised in confusion (by a white mom, no black father) and she got involved in show business, which is brutal enough for a white person, let alone a black male or female,

    and then she becomes a “star” but is still a N*GGER in white Hollywood — even in the eyes of the BM she dated/married who mistreated her,

    and now her entire life (and failures) are on public display, and folks are hating on her like she killed their baby (??)

    i doubt ANY of us would be able to withstand public scrutiny of all OUR romantic failures, and any cheating, adultery, sleeping w married folks, folks of the same sex, threesomes, booty calls, that we have done (and some are still doing)

    after we finish trashing this sister, and picking her bones, maybe, we could have just a little compassion.

    and not forget that Halle didn’t do what MOST black folk — especially us BM — do when we get a little fame: run out and marry the first white receptionist, stripper, or waitress we can find.

    At least Halle TRIED to make it work with BM AFTER she became famous, so all this animosity over ONE white dude doesn’t make any damn sense.

    We should be relieved that she will be forced to take a good look at this IR BS, since she found out what ALL black-loving black folk knew all along:



    I realise everybody is responsible for their own actions/choices in life, and I know you're not downgrading black people. That wasn't what I meant. What I mean is, that there are issues in our community which we have to address. How can we build strong black families, and businesses if we keep running to other races all the time? As it is, we have well over 50% of British born black men, and 30% of British born black women in relationships with white people. Now, I have nothing against people being with who they want to be with, but over the last 10-15 years, I have seen less and less black couples around. I even hear some black people saying they wouldn't date a black person, I mean, what the hell is that about? How can you intentionally exclude your own when it comes to looking for a partner? That just reeks of self hatred to me. And of these relationships, come mixed race children, who 9 times out of 10, grow up and marry white people. Again, I have nothing against this, but the offspring of a mixed race person and a white person rarely identify with black culture, or the black experience at all.

    I hate to bring up the media, but haven't you noticed on adverts, billboards, shows on telly, films, whenever there is a black person, 99 times out of 100, they are shown with a non-black partner, usually white? And have you noticed that they almost never show a black couple? When they do, the relationship is shown as dysfunctional, whereas an IR couple will be shown as idyllic and happy. But the crux is: Why do they not do this with other ethnic groups? Other races are shown in healthy relationships with each other, so why isn't ours? Now, call me a conspiracy theorist, whatever you like, but as far as I'm concerned, there is a sinister agenda behind this.

    This is why I say we need to wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. \



    crammasters Oct. 23rd, 2010 at 2:07 pm
    @ Cali
    sis, i think more and more black folk are catching on to these divide and conquer tactics on these “black” websites and in the media and many are starting to ask what’s up with all this negativity being directed at black love nonstop?

    i doubt you’ll see this kind of crap being directed at white people about their relationships, most of it is probably about how to fix it, all they do is tell us that it’s jacked up, but this site and others like encourage us to do something positive about it

    just negative so-called entertainment — and stereotypes — and putdowns

    unfortunately, so many of us are so used to being degraded (especially BW) that they think it’s NORMAL to be stereotyped and will actually cosign and crack up when somebody labels them b___s, h*os, and educated freaks

    sad ain’t the word for it


    crammasters May. 3rd, 2010 at 10:08 pm
    @ tc2ewra
    sho u right…

    see, what is usually left unsaid is — it ain’t about the white female, she’s just the TOOL for the BM to get the WM’s attention…it’s really a thing between the men, the BM and the WM, with the BM trying to impress, fugg with, win over, or prove something to the WM…

    the white female could be green with purple hair, and we’d still be chasing her a___, because the WM is our role model and whatever he has, that’s what some of us got to have….

    the problem is, it’s the WM’s gameboard, he makes the rules, pulls the strings, and got US jumping through his hoops, playing stud for his perverted entertainment and at the end of the day we are still n____s to him — and his female…

    once that white traffic cop in our skulls gives an order, we are like the energizer bunny, we keep getting tricked, and tricked, and tricked…

    stopping right here…nuff said…



    Note by Me: I don't agree with Elijah Muhammad (and other issues), but most of this video is accurate and relevant today.

    By Timothy

    Malcolm X Rare Canadian CBC TV Show 1965 Part 1

    Malcolm X Rare Canadian CBC TV Show 1965 Part 2


    Dec 12, 2009 07:16 PM
    REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 12, 2009 04:42 PM Link Back

    The females who receive the spoils of the war (against the black family and black nation) understand their role in the scheme of things. And they will do whatever is necessary -- SLEEP WITH THE ENEMY, even marry and breed with the enemy -- if it will further the cause of their (white) nation.

    That's what we (BM) do not understand

    The white supremacists know we are ego-driven because they devasted our manhood and self-esteem. The BM is so flattered by the WW's attention (her white validation), and easy sexual favors, that he doesn't ask himself one important question:

    Why does the white female (who is the co-conspirator of AND the MOTHER of the racist white man), who aids the WM in oppressing the black nation, pursue the BM?

    BECAUSE once the BM becomes denatured, and is trained to prefer white flesh, he is COMPLETELY NEUTRALIZED, devoid of self respect, and will NEVER have the will or the courage to fight his oppression.

    one more thing

    For all the BM who claim the WW is easier to get along with and less demanding, let me clue you brothas to one thing

    In my limited experience and observation, the white female's expectations of a BM are much lower than the ones she has for a WM. A WW is NEVER surprised that a BM does not have his sh___t together. She doesn't expect him to measure up to a WM. She won't tell you that, but of course, that's what she is thinking...It's too much trouble to hassle a BM, especially when you don't think he'll measure up anyway -- and if you're just going through a spell of jungle fever and plan on returning to your own community. That's why a WW might APPEAR to be easier to get along with than a BW, because it's easier just to let a BM do whatever, than to invest time and energy in a lost cause or a short term jungle love fix...

    All this is just my opinion (not science). Not saying all IR couples are like this, but in my experience, MOST are hung up on race, skin color and racial (racist) stereotypes. But this is my personal litmus test for a GOOD or a BAD WOMAN:

    A woman who does not hold you accountable for your sh___t does NOT HAVE YOUR BACK.

    A woman who has low (or no) expectations of a man DOES NOT RESPECT THAT MAN.

    A woman who does not check a man's azz once in a while, does NOT LOVE THAT MAN.

    A GOOD WOMAN will tell you the truth, will want (and expect) you to be the best man you can be, and will HAVE YOUR BACK. (not talking about material things).

    A GOOD WOMAN will lay some tough love on your a___ when necessary (we all need correction now and then). And the same goes for a GOOD MAN.

    A GOOD PARENT loves a child by setting limits When a parent doesn't discipline, set limits, or offer correction; that's not love; that's INDIFFERENCE. When a woman (or man) can't be bothered, they don't love you, they're taking the EASY WAY OUT.

    That's why I see so many BM, after they've been involved with a lot of WW, become MORE dysfunctional, more spoiled, and unable to deal with a sister, because they are used to getting away with murder with a WW who either couldn't handle him OR didn't care enough to set limits.

    If you don't get where I'm coming from, let me give this example.

    Try to imagine a black child in a classroom full of white students, and the white teacher says, "Don't worry about your grade, Johnny, I don't expect as much of you as I do the other students."

    Is that a compliment or an insult?


    CaliFemme23Feb. 6th, 2011
    at 1:40 pm

    Bite your tongue off please…Seeing this black woman with a white man will NEVER happen. That is NOT a sign of the times, it’s an ill decision on YOUR behalf. And there is no shortage of black men. I meet, see, observe, flirt with etc…black men all the d___ time. I can’t stand when an ignorant person tries to speak for all of us….


    crammastersFeb. 6th, 2011
    at 12:06 am

    @ tc2ewra
    right, right. it’s interesting how both black folk in IR, male and female, went to OTHER white people to deal with racist white people and got shot down. you think there’d be a lesson in all that for black folk…

    crammastersFeb. 9th, 2011
    at 7:50 pm


    i agree, they have always been my choice, just like the white female is the preference of most white males, and Asian females are the preference of most Asian males. It’s the most NORMAL thing in the world to prefer your own, and that has NOTHING to do with “hating” another group.

    back to the point, if so many non-black females are getting lip implants, butt implants, breast implants, plastic surgery, hair weaves (the first ones were made for WW), curly perms, skin tans, and is always trying to sing, dance, etc like the BW — how can the BW be inferior?
    the white media refuses to give the BW credit, so they pretend Angelina Jolie’s lips are brand new or super special OR J-Lo and Kim Kardashian invented round butts,

    when in reality, neither of these ladies have the best lips or butts, not compared to the BW i see (and have known personally, if u hear what i’m saying :-)

    not to say that BW don’t imitate white beauty BUT they have been taught (programmed) from cradle to grave to believe that white beauty is superior, so they have an excuse to be brainwashed.

    what is the excuse of the non-black female — who have been taught that white is better — but choose to imitate BW?

    regardless, what i found is as much as some non-black folk (and some sick black folk) put BW down, they usually have some other issues, like ENVY, or they have been rejected by a beautiful BW women they wanted and are just bitter. Maybe some BM had an abusive mother and dislike BW in general because of it, or maybe the BM is on the D/L and dislikes women in general because he’s afraid to come out the closet…

    because what kind of “sexually normal” man or a BM who loves his black momma would spend all that time putting down BW? and that goes for a white male, Hispanic, etc who dislikes his own group of women..

    it makes no d___ sense


    While all these BW basher believe the hype that all BW have attitudes and our problems seem to be different from other races like children out of wed lock being abusive. The Media shows us everyday that white people have the same issues ever watch 16 and pregnant and snapped majority of the shows are about White Woman as a matter of fact White Woman and White Men lead by landslide on murdering thier spouse but BW are so vindictive according to the black woman bashers SMDH.

    cont.. I read in like 2007 that you are least likely to be killed by a BW. BW are least likely to commit suicide but we are bad woman. I don't date interacially, but I can see the a push for BW to date outside thier race. Brainwashing is coming from both sides but the Media has the upper hand. I see these mean spirted BW bashers on youtube use this manipulation tactic on BW that want to date outside thier race.

    They belittle them and make them think no body wants them while the media has a different agenda. One thing blacks don't pay attention to is White America first priority is MONEY it comes first, while black care about appearance. Thier is a push to brainwash the on point college educated BW and BM on their side. Not just for dating but also to keep them from being so visible so they can inspire the blacks in the inner city to do something different.

    While these bitter basher sit around trying to convice themselves and everybody else that we are no good the white race will continue to pick up the good ones and that includes BLACK WOMAN who bring revenue to white owned corportation.

    While the black community is left with nothing but the same recycled bad stereotypes not enough on point people come back to hood to show young kids that they can be more than a rapper drug dealers but the drug dealers and rappers and whatever else are very present and visible and thats no accident because black are the only race targeted and put on spot light for problems that every person have.



    the funny thing is that the same w/women that these brothas marry to "escape" usually take their a_____ straight to the bank are not really dating outside of their race it is just too a word if its pink its raw and i dont want it!!! bm please think about what you are doing wake the f___k up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    10:05 PM on February 11, 2010 
    I'd like to add one thing that may be overlooked. The black female -- who, despite tremendous obstacles, despite sexism, racism AND colorism, has excelled in every field and has often been the "first" woman in so many categories before the white female, that it is NOW necessary to cut her down to a smaller size.

    What's the most likely spot the media uses to demoralize (all) females?

    By making it appear that they are undesirable as women. What is the "proof" that a woman is desirable as a woman?

    A wedding ring on her finger. It doesn't matter if she's happy, or is marrying a man who is compatible; all that matters is some man has validated her worth as a desirable female.

    By making it appear (or creating social/economic conditions) that the professional, educated BW cannot get a man, all her other qualities and accomplishments are automatically NEGATED.

    I don't fall for the hype, my wife is a BW, and no other is more desirable to me. In other words, there is NOTHING the white media can say about BW that I accept as truth. Do not trust the same ones who have been assassinating your image to tell you a damn thing about who you are. And there are BM who also peep the mind games that are being played, because we are also fighting our own mental warfare with the system.

    Always, my beautiful black sisters, always, always consider the source
    before you embrace the message...
    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted March 11, 2010

    @ tc2ewra

    It IS very interesting how folks don't understand the power of media EVEN as it sucks them into the numbness of having NO survival instincts to protect their own images. They STILL trust white Hollywood DESPITE all the obvious RACISM and RACIST images and DESPITE the history of white Hollywood regarding black folks...,

    Most have completely glossed over the ORIGINAL TOPIC -- the story about how white Hollywood bigwigs actually think about black people (which was confirmed for me by some folks who ACTUALLY WORK in Hollywood and television) -- I suspect, because it's easier to ignore it -- just like every other unpleasant black fact of life. It appears that black folks are SO numb, so apathetic, that nothing can stir us from this coma but something that offers....more pleasure...

    Naw, I'm not holding my breath

    I don't expect to get an answer to my question on any of the three or four blogs I've posted it to...perhaps for OBVIOUS reasons. Nor has ANYONE told me what THEY plan on doing, now that "Precious" has opened their eyes to the reality of child abuse...something they'd never heard of before this movie

    If I sound sarcastic, I don't mean to be, but it's disturbing to me to hear people talk about this movie like the topic of abuse is brand new -- when i know DAMN well, most of us have seen it, some of us have DONE it, and some of us have been victims of it

    and nary said a word

    Now, I'm the a____ because I dare to criticize this blaxploitation mess that won't do a d___ thing for any d___ body but CONFIRM the dysfunctional ways of those poor ignorant black folks in America...and if folks don't understand how SERIOUSLY other folks take images, then they should ask themselves WHY corporate America spends BILLIONS of dollars creating positive WHITE images that show white folks have done and invented and created everything of value in the worldWHY?

    because a picture is worth a thousand words
    words fade, but images last a lifetime

    No, there seems to be almost NO concern for the black children who are devastated by racism and white supremacy, and the legacy of the images WE ARE ALLOWING in our homes and minds as the adults that are SUPPOSED to be protecting our children...

    And most of us KNOW we were damaged by racism and racist images as children -- either our skin, nose, hair, bodies, intelligence, or what we thought about our possibilities in life...
    so we can't pretend we don't know what I'm talking about...

    i guess white folks got to get some black folks to make a movie about it first...before we think something's important...

    CaliFemme23 Oct. 23rd, 2010 at 2:12 pm
    I do think more blacks are noticing the agenda. This world has gotten extremely blatant with the PUSH of IR dating AMONGST BLACKS, black division and black male homosexuality….
    You’re right, sad aint the word for it…More like crucial, tragic, SERIOUS….


    NYChoney wrote:

    BINGO! So the only reason you went to BW is because WW rejected you. So the reason you bash WW & date BW exclusively is because WW rejected you. I knew that there was something off about you & hence the reason I'm cautious of many of you WM & other BW should be cautious about you as well. If WW had gave you the time of day you would have never even been into BW you just like BW because you could not get a WW & BW paid you some attention. How sad!
    My fellow BW, you should be OFFENDED by this. Once again, proving my point....
    many whites who get rejected by their own kind RUN TO BLACKS BECAUSE THEY FEEL BLACKS WILL ACCEPT THEM WITH OPEN ARMS.
    & sadly many do!
    Again proving my other point.
    If whites can spare a few of their own that they don't want, they will throw them to black folks...because they can "whiten up" the black race while getting rid of the trash they don't want!
    Exactly!!! I couldn't have put this better myself. Damn baby girl you are far more intelligent than I thought. You should be an attorney. LOL Yes all blacks should be offended that white rejects know they can be welcomed with open arms within our communities. 98% of the time those whites are rejects and can't get a white person to date them. Had ww or wm who date blacks had been able to get someone of their own race then they more than likely would have never dated anybody in the black race. He obviously wanted a white woman first but settled for black women. He probably still can't get a white woman so he hate white women and now wants to bash them while praising those women who praise him.



    White November wrote:

    that is rude and that doesn't really sound like something a bw would say to me, but a bm or ww.'oh bw can only get rejects'
    LOL, You are crazy & delusional! I never said BW can only get rejects. The only WM who ever expressed interest in me were the top of the line attractive ones, with goods jobs, or good education. Usually Italians. But that's here nor there.

    I never said BW can only get rejects STOP twisting my words. Top of the line women can get almost any man they want regardless of race. BUT! White rejects, without fail always run to blacks because you ASSUME blacks will take you in!



    Lol! T/y babes & you are not the only one who told me I could be an attorney ;)

    But yeah that is a good word you used he "Settled" for BW, not to say there is anything wrong with us because I usually get approached by all kinds of men but many of them are cream of the crop. Like I said men will be attracted top of the notch women regardless. However, any white or other non BP who only goes to blacks after being rejected by their own, blacks should be offended. I think whites figure "Oh I'm white so even if I'm rejected by my own blacks will accept me, because I'm white so why wouldn't they accept me".

    Dec 09, 2009 05:44 PM
    REPLYING TO wkingsolomon77 ON Dec 09, 2009 07:28 AM Link Back

    once a rich/famous BM marries a WW (who is broke when he met her), and they divorce, the next man she gets is USUALLY -- if not always -- a WHITE MAN.

    The list is long, but here's a few: Nicole Simpson (OJ's ex-wife) and Montel Williams' ex-stripper, ex-wife...

    The white female -- once she gets the rich BM's loot, never looks back and NEVER marries/dates another BM. Why? Because she doesn't need a rich BM's loot anymore, and wants to rejoin respectable white society.

    She will NEVER pull up a poor BM, like the rich BM pulled her up. She will NEVER marry a BM gardener, waiter, stripper, or high school dropout...

    And you can be damn sure that if Tiger's wife divorces him
    that will be the LAST BM she lays down with

    which explains why there is so little black generational wealth
    despite the HUNDREDS of rich BM and BW that have come and gone

    and it explains why the black community is financially POORER than every community in America, including the illegal community

    because INTELLIGENT, SELF-RESPECTING MEN enrich their own communties, not the communities of their oppressors

    It is also proof that the white man uses his females to keep that black wealth
    out of the hands of the next black generation

    because even if that white female has children with that rich BM
    those black kids will be white-identified and will marry white
    because they will be white-identified, with a white female instilling values
    and a missing BM father who is already white-identified


    sammy wrote:

    Just Keeping It Real Is..........B(L)ACK
    Show me where that I stated that some whites DID not help BLACKS..........It will be IGNORANT on my part to say all WHITES.
    I stated many times If WHITES did not INTERVENED in AFRICA How would AFRICA turn ITSELF. Please spare me the crap about Zimbabwe.....I HATE it when whites (most)forgets the CRIME committed by white man to a black CONTINENT in the PAST but all of sudden looks what happen in the PRESENT (BLACKS crime on whites).........
    You are telling me if someone beat, rape, lynch,(think of the most horrible crime) you or your family that you are going to forget..........please be REAL about LIFE
    AFRICA is still the wealthiest resource continent in the world after so much ROBBERY.....they did an episode on diamonds back in the 90's about how much the SOVIET UNION dig up (STOLE) from AFRICA.
    Imagine this a warehouse with nothing but DIAMONDS and the SOviet officer said that this was nothing compare what is still out there.
    The Robbery..........give me an example with proof that BLACKS commits serious CRIMES that lasted over 100 years on whites..........don't talk crap (opinions are just that OPINIONS) proof or evidence
    I can go very DEEP when it comes to HISTORY....
    Just Keeping it Real For..........ever

    The problem these whites that come to converstions such as these have, is that they will always try and measure the cruelty in a way, that it always makes them look as if the actual historical truths of what they've done does not have an impact on the present day conditions of this society, and the very people they've oppressed!

    Brother i want you to go through this article here, and you will be horrified at the amount of raping done to the average african and the continent, yet they will today contest the events of the past and try and throw the "personal responsibility tag unto the continent of africa and the africans here displaced throughout the amerikkka's, as if their past pillage and rape did nothing to effect today in the very 2009, they keep drumming!



    -216 Elite


    crammastersMay. 1st, 2010
    at 2:28 am

    @ dontdeserveme
    your post seems to contradict itself. first, you label folks (like me) “hate-filled” for talking about racial conspiracies and in the next breath, you talk about political “conspiracies” and how they’re distracting us from the truth,

    but when the same media that is lying to us, also tells you that Sandra says she didn’t pick a black child, and u assume it must be true….

    the elites use the entertainment and news media, the movies, TV, to brainwash and confuse the population. Did you know that many of our most famous entertainers’ are used by the very elite that you speak about? That many attend the meetings that you and I never hear about? That their names are on the guest lists as attendees of the same elites you are talking about?—-
    There is a big picture that you are missing, I guarantee you that, and there are many great black scholars and historians who have written about this very thing — breeding and using mul____s and black advocates to promote the cause of the white elite…to keep the black masses divided by skin color and loyalties so they could control them, and exploit their labor and natural resources..

    this tactic is nothing new, and was used by the British in Africa during the slave trade, and by Europeans who conquered Haiti and in fact, has been written about extensively… if you’re interested, I’d be happy to supply the links to some of the articles

    it’s been a long night, but before I go, i’d advise you not to call something “dumb” BEFORE you’ve done your own serious scholarship aka homework…


    Faithful_and_FavoredMay. 2nd, 2010
    at 6:49 am
    @ Crammaster…Replying to your question as to if I think Sandra is racist, for some reason I’m thinking that when those photos came out about him, I think this may be what put it over the top for her. Remember, most of what this dude did was hidden to her. So no, I don’t think the kid is in danger with her as a person. I do however, feel that he would be better off with his own ppl.
    I’m tired of hearing about how black ppl don’t want to adopt their own kind but I grew up with two friends, who’s parents were foster care parents and were outright refused when they went to court to actually adopt them. So our ppl are good enough to babysit, but not good enough to adopt?
    And to those that think that because a person is racist for thinking so look at how we as a ppl were and still are treated. We are the only race that doesn’t know our own language. Even the school systems are trying to “bleach” our ppl, if it wasn’t for civil rights activist we wouldn’t have it in our schools let alone a pitiful 28 days to observe our heritage. How can your race dictate anything to you if you know little to zip about it?


    crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
    at 9:09 pm
    @ winter410H
    I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared…lol
    You summed it up. That’s the feeling I get, too…

    i see these IR ads all over the place, encouraging us to divide and conquer ourselves…when i suspect that most of you want what God created for you: US

    and most of us want what God created for us: YOU

    i don’t give a d____ what integrators on this board think. You and I have traveled the sands of time, survived slavery together, built Black Wall Street together, raised our babies together even when I couldn’t get a job, and you had to wash the white woman’s floors and nurse her the family could eat…

    I could no more forget you, than forget my own history…

    we BM want you, too, but all the voices inside our heads from the media, keep telling us that white ice is colder, but the truth is black ice is hotter… and the only thing that truly nourishes my black soul

    so i’m telling you ladies, STAND UP and FIGHT for what belongs to you, don’t let nobody put you in the dark, in the corner, while they shine with a false light, and try to be you and take your place. Fight like it’s another civil rights movement, because if you’re not careful…we may wind up sitting in the back of the bus..again…
    And don’t let the media convince you that you have to imitate anyone else to be beautiful…or allow them to take your place as the woman, wife, lover and raiser of the black man…with those natural black kinks in your head that match the ones on mine…—-
    the only way the black man can become the proud African men we were born to be… is with our beautiful black queens by our sides…
    who has let the media make her feel she must imitate the white female to be desirable…when the truth is…

    the black woman is the most imitated woman on earth…



    I know now, that my mission was to get the word out, and even before i did this thread, it is showing that many conscious brothers and sisters have heeded the warning, and understood, and have taken some drastic steps towards Black Nationalism, i want you brothers and sisters to support and donate, and take action with this brother and sister here:


    The Official EE Video

    See that living off Black business is a wondrous sacrifice and has nothing to do with exclusion... it is about love, pride and intelligence. In 2009, we spent money in ways that can contribute to our community's improvement. We brought the issues facing Black business and the economic crises caused by the lack of Black-owned businesses in Black communities back into the national dialogue.

    The Experiment

    We conducted this experiment not just to give back to our community and increase awareness about the need for more Americans to support Black businesses. The experiment was first and foremost an academic exercise.

    The goal is to bear out - with science, not rhetoric - the theory that leakage is the source of many socioeconomic problems for Black Americans living in underserved areas... and that uplifting and proactively supporting Black businesses can resolve these crises by restoring a sense of pride and hope in our culture, and infusing more of our own wealth back into the neighborhoods that need it the most.

    We spent over $90K with Black businesses in 2009, over 90% of expenditures we made that year. Most went directly to underserved Black neighborhoods.

    Everyone always reports on Black problems. We wanted people to start talking about Black solutions.

    Thus, EE is not about exclusion. It is about accountability, fairness, respect and pride. It is strategy. It is common sense. It only makes sense that a community with as much buying power as ours should work together to use our talents and resources toward solving our community's problems.

    ^^Very Nice Find, I'm signed on as well, and plan on donating, i've been working with and patronizing black businesses, my whole life, just now we have to spread the word,me and my wife planning on working with the website design team with EE, now that i've found one.


    There's a lot of things brothers and sisters don't know, or it is purposely hidden from them regarding black empowerment foundations and business, there is even an online black shopping channel, bet you all didn't know that huh?

    You gotta research brothers and sisters and begin to get with the program, and support, uplift, and financially and socially empower our communities in all aspects, start with the above links, as a starting point to network with!


    -216 Elite


    Bm and Bw have the highest intra-racial marriages of all races and there is no reason for us to ponder divorce rates of inter-racial marriages when we have the highest rate of intra-racial marriages of all the races bw marry bm 98% of the time when they marry highest by far of all races of women marrying inside there own those are stats are people should know


    you need to put that crystal meth down. white boys try to flirt with black women all the time. they often flirt when there aren't any black men or other black people around. several black women have told me white men tried to flirt with them all the time. a girlfriend of mine told me about several white men try to come onto her. a white woman got upset at me on my job. she got upset, because i said i only like dark skin black women. she was truly upset. she told me i should like a woman for her personality. i told her i like dark skin black women and i do not care what she thought. you have white boys like white women , because they are blonde. wanting someone because the color of their hair is whacked. but that is another subject. do you white people take responsibility for anything. like the environment and this planet.

    -black man1

    Word! I actually saw Scarface on B.E.T. about a month ago & there R no Black people in it! When R we gonna realize the media is designed 2 stupify us like the curriculum of the schools "teaching" our children? This sh___ started with slavery when it was illegal 4 us 2 learn 2 read & upgraded 2 now where they decide what we learn. The only way 2 fight it as individuals is 2 seek specialized knowledge which 4 us usually doesn't start until college! Welcome 2 the real-life matrix.

    That's actual footage of Ronald Reagan, the chief fascist himself. A man who funded right-wing governments in El Salvador and Guatemala, both of whom were responsible for the murder of thousands of their respective countrymen. Unsurprisingly, Ronald Reagan called one of these butchers --- Guatemala's Rios Montt -- a "man who had the best interests of the Guatemalan people at heart."
    This is what fascists do: Murder. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, Reagan: The fascist scum cadre.





    *Kem Feat.Maurissa Rose - If It's Love


    -The Moor


    LLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE being a black women. I would hope that all races feel the same about their own. But I have to say, when it boils down to the gravy, black women are the strongest, loyalist, and realist at they come.



    crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
    at 12:11 pm

    @ _A_
    i thought his monniker was XL_611, not XS_611…?
    (you know he’s gonna get u for that…lol)
    i know I posted a lot, didn’t mean to bog down this board, but I thought it was important to put it out there — even if it was off topic — because I hear BLACK folks saying the same thing some white folks say about Africans selling us into slavery.

    Africans did not just “sell” us into slavery, they usually sold the people they defeated during a war – which is something ALL RACES did at one time or another, including EUROPEANS. That’s the way wars were conducted then

    Also, many times Europeans kidnapped Africans without ANY help from Africans, also, European slave KIDNAPPERS/Traders took advantage of the political instability in Africa at the time, most of it CREATED by Europeans, much the way it is in Africa RIGHT NOW, with Europeans arming rival factions and helping them to rape and slaughter each other, so the Europeans TODAY can go in and take over and steal the land and natural resources

    This is why i keep telling black folks NOTHING HAS CHANGED, it’s the same old GAME, and all these “we are the world” black folks who think because they can sit next to white folks on a train or in a restaurant OR have a white folk in their beds — makes them EQUAL to white folks — are in for a RUDE & PAINFUL awakening, cause the GAME is changing and black folks are getting PUSHED OFF the educational AND employment train right the hell now…and don’t see it what is happening…

    because they are so in love with their oppression, they are DEAD asleep..and the sleeping pill is named Obama…with his election, they are convinced that white america has finally “seen the light” and now accepts black folks as equals and everything is about to be “a-ok”…

    the black folks who fought and died for OUR so-called civil rights, are turning over in their graves to see how passive and unwilling today’s black folks have become…losing everything and won’t even stand up and ADMIT that it is’s a damn shame…sorry for the rant…peace out!

    @ _A_
    what’s interesting is whites never talk about HOW they sold other white folk into slavery…they have a very selective memory, only remembering those historical tidbits that paint them as HEROES…

    here’s more from Mr. Beard:

    “In reality, slavery is an human institution. Every ethnic group has sold members of the same ethnic group into slavery. It becomes a kind of racism; that, while all ethnic groups have sold its own ethnic group into slavery, Blacks can’t do it. When Eastern Europeans fight each other it is not called tribalism. Ethnic cleansing is intended to make what is happening to sound more sanitary. What it really is, is White Tribalism pure and simple.

    Every notice, _A_ that whites never refer to themselves as “tribes”?..

    The fact of African resistance to European Imperialism and Colonialism is not well known, though it is well doc**ented. Read, for instance, Michael Crowder (ed.), West African Resistance, Africana Publishing Corporation, New York, 1971.

    Europeans entered Africa in the mid 1400 s and early 1500 s during a time of socio-political transition. Europeans chose a favorite side to win between African nations at a war and supplied that side with guns, a superior war instrument.

    In its victory, the African side with guns rounded up captives of war who were sold to the Europeans in exchange for more guns or other barter. Whites used these captives in their own slave raids.

    These captives often held pre-existing grudges against groups they were ordered to raid, having formerly been sold into slavery themselves by these same groups as captives in inter-African territorial wars. In investigating our history and capture, a much more completed picture emerges than simply that we sold each other into slavery.

    The Ashanti, who resisted British Imperialism in a Hundred Years War, sold their African captives of war and criminals to other Europeans, the Portuguese, Spanish, French, in order to buy guns to maintain their military resistance against British Imperialism (Michael Crowder, ed., West African Resistance).

    In 1652, knowing that the indigenous South Africans were no pushovers, Van Riebeeck didn’t waste any time. As soon as the Khoi Khoi returned from hunting, Van Riebeeck accused them of stealing Dutch cattle.

    Simply over that assertion, war broke out, and the superior arms of the Dutch won. South African Historian J. Congress Mbata best explains this dynamic in his lectures, available at the Cornell University Africana Studies Department. Mbata provides three steps: 1) provocation by the Whites, 2) warfare and, 3) the success of a superior war machinery.

    There are several instances in which Cecil Rhodes, towards the end of the 19th Century, simply demonstrated the superiority of the Maxim Machine Gun by mowing down a corn field in a matter of minutes.

    Upon such demonstrations the King and Queen of the village, after consulting the elders, signed over their land to the Whites. These scenarios are quite different from the Hollywood version, and well doc**ented.
    It has been important to present the matters above to dispel the notion of an African slave trade that involved mutuality as a generalized dynamic on the part of Africans. If we can accept the doc**ented facts of our history above and beyond propaganda, we can begin to heal. We can begin to love one another again and go on to regain our liberties on Earth.” — Oscar L. Beard

    sorry about the long posts, but it paints a more accurate and entirely different picture that whites have painted of how slavery began..
    The FACT is all races of people have sold their prisoners of war into slavery, this is VASTLY different than Africans selling their neighbors, sisters, aunts, or fathers and mothers…


    Many times we feel entitled to "the best" partners & when we don't get that, we blame the other person who isn't interested. That's bogus. Finding any kind of good partner in life is a combination of factors, incl. timing and place. Finding someone is just plain HARD. Unless you're well-traveled, stop judging all Blk men & women based on a cross-section of the ones you've met. There are 14 mill of us. Even if you've met 100 Blk women who date thugs, that's still not statistically generalizable.

    crammastersJan. 7th, 2010
    at 4:03 pm

    i respect Mr. Smiley but it is time to move on to REAL SOLUTIONS, that require more than holding symposiums, meetings, marches, picket lines, protests, and other media-intense dog and pony shows where people clap and cheer and go home to repeat the same patterns.
    It is time for the REAL HARD WORK AND SACRIFICES: (1) create more stable families by NOT having children outside of marriage; staying at home and out of nightclubs; being faithful to our spouses; putting our children first, which means going to school events, doing homework with them; stop using TV and material things to keep them busy so WE don’t have to spend time with them.(2) stop relying on showcase blacks and politicians and other black “role models” to solve our problems and be “role models” for black children and BE OUR CHILDREN’S ROLE MODELS. (3)stop building mega-churches and start building MEGA-BUSINESSES to employ our people (or accept future 50% plus black unemployment rates). We have too much work to do to listen to any more speeches..

    SoularFlarez Jul. 29th, 2010 at 1:55 pm
    shout out to the black fathers who are active in their childrens lives !
    much respect


    crammasters Jul. 29th, 2010 at 2:01 pm
    @ jazzpast
    not sure if I misread your post but the effeminization of black males is being done by the white-male dominated system that USES females and all non-whites to carry out their agendas. I agree that “feminist” ideology was largely to “free” white females from sexism BUT not to eliminate white racism. White feminists used black females for their own agenda but have NO INTEREST in eliminating white privilege.

    however, black females have been degraded more than any other group, and we BM must take SOME responsibility for our role in degrading our women in music (calling them bytches and h*s) and in movies (playing ignorant and homely black females).

    BW are angry at us BECAUSE of our disrespect toward them, our abandonment of our children, and uplifting of white females, NOT just because white feminists have been whispering in their ears.

    I think most BW are smart enough to know the white female is NOT their ally or friend, not when the white female is invading their lives, taking black men and buying black babies, sleeping with married BM, and breaking up black families. Besides, when’s the last time you heard a BW describe herself as a “feminist?”

    of course, BW have been misled and used, the same as the BM when the white male whispered in our ears and told us that BW were “emasculating us” and taking away our black manhood

    while the white male was depriving US of jobs, rights, respect, freedom, putting us in prison and allowing the cops to murder unarmed BM. Certainly, we can’t blame that on the BW, brother.
    we must all be aware of the WAR that being waged against our families, against the concept of black male/black female love, to get us to blame each other for what white racism is doing to us, and stop falling in the trap of divide and conquer.
    this is the result of the effiminization of our brothers, and feminist ideology pushing and forcing through within the sistahs. resulting in her hatred to the manhood of the true black men. Hurt people hurt people, and misery loves company.



    This crammasters' reply to some of the sellout BM bashing BW in a wicked way:

    Here's some truth for ya, bro:

    You dudes are about to put the KKK out of bizness with this BW-bashing bulls___. The white supremacists all over the country are clapping their hands and chuckling -- "look at them BM, fighting BW, while we white men are the ones giving them hell. Guess they scared of tangling with us. Let's sit back and let these black boys do our got-damn work for us..."

    Once again the WM has bamboozled the gullible, over-emotional, ILLOGICAL BM & BW -- except for those of US that don't fall for the hype of hating our own. Even when a BM said the WW ain't all sweetness and light her d___ self, some fool azz defended the WHITE MAN'S WOMAN! Yet, the same BM complains when a WW grabs her purses cause he steps onto the elevator....

    Or we shake our heads in disgust when a WW marries a BM pro-baller and then divorces him four years later and takes 60% of his fortune  OR  we hear about the BM pro-baller who found out that his WW wife had been having abortions behind his back because she didn't want any black babies...

    see, i figured this sh___ out a while ago. That the main reason some BM pretend the WW is all that is so we can use her as a "threat" to beat BW over the head with it....

    Neely Fuller, Jr. the creator of the counter-racism code described this phenomena as the "BM's inability to tell himself the truth due to ego".   His theory is being played out right on this thread...

    I know all kinds of BM & BW, some good, some bad, most in-between. I know BW who are holding down the fort, raising the kids--alone, working two jobs and if it WASN'T for them, half the BMs on this thread wouldn't have had food on the damn table when they was shorties. And I know BM who LOVE their BW and kids, work hard, and handle their business, which means they ain't got time to spend on line putting other black folks down just for being black...

    am it safe to assume y'all feel this way about your black mommas?  Or are you going to pull that lame bull___ that white folks use when they stereotype and degrade black folks -- "You're (momma) not like other blacks (BW)..."

    Bottom line, ain't none of us saints. ANY black person who blanketly stereotypes other black people has definite self-hatred issues and would be better served laying on a therapist's couch than tapping a keyboard...


    Keep your third eye open. Like I said,they're crafty. And the media is real slick. I don't believe half the mess the news pus out. They have an agenda to deceive the public and divide blacks,latinos and asians. While the white man stays in control. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book. And some people are still falling for it. But I know what's going n.

    -Fly Filipino


    Have to re-post.. Enough with this Bashing

    If you are done with Black Men well move on and I wish you the best. But how dare you create a thread and tell other Black Women we should follow behind you because of your bad experience with the black male. Yes as a woman I’ve been hurt by MAN… what WOMAN hasn’t. White MEN has hurt white women too.

    Now look around do you see white women creating threads telling their peers to jump ship and leave the white MAN… NO you do not and you will not. This mess you are spreading that black men are bad is just another LIE. See I’m a grown a** woman and as I grew I learned the difference between what is good for me and what is not. I promise you I’ve been blessed with more good BLACK men then your so call bad. You on the other hand continue to pick from the same barrel. A good man searches for a good woman, maybe this is why they always find me... Understand. If you continue to encounter bad MEN, well maybe you need to check yourself. Don’t come on an AAF to put down black men and try to uplift the white man as if they are better for a Sista.

    If that man is black, white, green or purple, that man is still a MAN. You are not promise a “perfect” relationship. All relationships have problems and are given choices. You can stay and make it work or move on. The strong, loving and respectable couples can outlast them all. If it doesn’t work out, well at least I hope you learned something from it so you won't take that mistake over to the next one with a bitter attitude.

    Now that I’ve shared this with you and others, I stand by my previous comment… YOU are a TROLL on a fail mission to divide. BE GONE!!

    Oh yeah! Repeating… I LOVE BLACK MEN and BLACK MEN LOVES ME!!!

    -MsNewNew (A Great sister)
    “Learn Me ”

    Since: Nov 10
    2 Know Me


    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted August 17, 2010

    @ Cali who said to easy_one: "Just WHO is making you think that IR marriage is so successful OR anymore successful than any other marriage between the same parties of race?

    Contrary to popular belief, black men are not running in droves to marry other races of women. Those are the relationships that the MEDIA highlights because they want us DIVIDED
    ME: Right, most BM IR relationships don't end in marriage, even if babies come into the picture. In fact, the marriage for BM is the lowest it's ever been, even lower than during the Great Depression!

    which is one reason -- in my opinion -- that the black community is so fragile: unparented children, breakdown of the black family, fewer and fewer stable, two-parent households

    The FAMILY is the foundation for all human societies. And when the family is damaged, the kids, the community, the nation is damaged.

    What has happened, Cali, is the media has worked overtime degrading the image of BW, from music, to movies, to comedy, to BM wearing dresses in roles designed to degrade BW, that some weak-minded BM have fallen for the hype of seeking a "better" woman aka one that the white folk will approve of...


    Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL
    Posted August 17, 2010

    I want to make this important point

    whenever I've been involved in a grassroot black organization, for some reason, these white females start coming out of the woodwork, often brought in by some clueless black female...

    After a while, i started noticing a pattern...most of them wound sexing a BM in the organization. I have been cornered, propositioned, groped, goo-goo-eyed, etc by these "socially conscious" white females and I finally figured out the real deal

    There's something about an "angry BM" that makes some WW's panties bunch, because they figure we're going take out that "righteous anger" on them in the bed aka hot, nasty, angry sex...

    I was listening to a black internet radio station last week where the BM host was interviewing this young white female who claimed to be an "anti-racist" fighting racism

    and then a BM caller asked her this question: "Have u ever been sexually involved with a BM?"

    Well, she didn't want to answer it (understandable) but her non-answer turned into this:

    "Well, I got very attached to this black man, and I was very interested in having a relationship with him but he said he couldn't get involved with a white woman."

    I could hear it in her voice that she was still angry and disappointed when she said "I didn't understand his reaction, why should race have anything to do with two people getting together?"

    And i said to myself -- "BINGO"
    Once again, a white person reveals their attempt to sexualize every encounter with a black person. Here she is supposedly fighting racism, and she refuses to see that this conscious BM knew he couldn't fight racism while he's boning a white female.

    She couldn't respect that, because she had a different agenda than fighting "racism,"

    In fact, I'll go further and say she INSTINCTIVELY knew that fugging BM would allow white females like herself to have her cake and eat it, too.

    because once that BM gets into bed with her, his head is messed up, and he will NOT be able to fight white supremacy as effectively as before he got into her bed and threaten her white privileges.

    so maybe, on some deep instinctive level, she was trying to derail and distract this BM's attempt to fight white supremacy

    like RedAlert7 said, this IR SEX and RACE s___  is DEEP, much deeper than most black folks will ever go and that's the reason white folks are WINNING and why we are still behind the eight ball...

    they have an agenda and don't care how they accomplish

    while black folk are too busy worrying about "offending" whites to have one....

    just food for thought...

    Female, 38, Bedford, OH
    Posted August 17, 2010

    Cramm,I know the full definition of stockholmes and i know it explains alot,as it relates to blacks behavior and actions towards whites.Its still shocking to see or hear it taking place.I dont understand why black women allow ww to befriend them for the sole purpose of catching a bm.I recently had to float to another floor @ the hospital,im employed and a white nurse who dates bm,stalked me for 12hrs,trying to get me to hook her up with a bm.She was showing me all these pictures of her an random black men,saying' wHERE DO YOU LIVE"wE HAVE TO GET TOGETHER AN GO OUT' all shift i put up with this nonsense an her motives were clear.I finally told her i dont know any blackmen that dates ww and she finally left me alone .Now when i see her she does not even speak,lol.She has now moved on to one of the bw housekeepers,who avoids her an complains about her,but doesnt have the guts to tell her to leave me the hell alone.I deal mainly with ww @work,their are afew that i like but never to the extent that i would hang out with them outside of work or am i interested in hanging out with ww who only date bm an act black.Some black women need to get a clue an realize these ww are only hanging around them to get bm.


    crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
    at 9:54 pm

    @ all the BM on this thread
    brothers, do you know what is happening out here? That the BM is under severe attack? Do you really think you can afford to pretend race doesn’t matter?

    how can the BM say he wants to build a community, and have any power, or build an economic base — LIKE EVER RACE OF MAN ON THE PLANET EXCEPT THE BLACK MAN — and then turn around and say you don’t need to be with the women of your race?

    the cardinal rule of building a power base is: FORMING STRONG ALLIANCES WITH THE WOMEN OF YOUR RACE.
    the white man knows this
    the Arab man knows this
    the Hispanic man knows this
    the Asian man knows this
    the Indian man knows this

    the ONLY man who doesn’t seem to understand this principle is the black man who descended from SLAVES. This is why so many of us do not understand why the white man, the Asian man, the Arab and the Indian man is making money off the BM and has the BM in the position of an economic SLAVE.

    even the non-white immigrant who JUST GOT OFF THE BOAT — is doing better in OUR BLACK COMMUNITY than the black man is, and NO, it is not because the bank won’t give us a loan, it is because we refuse to respect, provide for, unite with, and protect our women.

    we are still on the plantation, thinking like slaves, dependent on every other race of men, letting our women and children fend for themselves, and wasting time talking about “it don’t matter what race a woman is” yet we endlessly complain about the white man and what he is doing TO us, forgetting that the white female is his PARTNER IN THE CRIME OF PRACTICING RACISM

    the only way the BM will be able to get off his knees, is to take our knee out of the back of our women and uplift them the same way the white man uplifts his — which is WHY he has power and we have NONE. (don’t get it twisted, money is not power, money is a piece of paper that buys more S)

    crammasters Feb. 7th, 2011 at 8:40 pm
    @ SimplyComplex_87
    absolutely agree. Like u said, everything starts with the individual and how that person feels about themselves. the more self-esteem u have, the better u treat yourself, and other folks.

    a young black male with high-self-esteem would NEVER kill another BM because he stepped on his shoe, because his self-esteem would not allow him to ruin his OWN life or take the life of someone who looked just like him over something so petty

    but if a young black male hates his own reflection, he will hate the world, and will especially hate those who remind him of himself, and he will kill without a second thought because he has no value for his own life or what happens to him, or anyone who looks like him…

    we see this scenario play out every day, it is TIME for us to put on our thinking caps and stop participating in the psychological SLAUGHTER of our young folks (by ridiculing each other)

    OR get used to more low-self-esteemed black folk killing other black folk
    (sorry about these long posts :-)


    crammastersFeb. 5th, 2011
    at 9:44 pm

    @ Cali and all the beautiful black ladies on this thread

    Most BM prefer BW, so don’t fall for the hype. Even BM who venture into white land, usually return with their tails and p*enises between their legs.

    I can’t tell u how many BM found out their white wives were stone racists, or called them a “N___A” or after the breakup, started teaching their half-black kids to hate black people, and especially their black daddies. And i have heard this from BM in the US and in the UK.
    The media and these websites are playing a game of divide and conquer, but you can BET they don’t play that game with white folks, in magazines and websites aimed at white folk.

    Why? Because white folk don’t play that, they would not tolerate the kind of IR brainwashing that negroes think is a compliment — even while black folks have gone steadily down hill ever since integration and IR-mating.

    In FACT, whites are the LEAST LIKELY to marry outside their race (less than NINE PERCENT) and the race they are the LEAST LIKELY to marry are BLACK PEOPLE,

    when whites marry outside their race their TOP PICK is Asian and Hispanic — NOT BLACK — the same black people who are fussing and fighting over them (talk about low self-esteem! If anyone wants the link to these stats, shoot me a note because i cannot post a link on this thread).

    we are losing homes and jobs and our freedom faster than any time in history, racism is on the rise, and the biggest thing some black folk are worried about is whether they can date the same people who are victimizing them????

    brainwashed is too mild a word for the insanity that has been bred into black minds today.

    Any BM who doesn’t see race (but complains endlessly about the “racist white man” who won’t give him a break, — you don’t need in your life so let the WHITE GIRLS have him…


    Most black people are together and desire black children/family...too much focus is on those who do not have a preference for the black preservation .. Instead of focusing on SHOWING black love..but we should all respect each other regardless....
    on yahoo btw
    Good Thread

    -Proud Sis


    crammasters Oct. 23rd, 2010 at 12:36 am
    @ Nikchocolate
    wanted to add..
    there seems to be some kind of envy or resentment toward educated sisters, and some of us — male and female — seemed determined to cut the “uppity” aka educated BW down to a manageable size
    of competing with the rest of the American population — where WHITE FEMALES are becoming more educated on average than white males. Asian, Hispanic, and white females moving up the ladder, and gaining ahead of blacks in EVERY category — especially BM.

    yet, we as a community control NOTHING, can’t provide a damn thing for ourselves but are so crazy we knock folks who are educated — instead of knocking a bad personality — which, hello, is JUST AS COMMON in UNEDUCATED BW and BM….
    somehow, we have linked “education” to “a bad personality”
    now that’s some crazy sh____

    we can’t build a nation with rappers, gangsters, musicians, comedians or folks without real skills and education. The BM and BW who have put in the sweat equity to get a skill or an education should be our role models NOT our punching bags

    the ONLY way the BM is going to get the white foot off our necks is to PROMOTE AS MUCH EDUCATION for black boys AND black girls, instead of holding on to that plantation, slave mentality that puts other blacks down for the wrong reasons.


    THE MOOR wrote:

    LOL...Good post...

    But you can say..." The more they say things change, the more they say the same...."

    Thats what the demokrats and republican slave drivers do to our communities, always poppin up around election talkin that "kumbaya" change sh____, when they ain't got a changin bone in they body...

    Once a beast always a beast....


    -216 Elite

    100% absolutely positively agree with that guy. And you can see it all over the media with their refusal to promote any kind of black love. Every AAM and AAW has to be involved in an IRR on film and TV. Sure, like any form of propaganda this will eventually breakdown the oneness between BM and BW and erode and divide the AA community. And the sudden use of "biracial" and "mixed". Colorism is coming to AA in a way that it had never been there, before.
    I glad that more people are talking about, because it does represent a great threat to us.

    -Disaster Looms

    They've been doing this with blacks in the UK for quite a few years now. The good thing is, a lot of us are waking up to what's going on, because I've noticed a few UK blacks talking about it here and on other sites. Also, IR marriage among blacks here has gone down in the last few years.



    Garrig - finance without morality, principles equals slavery too. Therefore, ones financial successes does not equal true citizenry.

    Name a judge from our ethnicity who is challenging the system; refusing to allow the officers of the court to violate one's guarantees in the Constitution? Name a mayor from our ethnicity who is challenging the system; refusing to allow governmental workers to benefit while the people are exploited? The president? Do you honestly believe the president is like you or I? Many foolishly asked the question is the president black enough in 2006/2007. They should had asked was the president Caucasian enough to get the money to compete.

    Excuse my slick talk now, do you honestly believe inclusion into something rotten equals progress? Therefore, the problem is justice and true citizenry.

    You asked, "is there someone holding down the disenfranchised?" Yes, the disenfranchised by mechanisms governed by the majority group. However, I think IT IS ALL OUR FAULT. Caucasians have been consistent from the beginning; it is Africans in America who refuse to embrace the truth.

    The main weapon - ignorance, lack of a proper education. The issue is not Caucasians; the issue is and always had been Africans in America. If Africans in America, my people change our mentality, we immediately change our reality.

    What are your complaints about America? If Garrig had the position, what would Garrig implement to address those complaints?

    -Jermaine Malik Floyd

    The material thats in here is all thats needed, and it needs to be re-read forever by the african man and woman any and everywhere.....

    Brother X laid down a fine historical outline of what the truth of our PEOPLE really is, and thats all there is to it!

    Yes it will continue to be brought forth!

    SEE kip i deal in reality, i deal in truth, based on my experiences, and the experiences I SEE and FEEL everyday from my brothers and sisters facing this mess, so when i see this taking place with the genocidal advocating, i know whats REALLY UP KIP, I KNOW THE TRUTH, and i'm trying to wake the masses up, anyway possible, because in the end, if you don't wake up, you die KIP.....

    You think you know what hate is now kip......naaaa you don't know the half of it....

    Hate and Evil is when a man, is able to strip your language, name, culture, homeland, mind, and last but not least, LOVE FOR SELF, to get you to LOVE him!

    THATS REAL HATE, to teach someone, a race of people to hate themselves, and produce what is being resulted in TODAY!!



    crammastersMay. 2nd, 2010
    at 3:34 pm

    @ Splash_of_Trini
    sis, we gotta stop celebrating our “dependence” on the goodness of random white folk and start planning and strategizing our “independence” from oppression

    we have become too comfortable in being weak and powerless, forgetting that anything someone “gives” you, they can take away from you…and we see that happening all over america, with our schools, our jobs, our homes, our land, and now, even our babies…

    Being passive and grateful for crumbs someone throws our way was NOT in God’s plan for the first people on earth…


    So there are a lot of self-hating black men (particularly on Topix) and misinformed black women, who have been pushing these lies about black women for various agendas.
    But yeah, regardless of all that, I've compiled a list of stereotypes that I find most tiresome when continually touted by self-hating black men for why they worship non-black women, or ignorant black women for why they feel justified in being horrid individuals because they think that its "part of who we are".

    The Five Myths About Black Women I Will Be Debunking In This Thread Are:
    1.) We’re the fattest in America
    2.) ALL of us are single baby mamas
    3.)½ of us have Herpes and it’s because we’re f____ EVERYBODY
    4.) Black women can’t grow natural long hair unless they are mixed
    5.) We’re jealous of non-black women and desire white men.

    I'll be back. Research and sources from others are welcomed as well, as always with me. And if my sources are inaccurate or out of date, then please give me updated information. The goal of this thread is NOT to paint black women as being perfect, as I believe we have MUCH to work on. Nor is this about me being right vs. wrong. Rather the goal is to show blacks that we need to take a closer look at research done on us before we stupidly believe every negative thing that falls out of white culture's mouths about us. If it turns out that the stuff is true then, let's improve ourselves. But if not, then we need accurate information about our community before we can embark on self-improvement.
    But enough from me. I'll just let the the key tidbits from scholarly sources, speak for themselves in the posts that follow...
    See you soon!

    Myth #1
    1.) We're the fattest in the U.S.
    Key points:“Our study shows that the currently used BMI cutoff value for obesity recommended by the NIH (BMI 30 kg/m2 or greater) may be too high and does not reflect actual body fatness by race or ethnicity among reproductive-aged women. Use of this definition resulted in the misclassification of many obese women when compared with use of WHO criteria despite having
    very good specificity.
    ...The difference between actual and observed obesity rates in whites (59% compared with 28%) and
    Hispanic (69% compared with 38%) women could be
    a threat to the success of obesity awareness and
    programs in the United States. The NIH-based obesity rate calculations, which show that black women have the highest obesity rate, were not supported by percent body fat data in this study. In contrast, Hispanic women had the highest obesity rates based on percent body fat classified obesity.

    In layman’s terms what is being said by research is this: obesity studies done on women in the U.S. based on BMI measurements concluded that America is an OBESE nation, but that black women were the fattest.“70% of black women are overweight”...yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Well, recent studies show that the BMI measurements used in nearly ALL of that research are NOT an accurate indication of obesity PARTICULARLY among different ethnic groups and when other measures of obesity were done it was found that Hispanic women, not black women, have the highest obesity rates. This does not mean that black women DON’T need to work on their weight, because obviously that isn’t the case, as most Americans do. What these studies DO show is that once again, blacks have been duped into believing that black women are the worse based off research standards that cater primarily to Caucasians and are projected onto us.

    What this also means is that black people need to STOP stupidly accepting all the bull___ that is produced about us and start thinking critically about our own race because as previously noted, many in our race readily accept and use lies and generalizations and false info to justify some of our self-hating ways. I mean, seriously, how many times has a kooning negro used that whole,“dem black women bees fat, I’s gotta get with Becky” cop out excuse.
    Meanwhile, how many black women are sitting around being unhealthy because they’ve accepted the Aunt Jeminah stereotypes about us being fat and happy based off flawed research done on blacks in the U.S.? I honestly don’t blame whites for producing lies about us. Instead, I blame US for believing them and, even worse, acting on them without looking at them critically first.
    And once again, this isn’t a HALLELUJAH moment. Because blacks have many health concerns relating to the types of foods we eat in our community and our weight. However, the lie that black women are the fattest in America needs to be laid to rest. BTW does anyone ever wonder why we saw the whole “70% of black women are fat” studies ALL over the place, but the media is all hush, hush about studies debunking the bull___? Black people…let’s all wake up k? SMH

    Other articles for your reference:

    I’ll be back cover the other myths about black women and deal with usual suspects and crazy a___ comments.
    Meanwhile, would an intelligent poster on the AA forum consider making a “5 Myths About Black Men Debunked” thread? When I’m finished with this one, I have LOTS of research to contribute to debunking a lot of bull_____ we believe about black males due to our ignorance and self-hate too. Particularly bull____ like deadbeat dads and rape statistics and the like.

    See you soon!



    Well I'd say it starts with what we can offer each other outside of our genetic material-thats a given almost. But but is it that is truly unique between a Black Man and a Black Woman.
    For me it boils down to a few things and I'll share them here.

    Legacy building: Being able to pass something onto to the generation of black men and women (your children) is something that has a deep meaning. Something that a person of another race couldn't fully appreciate or at least view with the same pride.

    Cultural integrity: Being able to pass down the story of Brer Rabbit and John Henry, having a broom specially made for weddings in the family, passing down recipes (healthier versions and traditional) and tell the significance and history of each dish, etc and not compromising it to accomodate another.

    A little cache in the community: Sounds silly but I get excited when I see a black couple and a black family.

    I don't focus too much on the asthetic appeal-this community as a lot of physical variety so I don't this image of what a black man should look like in my head. Not saying there isn't a preference or two I check for but thats about it.

    It shouldn't be just Black Love- it needs another name for something that is more than just a relationship, it's an institution in a way.

    -Dual Marauder


    A clip of Dr. Betty Shabazz speaking at the Malcolm X Mural Dedication. To watch the full video, please visit our archives at the ROMC Library.

    Malcolm X Mural Dedication
    Cesar Chavez Student Center
    San Francisco State University

    ROMC Resource Library & Archive
    Terrace Level, Rm T-143 (Inside the computer lab)
    Cesar Chavez Student Center
    San Francisco State University
    1650 Holloway Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94132



    -216 Elite


    COSIGNS....1000%...EXACTLY!... .


    -The Moor



    bumpin for the sisters who have self-respect,conscious-minded, natural and balanced in all aspects of life.

    Black Love,Unity And Power


    -216 Elite



    BlaqPanthress said...

    wow!.....such information to share!.....thank you for that....I was born in 1964, and I've researched the fact/findings of such cases as Malcom X/Dr. King/Medgars, as well as many's sad that the government has played such a key role in the demise of such great people (and possibly others), only to place fault/blame on someone else.....

    Again, THANK YOU!....insightful information that many others should have...


    cheap_girl said...

    Thanks for this, it was great. good sources, great research!

    Timothy said...

    Thanks to both of you.

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