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MLK in Chicago

A little known fact is that MLK advocated economic empowerment of the black community by promoting boycotts against racist companies like Coca Cola and promoting invesment in black owned businesses. Some say it was his move from politics to economics that provoked his assassination apart from his condemnation of the Vietnam war and its profit-making

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Hubert Humphrey's Words



Hubert Humphrey 1948 Civil Rights Speech


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Tracy's religious words

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..there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. (I Timothy 2:5-6)

Mark 1:15 ...The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand:
repent ye, and believe the gospel.

Acts 3:19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted,
that your sins may be blotted out...

"Look and live, my brother live! Look to Jesus now and live!"

...Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved... (Acts 16:31)

These are the end times (of a truth they are) and now is the time to get saved. We need the Lord Jesus Christ right now and we need him when we die. May you save yourselves from this untoward, wicked, and perverse generation (ref. Acts 2:40). Look at all the sins in this wicked world. Each man, woman, boy, and girl has contributed their share of sins by lying, stealing, etc. The Son of God came down here to the earth in the form of a man named Jesus. While he was here, the Lord Jesus Christ taught us how to live and left us the record in his word, the Authorized King James Bible. When the Lord Jesus was about 30 years old, he was nailed to a cross where he shed his precious blood to pay for our sins so that we can be forgiven of our sins. But our Lord Jesus Christ did not remain dead--it was not possible that the Son of God should be holden by death (Acts 2:24). God the Father raised Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day and now he is alive for evermore watching over his church and helping us. If you are not saved, you need to be saved. We all need the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from our sins so that we can know God through his word, the holy Bible, and do what is right. The gospel message is simple, (1) Repent of your sins, (2) believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead, and (3) obey the beautiful, perfect, life-giving words of Jesus (ref. Heb. 5:9). When you get saved by the blood of Jesus and start obeying the word, you get a new kind of life and a new mind. Thieves stop stealing and start living honestly. Liars start telling the truth. Whores start walking uprightly as sanctified, holy women. Drunkards become sober and upright. Behold, all things become new when you live your life by the words of Jesus, praise his blessed and holy name for ever, Amen.
"...if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." II Corinthians 5:17

The man of sin is coming soon and he is going to deceive the whole world and rule it. The Bible teaches that BY PEACE HE SHALL DESTROY MANY (ref. Dan 8:25). People are going to like him, wonder at him, worship him, follow him--including church hypocrites and every unbeliever. I perceive that after the chaos that now looms on the horizon, his solutions will be welcomed by the unsaved. Saved people will understand exactly what is happening and who this man is, but none of the wicked shall understand. The man of sin will be an obvious antichrist to those who are saved. There are many antichrists (I John 2:18), the man of sin will be the king of them all. People who are antichrist deny God the Father and his holy child, Jesus (ref. I John 2:22)). THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST IS ALREADY IN THE WORLD AND GAINING MORE POWER, MOMENTUM, AND PROMINENCE BY THE MOMENT. The antichrist is going to shew who and what he really is when he opens up his mouth in blasphemy and implements his oppressive policies and laws--

Revelation 13:5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.
Revelation 13:6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

Daniel 8:23 ...when the transgressors [sinners, people who do not keep God's commandments] are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

Daniel 8:24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power [his power comes from that old serpent called the Devil and Satan]: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people [he will make war with the saints and overcome them, Rev. 13:7].

Daniel 8:25 And through his policy [his laws and rules and regulations] also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand [evilness and sins will prosper under him, he is the man of sin and sinners will cleave to this evilness]; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many [he acts like a man of peace and people will believe his words about "peace." People worldwide will be deceived, deluded, and fooled--to their everlasting detriment.]: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand [after his time of evil is finished, he will be destroyed notwithstanding all his pronouncements and evil acts].

This wicked, Satanically-powered individual will oppose God and then have the audacity to sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is actually God. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again, but first there must be a falling away and that man of sin be revealed--

II Thessalonians 2:2-4 ...the day of Christ is at hand.
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God

Revelation 13 calls this man, "the beast." It teaches that the beast receives his power from the devil himself--the devil is Satan. Some people call him Lucifer. The beast may call himself Christ, but he is Antichrist and he opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God (ref. II Thes 2:4). But he will not stop there. The beast is going to make war against the saints (Rev 13:7) and overcome them physically, but even so, saved people will overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb (who is the Lord Jesus Christ) and by the word of their testimony. Unsaved people will take the mark of the beast in their right hand or in their forehead--ALL PEOPLE THAT TAKE THIS MARK WILL GO TO THE LAKE OF FIRE WHERE THEY WILL BURN FOR ALL OF ETERNITY.

Revelation 14:9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
Revelation 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and HE SHALL BE TORMENTED WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb [Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God who was slain to pay for our sins. He rose from the dead three days later.]:

Revelation 14:11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: AND THEY HAVE NO REST DAY NOR NIGHT, WHO WORSHIP THE BEAST AND HIS IMAGE, AND WHOSOEVER RECEIVETH THE MARK OF HIS NAME.


Revelation 13 teaches that unsaved people worldwide will wonder at the beast and worship him. These people will also worship the dragon who gives him his power (the dragon is that old serpent called the Devil and Satan). The devil gives the beast his power and all the people worldwide will accept that and will actually worship the devil himself. Understand that even the devil can appear as an angel of light (II Cor 11:14). The devil can make the unsaved think he is good and peaceful. All he has to do is put on a costume and say some "kindly" words and put a smile on his face. Those that know the word will immediately hear those "kindly" words as dragon speak because they will say the opposite of what the Authorized Version of the Bible says.

The beast will have a false prophet who will perform miracles--all of the unsaved people of the world will be totally impressed with those lying miracles. The false prophet will perform those miracles in order to deceive people. There is only one group that will not be deceived--saved people, those that believe in Jesus Christ and are obedient to his word. Unsaved people will worship the beast and wonder at his war-making abilities. And if they want to buy and sell in the marketplace and go to the grocery store, the doctor, etc.--they will take his mark in their right hand or in their forehead (Rev. 13:16). The Bible teaches that everyone who takes that mark will go to the lake of fire. If you are unsaved when the man of sin comes, you will be impressed with him too because you will be deceived. Time is winding up and the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back. Anyone who is not saved when he comes back will take their place in the lake of fire. Read more about the beast in Revelation chapter 13 of the Authorized Version of the Bible.

The Bible prophesied that there would be a falling away of the church into error. Many, many church people--including preachers, deacons, "bishops," etc.--are on their way to hell. They do not follow the holy scriptures. They do whatever they want to do and live just like the world. Don't depend on "church" to save you. You need to read the Authorized King James Bible of 1611 for yourself and obey it. People distort the truth and make up all kinds of lies, myths, stories, and legends--you need to get yourself an Authorized King James Bible (with all the thee's and thou's--NOT the new modern versions). If you know God's word for yourself nobody can fool you, and trick you, and deceive you. NO ONE! Jesus left ALL of his commands, instructions, comforts, and warnings for us in the Authorized Bible (not these new, modern counterfeit Bibles like the NIV that delete verses). Satanic attacks against the word of God and our precious Lord Jesus Christ are rapidly increasing as time is winding up and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ draws near. Judgment day is coming. Now is the time to get ready. When the book of life is opened you will want your name there. If it is not, you will go to the lake of fire for all of eternity (Rev. 20:15), that place of everlasting shame and contempt (Dan 12:2) where their worm dieth not and their fire is not quenched (Isa. 66:24, Mark 9:44, 46, 48). Now is the time to prepare.

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me,
let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels;
and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

Dear Reader, I do not check emails.

If you are not saved, we have many articles here for you. Pray to God to help you to understand his simple message to you--in love he wants to redeem you from the power of Satan and sin. This word is nigh unto you. You can be saved and safe today. You do not have to wait until tomorrow. You do not have to wait for a preacher. God cares for us and he is an ever present help in the time of trouble. If you are not saved, you are in big trouble. God loves the souls that he made--even though we have done wickedly. God so loved this wicked world that he sent his all-powerful Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of the world. But the Lord Jesus Christ did not remain dead, he rose from the dead on the third day and stands ready right now to save your soul. Believest thou this? Repent of your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ--his death, his burial, his resurrection, his blood that was shed for your sins, his word, his power, his love for you.

Isaiah 55:6-7 Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
Are you ready to know God? Are you ready to be saved from your sins? Are you ready to REPENT? That means change. Making a change from the Satanic way of living to following Jesus wherever he may lead you. I can tell you right now that he will lead you OUT of the dance hall club. He will lead you OUT of the crack house. He will lead you OUT of your current life and INTO GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you have to count the cost. Are you ready to live the life of one of the despised ones? I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! AND I MEAN IT! I began my ascent out of the abyss almost two decades ago and I am still following on to know my Lord! It has been an EXHILARATING journey! I'M ON MY WAY NOW AND, BLESS GOD, HALLELUJAH, I'M ALMOST TWENTY YEARS CLOSER TO SEEING JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE HIM ALL YE SAINTS! PRAISE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God took me out of the dung heap, blood in my skirt and all, and I'm still standing today. He led me out through his word. Won't you come? Believe the gospel--that Christ died for you, was buried, and rose again the third day. Do you believe it? If you do, tell him so and ask him to save your soul. He will do it. I know he will because he said so--

John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.
If you hear God's call, come on to Jesus. The word is nigh thee. It is not far away. It is right in your mouth and in your heart. That is how close it is--

Romans 10:8 ...The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;
9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, THOU SHALT BE SAVED.

10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


Once you come to Jesus, start seeking the Master's face. The way you seek him is in his word. Get yourself an Authorized (King James) Version of the holy scriptures with all the thee's and thou's and with just PLAIN text NO COMMENTARIES AMONGST THE VERSES OR CROSS-REFERENCES and read it (begin at the gospels--Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John--and fall in love with the Master, Jesus), and obey it. You can download a free and accurate Authorized Bible here. You need the Old Testament and the New Testament. There is information on that link to show you how to bind your Bible. The major publishers of the Authorized King James Bible are now altering the text. Print and bind your own. You can find an overview of the entire Bible here.


And another word for you, precious lamb. This is a warning for you. The hundreds of modern Bible versions are perversions of the scriptures. Many of them have the audacity to say that they are the most accurate. That is a lie. They claim to be easy to understand but I am here to tell you that you can understand the AUTHORIZED King James Bible. My daughter requested straight King James Bible reading when she was two years old and was reading it herself at three years old. You can understand the King James Bible. The Father will help you. Cursor down on this current page for articles on heaven, hell, false churches to avoid, and much more. Do not spend too much time on the internet, tear yourself away from the tv, and don't read blasphemy. Much of what is on this page is for those in sin. I do not want you to read everything that is here, be careful. I wrote these things back when I was confronted with these many errors. Pray, read your Bible, do good, and fall in love with Jesus. Cleave to the scriptures. They will keep you safe. I commit you to the love of God.

Be careful of church people and church buildings. No Roman Catholic "church" can be right because Roman Catholic doctrines are not right. They directly contradict the scriptures. The Roman Catholic religion teaches multitudes to pray to "Mary" instead of in the name of Jesus. It calls its Mary "the Queen of Heaven". In Jeremiah chapters 7 and 44, the Queen of Heaven is revealed to be a devil. The Roman Catholic institution says that our precious Lord Jesus is turned into a little cracker (the eucharist) when the priest speaks certain words at the "mass". This is a very great blasphemy. Many Catholics possess and pray to little statue idols that they call "saints" when the Bible says do not make unto thyself any graven image (Exodus 20:4). They light candles for the dead, bow before relics (e.g., a dead man's finger) and believe in a fictional purgatory that they try to pay their way out of--more money for the coffers of the "church". Their leaders have deceived them and are making merchandise of them. The love of money is the root of all evil. There are many heresies that Catholics are taught to believe but if they will only decide that the word of God is true, they can come out of these deceptions in an instant. If you are a former Roman Catholic, you are familiar with the Romish rituals. You must never return to those unclean things. Get rid of all traces of Romanism in your life-- including the rosary which is used for what our Lord Jesus Christ called, "vain repetition" (Matthew 6:7).

But I would not have you ignorant. The Roman Catholic institution is not the only apostate church--but she does have a special status. She is the mother of them all--Revelation 17:5 calls her MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. The Bible also calls her the great whore (Rev 17:1; 19:2). As a whore, she has MANY children. And since she is a whore, you do not know who the fathers are of these various bastard children ("bastard" is a Bible word e.g. Heb 12:8). You just see the hordes of false churches with their hierarchal systems. Instead of a pope they have a superstar pastor at the top with all kinds of departments below him (some churches even have investment counsellors). They meet in fancy church buildings and offer endless programs and activities to keep their members busy and entertained. When we look closely at these churches we find that heresies abound across the board--whether Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Greek Orthodox, "Jehovah's" Witness, Calvinist, et al. Be ware, dear one, be ware. Do not jump at the chance to be called by any other name but what the Bible calls you--Christian, saint, disciple, etc. Calvin was not crucified for me. I would never call myself a Calvinist, a Baptist or any such thing. Do not follow man and his traditions. Follow the scriptures.

I know that I am putting a lot of information on you here, but you must be warned. You will understand in time. The Bible says that there will be a great falling away of the church at the end of time before Jesus comes back. We have already entered this falling away. The visible church has fallen away from the scriptures and many who call themselves Christians are actually unwitting agents of the spirit of antichrist as they teach their false doctrines to other people. Perilous times have come, but fear not, little one, for greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world (ref. I John 4:4). Your safety is in reading the word of God so that you can know the truth for yourself--and the truth shall make you free. The Lord may be preparing someone right now to hold on to your hand. But even then, you will examine that person and their teachings based on the word of God--that includes me and my writings on this website. However things work out for you, the Lord Jesus will personally be there with you until the end of the world (Matthew 28:20). Goodbye for now, dear one.

For disciples-- Read your Authorized King James Bible diligently and obey it. Ask God to show you the old paths (Jeremiah 6:16)--the old way of living and worshipping God. Look for the old ways--Father working, Mother cooking, cleaning and caring for the children. You will find rest for your soul and a whole new world will be opened to you. You will be changed at your root. Let the hearts of the fathers be turned to the children and the hearts of the children be turned to their fathers. Sanctified parents, go retrieve your children from the school system and the playground and teach them and train them yourself at home.

Print out and bind your own Authorized King James Bibles, Pure Cambridge Edition. Heathens have been tampering with the Authorized King James Bible, incorporating alterations and adding all kinds of abomnations (e.g., "study aids," commentaries, illustrations, cartoon pictures, geneaological record sheets, etc.) to the text. Go here for an excellent download and more information.

In America, we have almost completely lost our manhood and womanhood. Our deceptions are great but the word of God will deliver us if carefully applied to our lives. God made man to rule the world. Man was destined for greatness. May the men reading this understand that they are the image and glory of God. Repent of your sins, hide the word of God in your heart and rise to who you were made to be. Get out of debt (including your house note/mortgage) for the borrower is servant to the lender (Proverbs 22:7). America is a nation of servant-serfs and we are about to pay an even greater price than we already have for our carelessness and gullibility.

Woman, clean your house and teach your children at home from the Authorized (King James) Version of the holy scriptures. That book will give you the foundations/rudiments of everything in all of creation and every subject to be studied--Language Arts, Geography, Counting & Mathematics (e.g., Geometry), History, Botany, Law, Economics, Science (e.g., Chemistry)--everything. Embrace Genesis 1:1 - 2:7 as your outline--read it to your child regularly until you both have a good understanding of it. By God's grace and almighty power, babies can (as a matter of course) read while they are still in diapers. Two year olds can praise God and his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Three year olds can read the Authorized Version of the scriptures. Four year olds can learn cursive writing. Five year olds can expound the word of God. Little children can exercise Biblical discernment and be wise. They can choose righteousness because they can see and feel its excellencies for themselves. I'm not perfect, but can't we at least try to rise up and set our expectations higher as we lift up God's word in the education of our children? Let us turn our hearts back towards home instead of constantly on the distant mission field.

WARNING TO CHRISTIANS-- The American school system (public, private, and "Christian") is dangerous. Combine this with the television and you will understand why the children are turning out deficient and full of problems--physical, mental, and spiritual. There are reasons the school system is failing and turning out sots (dull heads), rebels, whoremongers, and freaks--it is by design. Americans were once a strong, independent, rugged, innovative, productive, freedom-loving people. But now look, we are at the bottom of the barrel dependent on someone else for every morsel of food that we eat--let the grocery stores close down and see what happens across this land. Through "progressive" education (progressing towards what?) we have been turned inside out. Americans were in an uproar when the progressives first tried to implement compulsory schooling at the turn of the twentieth century. But now look. We kick our children out the door at five years old (and earlier if Mother works) into "kindergarten". Christians did not belong in the school system in the first place (Deu 6:6-9)--may the true disciples bail out of that sinking ship and exchange it for a sanctified homeschool under a Biblical Scholarship.

Beware to ALL Christian peoples all over the whole world on every continent and on every island! That includes those that live on houseboats! You aspire to the American model in so many ways--lifestyle, education, clothing styles, church organization and doctrines, maybe even a small family size, etc.--I urge you to repent of this aspiration. We Americans can quickly quench the Spirit with our tracts, suits and ties, and programs. You do not have to imitate us nor should you. Do not rush out to our seminaries and colleges. We've bought the lie that college degrees are important. Our Lord never learned letters (John 7:15). In the American church, we've replaced the anointing with Bible college. You do not have to go to Bible college to know God or to know how to conduct a proper church meeting (ref. I Cor 14:26). Beware of our American missionaries, their teachings, their scripture translations, and the technologies they may want to introduce to "increase productivity" in your village. If they bring you seeds, ask questions about those seeds. Better yet, only use your own native food and seeds. Even the seeds in America are being corrupted through false science. Americans are oblivious as to what is happening. If you homeschool don't blindly follow our various "Christian" homeschool curricula for they are just warmed-over worldly scholarship sprinkled with a few Bible verses! The American system is death! This warning comes from one with a college degree (I destroyed that piece of paper)! Don't give up your ox for a tractor machine! Don't give up the old ways! Keep your dairy goat and your hens. Go back in time and figure out how your forefathers did things! Get your hand tools and live a real and simple life--it is inexpensive and your children will love it. The American model is a trap!

And if you watch that filthy trance medium called tv, shame on you! You cannot have a sanctified home if you are not sanctified! Are you a Christian or not? Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the UNCLEAN thing; and I will receive you (II Cor 6:17). The designer clothes, the mortgage on the big house, the credit cards, the Kraft grocery store food, endless sweets (we are addicted to sugar), fast food, fancy restaurants, resorts, amusements, cable tv, car notes, video games, spa memberships, ad nauseum--if we had listened to the scriptures, Christians would not have gotten entangled! They would have remained separate from this net. If the preachers had preached the word and lived right, they would have warned us. But no, by and large, they were blind and ignorant. They were dumb dogs that could not bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. They were greedy dogs which could never have enough, and they were shepherds that could not understand: they all looked to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter (ref. Is 56:10-11). Today, instead of warning us and giving us good teaching and instruction to get out of this calamity, they have their game nights, plays, "watermelon Sundays", morning service, evening service, mid-week service, men's Bible study, women's Bible study, youth group meetings, special services, retreats, "revivals", etc. And a great number of these false teachers have turned the church building into a brothel! They join in marriage divorced persons who have living spouses--in direct contradiction to the scriptures (Matthew 5:31-32, Matt 19:9, fornication defined as in Deu 22:14, 20). "Christians" are laying up in the bed naked committing adultery with people who are not their spouses! And then when they have children of whoredom, the preacher smiles and holds a "baby dedication" during the church service!

Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.
Many of these ungodly men are adulterers themselves. One may have a living wife and is now shacking up with a concubine that he calls "wife". For another, maybe his woman has a husband roaming the earth while she is in the bed with the preacher! Sometimes both the preacher and his wife have spouses! Some of these ungodly shepherds take their churches to the movie theatre and broadway plays! And they are so comatose that they can't even tell us to rest on the seventh day of the week like God did! This is no plug for that CULT the Seventh Day Adventists started by FALSE prophetess Ellen White! This is a call for the restoration of the sabbath day in the lives of Christians, a gift from God made for man (Mark 2:27). I call it my weekly vacation! The sabbath is the day that God rested from his labours, after he finished creating heaven and earth. It is the seventh day. In Genesis 2:3, God specifically blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. The sabbath will NEVER, EVER EVER be on the first day of the week! Sunday is not the sabbath. It never was, never could be, and never will be the sabbath (this does not mean go to that cult the Seventh Day Adventists). Our IGNORANCE of the scriptures (especially the Old Testament) has us going along with the dumb dogs for years on end! Our LEADERS cause us to err! They preach on the latest news and tv shows but can't tell me how to rest! Just how to go to "church" four or five times a week! God had to find me down here and tell me the truth! REMEMBER the sabbath day to keep it HOLY (Ex 20:8)! Not buying and selling like a disobedient Israel! Turn away thy foot from the sabbath doing THY pleasure on GOD'S holy day (ref. Isaiah 58:13-14)! Let God slough this putrifying fleshly mess off of us! And if your preacher is not right, leave his church building! Don't go back. We ARE the church. Leaving a building is not leaving the church.

The American situation is dire and serious as was powerfully foretold by Samuel Breese Morse in 1835 (you may want to skip down to page 11.) and William Hogan in 1854, but the answer is very simple. Pray and ask God to help you return to the old paths. If you know how to fast, do that too. The old paths are only a step away. Get your children out of the school system and teach them yourself. Parents have been doing that for millenia with no help from the government. With God's word as your textbook, you can have a sanctified homeschool that comes behind NO worldly school. In fact, as you bask in the blessing and richness of a Biblical Scholarship, you and your scholar will see how foolish, inane, criminal, and irrelevant the world's schools are. Equipped with the outline of Genesis 1:1-2:7 (taking heed to God's classifications), the scriptures will take the anointed teacher on a thrilling exploration of all things in heaven and in earth and give him the way to neatly classify all things (of a truth, only the Authorized (King James) Version will work with this). The outline of Genesis 1:1-2:7 can be taught to a four year old. This passage of scripture actually prepares your (and your child's) mental filing cabinet to be able to automatically classify all things. This is a critical need in a world inundated with ever-increasing amounts of new information and technologies. You and your scholar will not be overwhelmed by this incessant flow of information--instead you will be able to instantly classify it. And not only that, you will be able to tell whether it is good or evil... In a sanctified home, you don't watch tv and you don't look on the internet for some new news on the latest blasphemies-you ignore what the world is doing (my own child cannot even get on this website without special permission--I use it only as a reference tool, and that is rare indeed. This website is for those who are still trapped in filth so they can escape and be free.), you have your own kind of life independent from their filthy traps and snares. You live a holy, sanctified life lived simply and without much fanfare as you read your Authorized King James Bible and live in the simplicity that is found in Christ Jesus (ref. II Cor 1:12; 11:3). Meanwhile you will find that your school is above and not beneath any worldly school. You will see that it is the head and not the tail. That your sanctified school inculcates sound learning, original thought, independent thinking, joy, worship, and much excitement. You will have a scholar who, with perfect understanding, sees the folly and madness of the world, and yet, at the same time, learns that we all need Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.

...Old friends and true disciples, check out the deception series which has critical end times teachings--and don't forget THE MOTHER. King James had plenty to say about her.

At this hour, I find that I am full of warnings. Even unbelievers can feel the danger--more so than professed Christians. Islam is violently taking over the world--and the world's governments (including the United States) are allowing it to do so (don't forget the Mother). It is time to watch unto prayer. It is time to read Matthew 24 and to understand all the signs. It is time to explain Matthew 24, once again, to our children so that they understand these times and have their courage and have all these abominations in the proper perspective. THERE IS NO "PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE". That is another lie taught by the dumb dogs.

The man of sin is coming (ref. II Thes. 2:3). And by policy he shall cause craft to prosper (ref. Dan. 8:25). Under the guise of diversity/multiculturalism/tolerance room is made for any antichristian force (Roman Catholic, Islamic, sodomite, etc.) to (1) rise up to the surface of society from the underground, (2) be confirmed that their error is legitimate, and (3) demand and receive special protective status for their antichrist stance. Anyone who challenges the validity of their belief system is criminalized (e.g., labelled "anti-Catholic," or "anti-Semitic"). Anyone who ignores them or does not acknowledge their special status is criminalized--including businesses. One Michigan business had to pay a $5,000 fine for not printing up sodomite materials. Ordinary people are pressured and harassed--upon penalty of fine or jail--to put their beliefs to the side and to quietly accept and minister to what they do not agree with.

The mainstream of American society has held certain beliefs that have recently been criminalized--for instance, Americans have always been against sodomy. It was once outlawed in all 50 states. Now look around. They are parading in the streets. Early Americans knew the wiles of the papacy--Catholics could not be politicians in the early days. Now look. Say anything about Rome's history and you are called, "Anti-Catholic." Those that do not accept all antichrist groups are berated, fired, sued, and/or jailed for breaking the law of "tolerance". This makes for a fearful American population because nobody wants to be sued or be fired. The loss of a job is a frightening prospect for most people because without a job we have no money, no home, no food, no water, no flushable toilet. Most people are packed into cities and suburbs like rats with rent, mortgages, property taxes, and grocery expenses (they do not know how to grow or forage for their own food)--they need money. People are scared and frightened into silence by (1) the threat of being called, "anti-Catholic," "anti-Semite," or part of a "hate group" even though they hate no one and by (2) the threat of discrimination laws that are bellowed out over and over again by a small pack of wild dogs consisting of groups like the ACLU, officials, academics, writers, reporters, educators, social engineers/change agents, activists, clerics, Congressmen, etc. and by (3) the threat of losing their jobs--fearful business owners try to adhere to ridiculous regulations requiring them to enforce "anti-discrimination" laws. These businesses will fire anybody who does not keep quiet during diversity/sodomite training. Popish persons, sodomites, witches, the ACLU, and others cry out for tolerance and peace, but war is in their heart--

Psalms 55:21 The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.
And remember this--no matter what abomination you are looking at, never forget the Mother and her teaching Jesuits. There is a fountain from whence all these evils spring. There is only one conspiracy and one conspirator. The Bible calls her MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Notice she is THE MOTHER.

Today, "tolerance" is ostensibly about peace, but it is actually about war. People who proclaim it are amongst the most intolerant people that you can find on the face of the earth. They censor anything that they do not want to hear. They are totally intolerant of John 14:6. And this hatred that they possess under the mask of "tolerance" will escalate into an all out war against the saints (ref. Rev. 13:7). All the fake ministry claims of "taking the world for Christ" are just that--fake. It is not going to happen. The ball is rolling and the coming of the Lord draweth nigh; but first we have to go through some deep waters. Prepare yourself, fellowsoldier.

The Bible teaches that somebody, a man, is coming in peace, but he is bent on destruction (ref. Dan. 8:25)...

In this short, illustrated book, see how we Americans willingly gave up the farm and the homestead for the suburbs and the city. How we gave up freedom for bondage. How we went from self-sustaining homesteads to monoculture and agribusiness where a few farmers feed the whole world! Can you see why farmers grab on to any deceptive scientific discovery that might increase their productivity? Farmers are not using the power of dung, they are using synthetics to fertilize thereby making the ground sterile (earthworms can't live off of that dead, inorganic stuff) and poisoning the crops. And that is not enough for false science. They have farmers spraying poison all over the crops and fields. Birds die. Farm workers are getting sick. Consumers eat this food. And that is still not enough. Now they have to place genetically modified organisms (GMOs) inside the plant itself so that THE PLANT IS A GMO. That corn you are eating may very well have a patent on it--it is CONSIDERED A NEW CREATURE. Genetically, they are even taking away the mothering instinct in chickens. They do not want you to raise your own. When some honest scientists have revealed that GMO food is dangerous their heads have rolled. Is bottled water really 100% spring water? See this video. And what happens to all those plastic bottles and the ubiquitous plastic wraps and bowls and other products? In gyres in the ocean, floating plastic pieces can outnumber krill 10:1 and plankton 6:1. See this video. How are the animals supposed to eat? Their guts are filling up with plastic! It does not break down. I recoil from plastic and what plastic I do get from packaging, I reuse it where practicable and collect it for recycling. On another note, have you ever wondered how the microwave heats when there is no fire in it? One day I thought about it and learned how microwaving causes physiological changes to the blood. That food in the grocery store just looks good--some of it, like margarine--even animals will not eat. After a spreadable margarine product turned into what looked and smelled car oil (it burned on my stove), I stopped using it. By God's appointment I soon found out that margarine is a synthetic food...White flour has to be "enriched" because the most nutritious part of it, the germ of the seed, has been ripped out so that it will have a longer shelf life. Manufacturers pour lab "nutrients" into the flour and call it "enriched" instead of "stripped". For my part, we have been learning to grow and forage for our own food, and it has been a liberating experience. The woods is the future of the saints. Revelation 13 drove me to understand the world around me. And in the process of this fascinating exploration, we have found a different sort of life...

The world situation is heavy and oppressive and it is only growing worse by the moment. It is almost time for the beast to appear (see Rev. 13). If you belong to God through his Son Jesus Christ, turn your morning prayer into a morning oblation (an offering of your time and yourself and your prayers). Sacrifice a little sleep and get up earlier than usual so that you have some uninterrupted time to spend with God during this emergency situation. I like to present myself in the stillness and quietness of darkness. Think about the main things on your mind as you rise and go to the place of prayer. Tell God what you know, what you need, what your concerns are, pray for his church, pray for the unsaved, pray that evil be hindered and righteousness be loosed, rehearse your God-given dreams and visions before him, magnify him, and pray to him in the name of his holy child, Jesus. If you do this, read your Bible, obey it, and learn how to fast, God will strengthen you and guide you through this gauntlet. He will magnify himself and his power very greatly in your eyes. Meanwhile, your enemies will be greatly abased in your eyes and appear as they are--deceived and deceiving agents of the devil. I find that during the morning oblation I go from scared to bold. The morning oblation is not a one time oblation, it is a daily offering. We need strength and anointing everyday. The oppressed, the free, the saved, and the unsaved of this earth need our prayers everyday. Males and females need our prayers. Young and old need our prayers. Black and white and all other colors of people need our prayers. I ask God to send forth anointed labourers, to save people, and to secure and establish them in the faith of Jesus Christ helping them to endure to the end. The morning oblation is not a dried up time, it is rich. The Father will help his children to pray and express themselves. I like to take a little time and think about what I want to say before I begin to pray. God will help you to praise him and magnify him and his word. In my experience, he will answer you out of your own mouth and even during the remainder of the day as you go about your business. A pressure release occurs during the morning oblation. If you don't know how to fast, read the scriptures, pray, and start small--maybe going without a single meal. But I will warn you, it is better NOT to vow a vow unto God than to vow and not pay. In Matthew 9:15, the Lord Jesus said that his disciples would fast. He also revealed that certain spiritual victories are only achieved through fasting and prayer (Matt 17:21, Mark 9:29).

Apology-- On this website, there were times that I knowingly did not use proper English grammar. Please forgive me for this transgression. Please forgive me for all my transgressions. Read your Bible and judge what you read based on the word.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
I Thessalonians 5:21

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

1. Eugenics: An Antidemocratic Policy

From http://web.archive.org/web/20060515090806/www.eugenics-watch.com/eugbook/euod_ch1.html

1. Eugenics: An Antidemocratic Policy

An elitist, mean spirited, racist policy called eugenics is being advanced in secret by organised societies (1) whose current membership consists mainly of intellectuals, scientists and doctors. The work of these societies is financed by great fortunes, such as that of the Rockefellers, working through front groups, such as the Population Council and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.
This is dangerous because eugenics is antidemocratic. Bertrand Russell, a supporter of eugenics, said of it:
"The ideas of eugenics are based on the assumption that men are unequal, while democracy is based on the assumption that they are equal"(2)
The framers of the American Constitution were aware of eugenics, which existed under other names throughout the Eighteenth century, and they rejected it for the honour of the human race. In the Federalist Papers we find Hamilton saying:
"Unhappily ... Europe, by her arms and by her negotiations, by force and by fraud, has in different degrees extended her dominion over ... all. Africa, Asia and America have successively felt her domination. The superiority she has long maintained has tempted her to plume herself as the mistress of the world, and to consider the rest of mankind as created for her benefit. Men admired as profound philosophers have in direct terms attributed to her inhabitants a physical superiority and have gravely asserted that all animals, and with them the human species, degenerate in America - that even dogs cease to bark after having breathed awhile in our atmosphere. Facts have too long supported these arrogant pretensions of the European. It belongs to us to vindicate the honour of the human race and to teach that assuming brother moderation."
This is how the United States of America began.
But, beginning in the twentieth century, certain wealthy citizens, such as John D. Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller. Jr., rejecting democracy, began to support eugenics.(3) Throughout the Twentieth century, great fortunes have consistently helped fund eugenics, thus rendering it impervious to defeat or exposure. "Pecunia non olet" which means, approximately, "as long as Rockefeller types support eugenic projects, there will be eugenics". That is why, in the late Twentieth century, we see the return of eugenics, despite its dismal history, which includes support for Hitler and his policies.(4)
In addition to support for Hitler, eugenicists were involved in the framing of the Johnson Act 1924. One of the results of the Johnson Act was the exclusion from sanctuary in the USA of the Jews attempting to flee Hitler.(5)
Support from the Wealthy
In 1930 John D. Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller Jr. were members of the American Eugenics Society. Furthermore, in the Twenties Raymond Fosdick, an important official of the Rockefeller Foundation, was a member of the American Eugenics Society Advisory council. In this period the Rockefeller Foundation gave money to build quarters for Ernst Rudin, the man who later wrote Hitler's 1933 Sterilisation Law.(6) As co-founder with Alfred Ploetz of the German Eugenics Society, Rudin claimed credit as the inspiration for all Hitler's racial laws, including the Nuremberg laws which made Jews second class citizens in Germany.(7)
In the early part of the century Mrs. E.H. Harriman, who inherited the fortune based on the Union Pacific railroad, created the Eugenics Record Office. Her endowment helped fund the work of Harry Laughlin, the director of the Eugenics Record Office. Laughlin wrote the Model Sterilisation Law which Nazi eugenicists used as a model for their 1933 Sterilisation Law. He accepted an award from Heidelberg University honouring him for his part in developing this law.(8) He was also an important witness at the Congressional hearings on the Johnson Act, the immigration Act which began the policy of national immigration quotas.
Such initiatives became a terrible trap for the Jews in the late Thirties. The Johnson< Act ultimately resulted in the exclusion from America of the Jews attempting to flee Nazi Germany and its racial laws - laws inspired by Laughlin, Rudin and other eugenicists. The exclusion of the Jews was no accident. The Johnson Act, the American law, was, like the Nazi laws, intended to keep a nation Nordic:
"The unique Immigration Quota Acts of 1921-24 .. By their enactment a first class power wrote into law the concept of the desirability of racial homogeneity ... The Nordic stream ... had become a trickle ... Followed these Quota Acts which said to the world: America, still overwhelmingly Nordic, proposes so to remain! These acts began a gigantic eugenic experiment in population control."(9)
After this came the genocide.
That which we now call genocide was then called eugenics.(10)
Auschwitz showed the world the true face of eugenics. Yet some among the wealthy continued to support it.(11)
For example, we find the names Rockefeller and Harriman, supporting the introduction of abortion and contraception, the means of eugenics. John D. Rockefeller III gave Margaret Sanger money with which to develop a contraceptive. Mrs. E.H Harriman's son was Averill Harriman, Governor of New York in the Fifties. Harriman allowed Robert Moses to follow a policy of letting Harlem deteriorate. (See Robert Moses and the Fall of New York., Robert Caro) It was then possible for the next governor, Nelson Rockefeller, to speak of the dreadful conditions in Harlem and the need for contraception and abortion as a solution for the problems of the people trapped there. Hence, in the Sixties, abortion, a eugenic goal, came to be seen as "progressive" in New York State. In the early Seventies, Nelson Rockefeller signed one of the first state law allowing widespread abortion, and the Rockefeller family gave money for the first legal abortion facility in New York State. In the Eighties, Pamela Harriman, Governor Harriman's English widow, used his money to fund the Democratic Leadership PAC, which helped make support for abortion a requirement for advancement in the Democratic Party.(12) (Ironically, the Harriman money, which was obtained as a consequence of the extinguishing of Indian land titles, was dissipated in Pamela Harman's project to extinguish American rights. This left the surviving Harriman blood relatives, in 1994, at the age of eighty, owners of a trust fund as empty as a treaty promise. Litigation is beginning on a legal situation more tangled than that in Bleak House.(13))
Eugenics is antidemocratic and funded by some of the richest families in America.
What is Eugenics?
In The Descent of Man, Darwin had predicted that "lesser" races would die out as a result of evolution through natural selection.
"At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes ... will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now, between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla" (Descent of Man, Charles Darwin)
Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, thought that this evolutionary process among human beings would become more merciful and more rational if man took control of it and speeded it up by "artificial" selection of the next generation. In 1880 he coined the word eugenics to describe the process of replacing natural selection by artificial selection. According to Galton, the aim of eugenic policies was to give:
"the more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable."
He also said that, as a subject of study, eugenics is:
"the study of those agencies under social control which may improve or impair the inborn qualities of future generations of man either physically or mentally"(14)
It is my contention that there has been no real change in eugenics or its goals since Galton wrote. Currently eugenicists define eugenics as:
"all efforts whose goal is the modification of natural selection (the guiding force of evolution) to bring about change in a particular direction within human populations or the human species as a whole."(15)
This means that they still believe that they can and should control "evolution" by altering the ratios of human population groups to each other, or in other words, by increasing the population of the good groups and decreasing the bad. This guided increase and decrease is what is meant by " a particular direction". Furthermore, ugenicists still believe that they know which groups should be increasing and which should be decreasing. That is why they study IQ and the relation of crime or violence to inherited characteristics. All these studies, curiously enough, still show that the world needs white supremacy, though new findings show that, within the context of white supremacy, genetic diversity must be maintained.
To summarize, there are social policies aimed at creating population decline among certain groups and these policies are eugenics. In addition, the study of what social policies are needed to reduce a given population group to impotent fragments without actually eliminating that group's (potentially) valuable genes is also eugenics.(15)
In the past, eugenics worked publically and created segregation, apartheid and Nazism out of the unholy mixture of racism amd Darwinism. In the present it works in various disguises. The most important of these disguises is the policy called cryptoeugenics, which consists of working through other groups. In the present, in its crypto-eugenic disguise, eugenics has sponsored abortion, euthanasia, sterilisation, contraception, and sex education of the raw kind which leads to teenage pregnancy, abortion and contraception.(16) These are the means of eugenics. In the not too distant future, I predict, we can expect the return of eugenics as a conservation-based racism. Then these means will fit into a program. As in the past, these means will be used to "purify" - probably within within "green protectorates".
The book, The Bell Curve. by Charles Murray, is an example of this racist return though without any mention of conservation. The Bell Curve is based on the work of eugenicists, many of them current eugenic society members.(17) Here is how William Safire describes the book and its policy implications:
"The Bell Curve dares to examine a thesis unhelpful to race relations: the likelihood that much of intelligence is inherited, and the possibility that the average black is not as smart as the average white ... What bothers Mr. Murray's critics is his scholarly contention that public policy should not encourage procreation among the least intelligent lest we perpetuate a permanent underclass".(18)
Nor am I reading into the book something a eugenicist would not see there. Sandra Scarr(19) has said:
"[Murray and Herrnstein's] eugenic concerns are reflected in the call to eliminate public policies that provide incentives for poor unwed mothers to reproduce."(20)
Murray's exact words were:
"The United States already has policies that inadvertently social engineer who has babies, and it is encouraging the wrong women ... it subsidises births among poor women, who are also disproportionately at the low end of the intelligence distribution ... We ... urge that these policies ... be ended [and we urge society to make] available birth control mechanisms."(21)
Compare this proposed policy with Hitler's remarks - as reported by Herman Rauschning, an intimate of Hitler during the first two years of the Nazi regime. According to Rauschning, Hitler said:
"We have far too much Slav blood in our veins already ... an asocial, inferior section of the nation is gradually moving up ... We shall have to develop a technique of depopulation. If you ask me what I mean by depopulation, I mean the removal of entire racial units ... And by 'remove' I don't necessarily mean destroy; I shall simply take systematic measures to dam their great natural fertility.... We favour the planned control of population movements ... In former days it was the victors prerogative to destroy entire tribes, entire peoples. By doing this gradually and without bloodshed, we demonstrate our humanity."(22)
The Africans Are the Target
Of course, the new eugenics will not be exactly the same as the old. I believe that, in a world accustomed to contraception, abortion and euthanasia, it will be worse than that of the Nazis. Another difference will be that, this time around, the first target will be African Americans, not European Jews. We can see this shift in Murray's book, The Bell Curve, where Jews are presented as a high IQ group and African Americans as the opposite.
It is true that Murray himself does not propose abortion as a means to carry out his policies. He limits himself to advocating birth control. But there are abortion clinics presently existing in the United States which would not hesitate to carry out a eugenic policy through abortion. Edward Allred owns approximately 50 abortion facilities on the West Coast and elsewhere. Here are his comments on race, abortion and welfare:
"population control is too important to be stopped by some right wing pro life types.. Take the new influx of Hispanic immigrants ...Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem the tide. I'd set up a clinic in Mexico for free if I could ... The Aid to Families with Dependent Children is the worst boondoggle ever created. When a sullen black woman of 17 or 18 can decide to have a baby and get welfare and food stamps and become a burden to all of us, it's time to stop. In parts of South Los Angeles having babies for welfare is the only industry people have"(23)
It's Deja Vue All Over Again
In the world of the new eugenics, the word "race" may never be uttered - "ethnic IQ" or some code word doing duty instead. But all the steps from meanspiritedness to genocide which we read about in histories of the rise of the Nazis will be the same.
The meanspiritedness is already evident. For example, this is the way in which an upper-class English eugenicist described a Nazi exhibit in 1934:
"... there is comparatively little about the Jews, and the point stressed is that alien races are all right in themselves and provided they keep to themselves, but that they must not be allowed to `poison good German blood' ... (the exhibit also covered)... `the problem of the 600 black bastards on the Rhine'"(24)
And here is how Charles Murray describes the American future when eugenics first prevails:
"the cognitive elite, with its commanding social position, will implement ... the custodial state ... a high tech and more lavish version of the Indian reservation for some substantial minority of the nation's citizens, while the rest of America tries to go about its business."(25)
The "return of eugenics" is not a speculation about a remote future. In May of 1996 at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, George Annas, a respected bioethicist, and Kenneth Shine, President of the Institute of Medicine, agreed that "we are entering a new era of eugenics". Possible policies of the era already exist as the subject of discussion and intense controversy. For example, here is how Charles Murray describes the attitude of the elite in the near future:
"Over the next decades, it will become broadly accepted by the cognitive elite that the people we now refer to as the underclass are in that condition through no fault of their own but because of inherent shortcomings about which little can be done."(26)
And here is how Frederick Lawrence, the President of Rutgers University, described the African American college student:
"The average SAT for African Americans is 750. Do we set standards in the future so we don't admit anybody with the national test? Or do we deal with a disadvantaged population that doesn't have that genetic hereditary background to have a higher advantage."
President Lawrence later apologised for his remark which, he admitted, was a result of reading The Bell Curve. Lawrence never wanted to be a racist and he had increased minority enrolment at Rutgers from 1% to 10%. But, because he believed the Bell Curve, he interpreted his own achievement in a racist way, i.e., that, for social reasons, universities should admit "a disadvantaged population that doesn't have that genetic hereditary background to have a higher advantage."(27)
Lawrence's experience shows that it is not enough to be opposed to racism; we must also understand its subtle ways, especially its influential eugenic disguises. If not, people opposed to the Holocaust will find themselves supporting genocide just as President Lawrence suddenly found himself supporting racism (which, I am convinced, he abhors) without quite knowing how it happened.
How did I come to know about eugenics?
The question may be asked: If eugenics is so subtle that it has escaped notice for the last fifty years, just how did you come to know about it? Of course, what is really being asked is: how can the average person achieve reliable knowledge about recent eugenics? Is this another conspiracy theory?
In England eugenic theory and policy are discussed far more openly in eugenic journals than they are in America because England's social system is based on a hereditary aristocracy. These journals (The Eugenics Review and Biology and Society) themselves go unnoticed because they are not out on the open shelves in libraries. But they are accessible and, through these journals, I came to know about English eugenics. American eugenics is closely connected with English eugenics and so what began as a study of English eugenics eventually came to include American eugenics.
I began to study English eugenics because I rescued unborn babies from abortion in England by non-violently blocking doors to abortion facilities, just as members of Greenpeace rescue whales by blocking whaling ships.(28) Investigation of the ownership of these abortion facilities turned up the interesting fact that many were founded, owned or directed by members of the Eugenics Society of England or their close allies.
The Calthorpe in Birmingham was founded by Martin Cole, Francois Lafitte, Philip Cauthery and two men named Heathcote and Reynolds. The BPAS, currently owner of five abortion facilities, grew out of the Calthorpe and was headed by Francois Lafitte for twenty years. Philip Cauthery founded the Leeds facility with Godfrey Lightning and also later bought into the South Manchester facility. Heathcote and Reynolds helped founded the Fairfield at Buckhurst Hill - the doctor there was Dorothy Kerslake. (who, withDonn Casey, introduced the technique of suction abortion into the West from the Communist countries where it was developed) DM Pottshelped found the PAS and the Marie Stopes groups both of which founded early abortion facilities. The Marie Stopes group actually bought the name, Marie Stopes, and several properties from the Eugenic Society itself.
Marie Stopes had left the properties accumulated by her group, the Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress, to the Eugenics Society which had been running a contraceptive service - the Marie Stopes Foundation. But in the early seventies the Foundation was disbanded and the properties sold to Population Services International. This group was headed by Timothy Rueben Ladbroke Black. In the Nineties, Population Services International renamed itself Marie Stopes International.
Private abortions account for slightly more than half of all abortions in England. There have been almost five million abortions in England so far. The Eugenics Society through their friends at the BPAS, the PAS, Marie Stopes International, the Calthorpe, and the Leigham are responsible for about half of these. So the result of this research was to show that the Eugenics Society and, therefore, eugenics itself was an active force in the present. It also showed that, as in its Nazi past, eugenics works by categorising a group as non persons and then killing, killing, killing.
I noticed also that in England the abortion facilities were hand in glove with the government and able to bring a heavy legal pressure to bear on pro lifers. I worked with Rescue Outreach, for the five years, saving babies by peacefully and non-violently blocking access to abortion facilities all over Europe. There were numerous rescues in many countries. It was noticeable that rescuers were treated different]y in England than anywhere else.
For example, I had not been in England for 12 hours before I was arrested, tried, sentenced to five days in jail for contempt of court, and put in solitary confinement in the psychiatric section for violent offenders at Risley Prison, Manchester. My offence? I went into the South Manchester Private Nursing Home which, despite its fine name, is an abortion facility, and handed out the anti abortion picture called 'Freedom of Choice?'. This depicts the severed head of an unborn child who was aborted and thrown in the trash in Houston, Texas. The picture is no worse than pictures from the Nazi Holocaust and was distributed for the purpose of waking people up to the horrors of abortion. When I was arrested for distributing the picture, I refused to give my name. Refusal to give my name led to all the consequences mentioned above. I think it is fair to say that this would not have happened to any other non violent protester for any other cause.
Here's another example. Speech in the English Parliament is protected, whether in the House of Lords or the House of Commons. Crouched in the safety of the House of Lords, Lord McGregor of Durris, Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority, characterised rescuers as 'psychopathic' individuals from America. I found it flattering to be an object of fantasy to the House of Lords, but I asked myself why the Lord bothered. At the time of the comment there were only two American rescuers in England, and both were women. Had the Lords of a great nation nothing better to do than to speculate on the mental states of two women?
As it began, so it went on.
In Yugoslavia, then under Communism, a judge released rescuers because they 'seemed to be people of good will'. In Manchester, England, few months later, both rescuers and picketers were charged with conspiracy. Furthermore, in Manchester, Her Majesty's Government sent a barrister (i.e., a senior lawyer), a Mr. Ter Haar, who ordered the judge to exclude evidence the rescuers were seeking as part of their defence against the very serious charge of conspiracy. Speaking as a government representative, Mr. Ter Haar said that the importance of the confidentiality of abortion information was second in importance only to national security; and that we could not have the information we sought, even if it would prove our innocence. National security! I pictured the headline: "Population Bomb Spy Subpoena Refused".
Mr. Ter Haar also told the judge that there would be a judicial review of the judge's conduct if the judge allowed the subpoenas. The judge refused to allow the subpoenas. We were found guilty. Several people have served prison terms while others are appealing their convictions on the grounds that evidence was withheld.
Our subpoenas only sought to discover the amount of time each doctor spent on diagnosis before he signed his "good faith" opinion that an abortion was necessary. This would not have compromised the confidential records of any individual - except the doctors. On the basis of observation during pickets we felt certain that no real medical consultation was taking place in most cases. There simply wasn't time. At any rate the government determined that this information would be a threat in the hands of pro lifers and so we never got it.
Later on, in Gdansk and Warsaw, Poland, we were not even arrested for our rescues, while in Liverpool, England, we were fined twenty thousand pounds. We received this sentence, in part, because the abortion facility public relations woman testified that the singing of Christmas carols by rescuers harassed, alarmed and distressed her. Proof that the accused caused "harassment, alarm and distress" is required for conviction under the English Public Order Act. This Act, which was meant to protect tenants in Council flats from threats by thugs, was often invoked against us and usually succesfully It is a matter of record that the Act was not used to protect tenants in bad areas from actual threats and harassment. There was, for example, the case of a family harassed and threatened for years, during the same time period in which we were were convicted of singing "Silent Night". The police said there was no way to protect this family against harassment, alarm and distress. (The Daily Telegraph, Nov. 5, 1995, editorial page). Actual threats, it seems, are impossible to prove or prosecute whereas all agree that we sang "Silent Night" and an English judge was able to see this as threatening. (The abortion facility employee, who represented herself at our trial as a thin skinned, startled fawn trembling with alarm at the sound of "Silent Night", used to give sex education to male prisoners. But a judge accepted her testimony as fact.)
In Brazil an armed guard at an illegal abortion facility owned by the Mafia refused to shoot Monsignor Ney, the rescue leader, or even to push him from the abortion facility gate. In Leeds in England a magistrate allowed abortion facility owner, Godfrey Lightning, to ignore a properly served witness summons. This same magistrate accepted as fact the evidence of two abortion employees that the sight of the pro lifers moving to the abortion facility door on their hands and knees had been so bizarre as to cause harassment, alarm and distress. Guilty again - once before of rendering the nation that won the Battle of Britain nationally insecure by singing "Silent Night"- and now guilty of undermining that same national security by crawling on my hands and knees. (Possible newspaper headline: "Terror Crawls in Leeds")
In Arnhem in Holland, a women entering a clinic for an abortion interceded with the police on our behalf. "Don't be so rough", she said "They are only protesters". In Liverpool, England at the Merseyside abortion facility, Heather Baskett, who is connected in some way with a doctor at the facility, knocked Rita Rowan, a grandmother of six to the ground with her car . She did this in front of ten people. I myself saw it happen; in fact, if I had not moved quickly, I would have been hit next. Mrs Baskett coolly parked her car; walked over to where Rita, moaning in pain, was lying on the ground; said, "This is ridiculous. Nothing happened"; and walked away . The police said, and still say, nothing happened on that day.
I asked myself why things were so different in England.
The Eugenics Society and England
When I studied the ownership of the abortion facilities I came to understand that eugenics existed and worked in in England as an influential, organised force. Then I realized that the influence of the Eugenics Society caused the difference in the way in which rescuers were treated. Moreover I realized that eugenics, the philosophy behind segregation, apartheid and Nazism, is alive and well among a section of the English elite and that its influence reaches high in society and wide in universities.(29) Eugenics is not dead, but in hiding, in a variety of disguises. It is the force behind the abortion industry, contraception, genetic screening, in vitro fertilisation, sterilisation, and euthanasia.(30) A hidden elite of strategically placed professors of obstetrics, psychiatry, sociology and genetics and education(31), who are members of the Eugenics Society, are brainwashing English society into accepting eugenics.
For example, the author of Eden and Holland's Manual of Obstetrics, Dr. Eardley Holland, was a vice president of the Eugenics Society in 1944-45 when he became President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Dr. Holland believed that:
"Those who are directly interested in the maternity services of this country should be eugenically minded ... It will be necessary to eliminate the breeding of mental defectives, epileptics, deaf mutes and other undesirable citizens."(32)
Naturally, the Eugenics Society was delighted with this election. Their journal, the Eugenics Review, noted that obstetrics and gynaecology were:
"held by Mr. Holland to include all aspects, qualitative and quantitative, of the reproductive processes of the nation [obstetrics and gynaecology] have much ground in common with eugenics and demography. We may feel sure that Mr. Eardley Holland's appointment will open up new fields of activity for the Society."(33)
But no one has ever asked who Dr. Holland thought were "undesirable citizens" and what steps he took to "eliminate" their "breeding" by "opening up new field of activity for the Society". That's because eugenics now works in secret.

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